A. D. Garrett Chaves County, New Mexico

A. D. Garrett, one of the most prominent business men of Chaves county, has long been identified with one of the principal industries of the southwest, that of sheep raising. He first engaged in that occupation in California, from there going to Nevada, and thence to Texas, where he maintained his home for eighteen years. While in that state he leased two hundred sections of land in Martin County, but the uncertainty of rain fall drove him into New Mexico, where he arrived in April, 1896. At that time the Mexicans were the principal sheep raisers here, but in the severe competition which followed they were obliged to leave. The firm of Godair & Garrett was formed, and they generally run about forty thousand sheep, having equipment for that many, but at the present time their number has decreased to twenty thousand. The Godair-Crowley Company have commission houses in St. Louis and Fort Worth, with also a branch in Kansas City, and they conduct an extensive livestock business.

Mr. Godair maintains his home in Chicago. During a term of five years the average increase in sheep is seventy per cent, and their average wool clip is about eight and a half pounds. They handle the Rambouillet and Merino stock, and are meeting with well-deserved success in their undertakings.

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Source: History of New Mexico, Its Resources and People, Volume II, Pacific States Publishing Co., 1907.

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