Sauz Creek (Johnson) Cemetery
Colfax County, New Mexico
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Transcribed by Marty May Field

The Sauz Creek or Johnson Cemetery is located 4.5 miles south of Abbott on the west side of State Highway 39. Sauz Creek is a tributary of the Canadian River. The Cemetery was recorded in December 1999 by Marty Mayfield, 266 Iron Avenue, Raton, NM 87740, (505) 455-3519. (NE'/4, Section 10/T23N-R25E, Abbot Lake Quadrangle map).

1. Wiley H. JOHNSON 1838-1915

2. Jane INMAN JOHNSON 1841-1916

3. Theadore D. JOHNSON 1863-1934

4. E. Maude JOHNSON 1869-1945

5. E.Vay JOHNSON 1878-1949

6. Corinne L. JOHNSON 1873-1956

7. William J. KUYENDALL 1873-1956

8. Mary A. KUYENDALL 1875-1950

9. CHK

10. J L B

11. LBK

12. A. Monta McCARTY 1899-1956

13. Lois McCARTY 1909-1996

14. Stafford 0. JOHNSON 1900-1967

 15. Beatrice A. JOHNSON Dec l, 1907-Nov l5, 1986

 16. Bill JOHNSON 1935 - 1969

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[Editorial Note (E.P.J.): There is also a Johnson Mesa Cemetery 13 miles east of Raton on NM 72, and a Johnson Park (or St. John's Methodist) Cemetery 13 miles SE of Raton. Both of these cemeteries have been recorded in Friends of Raton Anthropology, Vol. 5, No. 5, p. 32-33. Copies are available at the Albuquerque Special Collections Library. Some of the publications have also been placed on microfiche and microfilm and can be ordered through your local Family History Center.]