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This cemetery is on private property in the vicinity of  Black lake.

Name Birth Death
Martinez, Juan G.  9 December 1909   5 July 1939
Mares, Odilia  27 or 29 June 1925  14 January 1926 
3 Unknown  ns ns
Unknown  ns ns
Unknown  ns ns
Espinoza, Juanita    1877 1966
Espinoza, Jose A. ns ns
Espinoza, Rafel A. ns ns
Espinoza, Seledon A. ns ns
Espinoza, Enriques ns ns
Espinoza, Jose Abel   ns 1919
Espinoza, Andrellita   1854 1945
Espinoza, Seledon   1897 1918
Espinoza, Rafael  1912  1965
Espinoza, Andrellita M.  5 April 1854   18 August 1945
Unknown  ns ns
Espinosa, Seledon  ns ns
Espinoza, Enrique  7 September 1879  10 September 1932 
Espinoza, Juanita  14 May 1891  8 December 1932 
Espinosa, Rafael A.  ns ns
Espinoza, Toribio  27 April 1895  24 May 1956 
Espinoza, Lorenzita  30 August 1898  30 August 1996 
Unknown  ns ns
Unknown  ns ns
Unknown  ns ns
Unknown  ns ns
Unknown  ns ns
Unknown  ns ns


Name Notes
Martinez, Juan G.  Field stone, hand engraved on back "Made by Felix"
Mares Odilia  Shale stone w/hand-engraved hearts.Dates read:
Nacio Junio 27 (or 29) 1925 and 14 Enaro 1926
3Unknown  Wooden cross
Unknown  Wooden cross w/field stone marker
Unknown  Wooden cross and metal marker
Espinoza, Juanita    Wooden marker on tree, painted white with: "Courtesy of TL Espinoza
March 1, 1977". Dates 1877-1966 seem general for individuals listed.
Espinoza, Jose A.
Espinoza, Rafel A.
Espinoza, Seledon A.
Espinoza, Enriques
Espinoza, Jose Abel   Grey granite headstone at base of above tree.
Headstone seems to include data of individuals listed above.
Espinoza Andrellita  
Espinoza, Seledon  
Espinoza, Rafael 
Espinoza, Andrellita M.  Red sandstone with cross.
Unknown  Field stone
Espinosa, Seledon  Field stone hand engraved
Espinosa, Grey granite engraved with Blessed Virgin Mary
Espinoza Juanita  Same stone as Enrique
Espinosa, Rafael A.  Metal marker with: Died Oct 14, 1966, aged 54 years Garcia Funeral Home, Taos
Espinoza, Toribio  Rose granite w/flowers. Old stone nearby with name Jose Toribio Espinoza "father"
Espinoza, Lorenzita  Rose granite with flowers
Unknown  Wooden cross
Unknown  Wooden cross
Unknown  2 wooden crosses very close together
Unknown  Field stone w/etched cross
Unknown  Field stone, unable to read etching
Unknown  Field stone tipped on side