San Antonio Church Cemetery
Also known as St. Anthony Cemetery
Genealogy Club of Angel Fire
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This cemetery is located off Highway 434 to B29 exit for Osha Pass Road.
About 500 feet on B29 is a sign reading San Antonio Church.

Name Birth Date Death Date
Candelario Florencio    20 October 1919 15 April 1928
Martines Bernardo    10 October 1901 May 1950
Martinez Cindy    25 January 1965 5 July 1977
Martines Eulogia Q.  ns 23 July 
Rivera E. Jr.  ns ns
Tafoya Jose A.  1907  13? April 1981 
Tafoya Mardoqueo  7 August 1902  28 May 1994 
Tafoya Mariano   25 July 1865 20 March 1954 
Trujillo Erinea S.  ns 01 October 1941 
Trujillo Isaac J.  25 December 1916   16 June 1989
Trujillo Maria A.  22 August 1891   31 July 1978
Trujillo Mariamita    23 October 1870 06 May 1951
Trujillo Ray    24 November 1948 24 January 1949
(No name)  ns ns
(No name)  ns ns
(No name)  ns ns
(No name)  ns ns


Name Notes
Candelario Florencio    Granite
Martines Bernardo    Cross
Martinez Cindy    Crude stone etched & painted with white letters. Cross & gold stars.
Martines Eulogia Q.  Natural stone w/cross. Covered with lichen, poor condition. Sunken into ground, cannot read further.
Rivera E. Jr.  Engraved flat stone. Praying hands. "L.G." under "E. Jr."
Tafoya Jose A.  Wooden cross, metal marker, iron frame.
Tafoya Mardoqueo  Grey granite set in concrete/dates engraved in concrete. "Querido, Esposo Y Padre", 4-wheeler & lamb.
Tafoya Mariano   Concrete "Q.E.P.D."
Trujillo Erinea S.  Wooden cross w/metal oval marker hand stamped.
Trujillo Isaac J.  White marble. "TEC 5, US ARMY, World War II", cross.
Trujillo Maria A.  Grey granite. "Our Beloved Grandmother", etched Jesus w/sacred heart embedded marble & crucifix. "Q.E.P.D."
Trujillo Mariamita    Cross. In center "Q.E.P.D."
Trujillo Ray    Granite. Engraved child angel w/lamb & red flowers on left, blue bird on right
(No name)  Very old wooden cross leaning against stone.
(No name)  Concrete, embedded marble & crucifix. "Q.E.P.D.", fake flowers say "Dad".
(No name)  Old wooden cross, no inscription
(No name)  Old wooden cross w/bullet holes, no inscription