A. G. Mills Chaves County, New Mexico

A. G. Mills, who dates his residence in New Mexico from 1883, located in that year on the Pecos River, thirty-five miles north of Fort Sumner. In 1886 he became connected with the sheep industry and settled on the Salado arroyo, one hundred miles south of Las Vegas. There he was engaged in the sheep business until 1899 and in the face of adverse circumstances built up a good property. At times he sold wool for as little as four and a half cents per pound, but as the years passed times improved and he prospered in his undertakings. In 1899, however, he sold his property there to a large company, consisting of Governor Otero, Judge Mills and John S. Clark, and they are now operating extensively there.

In the fall of 1899 Mr. Mills removed to his present place at Greenfield, four miles north of Hagerman, and purchased one hundred and sixty acres of land, which was the old homestead of Judge G. A. Richardson, who had improved this place, had planted cottonwood trees on the road and made it a beautiful farming property. Mr. Mills has since made many other improvements and now has two hundred and sixty acres of land in one tract all improved, two hundred acres being under a high state of cultivation. He has thirty acres in orchards and there is much alfalfa raised. He secures water from the Felix irrigation ditch. Mr. Mills has also been extensively engaged in raising stock and in farming and he feels that the future of the valley depends largely upon the small diversified farmer, knowing that this section of the country is adaptable for the production of all kinds of grain and fruits.

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Source: History of New Mexico, Its Resources and People, Volume II, Pacific States Publishing Co., 1907.

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