Fritz Brinck Chaves County, New Mexico

Fritz Brinck has made for himself a place in connection with the activities of Chaves County, being one of its most prominent sheep raisers. He came to the Territory in 1892, and for some time thereafter was engaged in buying sheep. At the time of his arrival here there were not over fifty-five thousand sheep in the county, and thus he is regarded as one of the pioneers in the business. In 1898 he purchased a ranch on Salt Creek, sixteen miles from Roswell, and in 1902 he purchased the interests of the Salt Creek Sheep Company. Since 1905 he has been associated in business with Mr. A. J. Knollin, who resides in Chicago, and the firm of Knollin & Brinck is well known over this section of the Territory. Mr. Brinck now has about sixteen thousand sheep, of blooded Shropshire stock. He believes that due to the uncertainty of rainfall the lease law as agitated in this Territory is unjust. As many years of his life have been spent within the confines of Chaves County he is identified with much of its history, and is numbered among its public spirited and progressive citizens.

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Source: History of New Mexico, Its Resources and People, Volume II, Pacific States Publishing Co., 1907.

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