Daniel Cassidy Mora County, New Mexico

Daniel Cassidy a merchant of Cleveland and treasurer of Mora County, has been identified with this county since October 21, 1881, when he came here from Ireland. Mr. Cassidy was born in County Donegal, Ireland. October 11, 1850, was educated in the national schools of his native land, and was married there a few years previous to his coming to America. Arrived in New Mexico, he accepted a position as clerk in the general merchandise store of James Dougherty at Cleveland; worked for him ten years, at the end of which time he purchased the business and became proprietor of the store. Later, in May, 1904, in partnership with Harry Dougherty, he bought a general store at Mora. Also he is interested in ranching, having acquired a farm of one hundred and fifty acres of valuable land near Cleveland and two thousand acres on Ocata Mesa, and owns considerable stock, both sheep and cattle.

For the past ten years Mr. Cassidy has been a Republican, taking an active part in local politics, and in 1904 he was elected on the Republican ticket to the office he now holds, that of county treasurer. February 21, 1875, he married, at Letterkenny, Ireland, Miss Susan A. Langan, a native of that place. Their children are: Daniel J., a resident of Mora; Anna Theresa, wife of Joe Dougherty, of Folsom, New Mexico, and Maggie A., James, Bessie S., Charles and Joseph, at home.


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Source: History of New Mexico, Its Resources and People, Volume II, Pacific States Publishing Co., 1907.

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