Colfax County Tombstone
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Colfax County Tombstone
NMG XXVII, No 4, December 1988, page 119

Reverend Tolby's tombstone has been replaced. Nancy Robertson of Raton, Colfax County attended a Colfax County War Symposium at the St. James Hotel in Cimarron, NM and was surprised to see the broken tombstone of the Rev. Mr. F. J. Tolby who died 14 Sep 1875 (see FRA 5 (5):30) leaning against the Ladies' Room door. In order to save the stone from thieves, the community has replaced the original white stone with a modern black one, carrying a different set of inscriptions. A booklet has even been published with the new stone featured on the cover. Historians visiting the windy hill south of Cimarron will not see Tolby's original stone, but another of a different time and period.