Bert Phillips Taos County, New Mexico

New Mexico has been the home of few artists. Of those who have made the territory their temporary home and have painted its scenery and its Indian inhabitants, none have achieved success comparative to that which has accompanied the work of Bert Phillips, who, since September, 1898, has been studying Indian life at Taos. Mr. Phillips was born at Hudson, New York. July" 15, 1868, the son of William J. and Elizabeth (Jessup) Phillips. At the age of sixteen he began the study of art in the Academy of Design, later going to Paris for further study. Upon his return to America he opened a studio in New York. In Columbia County, New York, he afterward spent some time, painting among the Shaker settlement there. Since coming to New Mexico he has done his best and most noteworthy work. Those of his Indian paintings which have attracted the most widespread attention include. "A Prince of the Royal Blood," a full length portrait of one of the Taos Pueblo Indians, now the property of William H. Bartlett, of Chicago: "The Drummer," a figure picture now owned by T. A. Schomberg. of Trinidad, Colorado; "Medicine Water," a painting of one of the principals of Taos Pueblo, owned by Henry Koehler, of" St. Louis; and "The Apache Chief," a portrait of an old Apache scout who served under Kit Carson, owned by C. K. Beekman, of New York. Besides these, two of his paintings were purchased by Joseph G. Butler. Jr., of Youngstown, Ohio, one by Paul Morton, one by Frederick-Remington, and five" by Stanley McCormick, of Chicago. The greatest encouragement Mr. Phillips has received in his work has come from other artists who have seen his pictures on exhibition at the Academy of Design in New York. Many of these complimentary letters have come from men whom Mr. Phillips has never met. He has received letters of praise from such artists as E. A. Burbank, Lorado Taft, Frederick Remington and other artists of note, all of which he cherishes highly.

Mr. Phillips was married at Shippensburg. Pennsylvania, October 15, 1899, to Rose H. Martin. They have two children, Ralph Jessup and Margaret Elizabeth.

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Source: History of New Mexico, Its Resources and People, Volume II, Pacific States Publishing Co., 1907.

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