Black Lake
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This cemetery is located south of Angel Fire. Take 434 to the San Antonio Church past gate on private property.
Compiled by the Genealogy Club of Angel Fire: March 2000, Genealogy Club of Angel Fire, PO Box 503, Angel Fire NM 87710.

Last name First mid Birth Death
Sandoval Lorraine C. 16 Feb 1950 10 Oct 1993
Trujillo Andreas A. 13 Apr 1926 5 Jan 1994
Trujillo Carolina 1 Apr 1923 no date
Trujillo Eliseo C. 19 Feb 1924 26 Jun 1994
Trujillo Ester T. 10 Sept 1905 no date
Trujillo Juan Francisco 16 Jun 1894 6 Feb 1991
Trujillo M. O. 5 Jun 1937 17 Nov 1990
Trujillo Ramon 14 July 1923 19 Apr 1995
Trujillo Timoteo S 1 May 1917 17 Apr 1997

Name Remarks
Sandoval "Wife", "Mom", "Daughter", each in separate heart, engraved flowers, Light gray granite heart-shaped, set in concrete w/ 4’ x 10’ wooden frame
Trujillo "TEC 5 US Army, World War II", cross, white marble on concrete base
Trujillo "Wife & Mother", "NINA", engraved view of mountains with log cabin, yucca, hummingbird & pines. Grey granite, on back of stone, engraved saint holding child
Trujillo "PFC US Army, World War II" white marble on concrete base
Trujillo "In loving memory", engraved cross w/"IHS", rosary & blue flowers in lower left corner. Pink rose in upper right corner. Grey granite. Engraved saint with flowers on back of stone.
Trujillo "In loving memory", red rose w/green leaf upper right, Sacred Heart of Jesus in lower right. On back of stone, praying hands in circle w/flowers & leaves around. Grey granite.
Trujillo Engraved leaves and flowers. Grey granite.
Trujillo "Husband & Dad". Engraved mountains, elk, horses & pines. Metal marker says "Jose Ramon Trujillo", Grey granite. Back of stone has engraved Sacred Heart of Jesus. Between this grave and Carolina Trujillo is a granite vase holder engraved with gold wedding bells and blue ribbon. Within the bell is the date "Dec 26, 1941". Under bell, "married".
Trujillo "Age 79". Metal marker from Rivera Funeral Home, Taos, New Mexico.