George Carl Otero County, New Mexico

The town of Alamogordo, now scarcely eight years old, has been equipped with all modern industrial and commercial enterprises known to the older east. George Carl is among those who have instituted an important plant in the town. He came here in the summer of 1898 with the building of a railroad, and erected an ice factory, since which time he has engaged in the business. He is a native of Germany, but has resided continuously in America since 1866, and came to New Mexico from Colorado. Since establishing his ice plant he has supplied the railroad with this product, as well as meeting the demands of a large local trade. He erected a plant, put in modern machinery and has since conducted the business with constantly growing success. This is the only ice factory between El Paso and Dalhart, Texas, and its capacity is twenty tons per day.

Mr. Carl was married to Miss Ellen Spearman, who was reared in Minnesota. She has in her possession a gold medal inscribed, "The only lady operating a Linde Ice Machine. From the Fred W. Wolf Company." This was presented to her by some of the citizens of Alamogordo.

In addition to the manufacture of ice, Mr. Carl has become an able exponent of the possibilities of southeastern New Mexico as a fruit-producing center. He is now successfully engaged in the raising of peaches. Six miles from La Luz he owns a ranch of four hundred and eighty acres, upon which he has fish lakes, which, in 1901, he stocked with rainbow trout. He also has large alfalfa fields, and in his orchards raises pears, apples, peaches, apricots and quinces. He is a great believer in the future of the valley surrounding Alamogordo as a fruit country, and in his business is demonstrating its possibilities in this direction, his ranch having already become a paying investment, while his ice plant, too, is a source of gratifying profit.

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Source: History of New Mexico, Its Resources and People, Volume II, Pacific States Publishing Co., 1907.

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