Fred P. Gayle Chaves County, New Mexico

Fred P. Gayle, probate clerk at Roswell and the oldest continuous resident of that place, came from Texas to New Mexico in January, 1882. He was born in Alabama and rendered military aid to the Confederacy for four years (luring the Civil war as a member of the Fifteenth Confederate Cavalry. He was afterward connected with the Sixth South Carolina Cavalry.

During the greater part of his active business life Mr. Gayle has resided in Texas, but in January, 1882, came to New Mexico in company with Pat Garrett. They went to White Oaks and Mr. Gayle clerked in one of the early stores in Roswell in 1882-3. He is now the oldest continuous resident of the town and has witnessed its development from village hood to its present proportions, when all the evidences of a progressive civilization are here found. In 1804 he was elected probate clerk of the county and has since been continued in the office, covering a period of twelve years. In politics he is a Democrat, active and influential in the party councils, and has served on various committees appointed to promote the growth and insure the success of the party.

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Source: History of New Mexico, Its Resources and People, Volume II, Pacific States Publishing Co., 1907.

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