A. W. Coddington McKinley County, New Mexico

A. W. Coddington, a native of New York State, who subsequently resided in Illinois and Colorado, came to Las Vegas in 1879 as a partner of C. P. Jones, and soon afterward began ranging cattle from that City to the Sandia Mountains and thence to the Zuni Mountain country. He took his sons, C. B., who died in 1893 at Albuquerque, and J. H. Coddington, now of Gallup, into partnership with him, but the stringent financial conditions of the early '90s forced them to close out their business. A. W. Coddington, now a resident of Los Angeles, California, hunted buffalo on the plains before the days of the railroads and was closely associated with the pioneer progress and development of this part of the Territory. After his original activities in the cattle industry he had ranching interests in the San Juan valley, a cattle ranch in the Sandia Mountains and a dairy near Albuquerque.

His son, J. H. Coddington, who was elected sheriff of McKinley County in 1904, located at Chaves, east of Gallup, on the Atlantic & Pacific Railroad in 1883 with his father. The earlier years of his young manhood were devoted entirely to the cattle business, his duties compelling him to ride over a large range of country. He is now proprietor of a livery stable in Gallup. He takes an active interest in public matters as a Republican, laboring earnestly and effectively for the welfare of the Party, and fraternally he is identified with the Elks at Albuquerque.

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Source: History of New Mexico, Its Resources and People, Volume II, Pacific States Publishing Co., 1907.

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