The Genealogy Club of Angel Fire Presents 
Cemeteries of Colfax County
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Black Lake Cemetery Cimarron Canyon Espinoza  Elizabethtown
Gallagher Cemetery Kaplan Cemetery Moreno Valley Index San Antonio Church

Genealogy Club of Angel Fire
PO Box 503
Angel Fire, NM 87710 Moreno Valley Cemetery Project

Project Leader: Linda Shanhouse
Project Coordinators: Linda Shanhouse and Fran Pallesen
Project participants:
Betsy and George Block
Marie and Richard Greene
Jan Lassetter
Fran and Herb Pallesen
Mona and Perry Patton
Linda Shanhouse
Charlene and Herb Steves
Gene Stisser
Anne Supple
Frank Young Map Plotting: Marie Greene Book Internet: Fran and Herb Pallesen


Black Lake Cemetery
Cimarron Canyon Cemetery
Cimarron Cemetery 
Colmor Cemetery
Dawson Cemetery
Elizabethtown Cemetery
Espinoza Cemetery Elizabethtown
Gallagher Cemetery
Kaplan Cemetery 
Kelleher Cemetery
Moreno Valley Index
Pacheco Cemetery
Raton (St Johns) Methodist Cemetery
Raton Cemetery Northeast
San Antonio Church
Sauz Creek (Johnson)
St John's Methodist
Sweetwater Cemetery
Sweetwater West
Colfax County Tombstone  (Rev. F. J. Tolby)
Vermejo Cemetery