Frank Divers Chaves County, New Mexico

Frank Divers, of Roswell, first came to the Territory in 1883, at which time he located fifty miles east of Carlsbad, in what was then Lincoln County, but is now Eddy County. He came from Texas, and in 1886 he removed his family to Midland, Texas, but continued in the stock business in the Territory until 1896. The ranch of which he was formerly owner now belongs to C. B. Merchant, and was the first ranch located in the southeast part of the Territory, while Mr. Divers also erected the first windmill in that part of the Territory. Returning to Midland, Texas, he there engaged in the cattle business for a few years.

In June, 1900, Mr. Divers removed to Roswell, trading his Texas property for a ranch ten miles southeast of the town. Later he sold this place of eight hundred acres to C. Chisholm, and it now constitutes a part of the Chisholm hog ranch. In February, 1901, Mr. Divers became a resident of Roswell, and in 1903 he purchased a ranch near Campbell, whereon he has about seven hundred head of short-horn Durham cattle. He has been grading up this herd for seventeen years, and now owns some very fine and valuable stock. He is also a director in the First National Bank. He has prospered in his business undertakings, owing to his close application and indefatigable energy, his keen sagacity and reliable business judgment.

He is a strong man, strong in his honor and good name, as well as in his success. The Baptist church finds in him a most active, earnest and helpful worker and generous contributor, and he is also a co-operant factor in many measures that have had direct bearing upon the welfare and progress of Roswell and this part of the Territory, along material, intellectual and moral lines.

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Source: History of New Mexico, Its Resources and People, Volume II, Pacific States Publishing Co., 1907.

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