A. P. Jackson Otero County, New Mexico

A. P. Jackson, president of the Jackson-Galbraith-Foxworth Company, dealers in lumber in Alamogordo has been one of the most active business men of the town since its establishment in 1898, and his efforts have been of a practical beneficial nature, far-reaching in their extent, scope and results. He is a native of Texas, having been born in Denton County in 1866. He was reared to farm life and educated in the public schools. In 1892 he became connected with the lumber trade, and from that time until 1898 operated lumber yards in Texas. Upon the founding of the new town of Alamogordo he embarked in business here in June, 1898. He had a stock of lumber shipped to this point and unloaded from the first train entering the town. He was here two months before the railroad was built this far.

Most of the frame houses of the town have been erected from lumber furnished by this company. The business is conducted under the name of the Jackson-Galbraith-Foxworth Company, and was incorporated under the laws of New Mexico in January, 1904, with a capital stock of two hundred thousand dollars. The officers' are A. P. Jackson, president; H. W. Galbraith, secretary; W. L. Foxworth, vice-president, and J. H. Williams, treasurer. The company is doing an extensive and constantly growing business, now operating yards in Alamogordo, Santa Rosa and Tucumcari, New Mexico, and in El Paso, Dalhart, Channing and Stratford, Texas, and Texhoma, Oklahoma. Mr. Jackson and his associates operate along modern lines of business, and the progress made by the company has been most satisfactory, bringing a large measure of success, and at the same time contributing in a substantial way to the business activity of the various cities in which the plants are located. Also they have two wholesale lumber companies, known as the Logan Lumber Company, at El Paso, and the other at Texarkana, Texas.

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Source: History of New Mexico, Its Resources and People, Volume II, Pacific States Publishing Co., 1907.

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