Gregory Page McKinley County, New Mexico

Gregory Page, to whom much of the building of the town of Gallup is due, is proprietor of Hotel Page. He was born in Canada, removed to Michigan in 1878, and three years later, just before the construction of the railroad to Coolidge, he located at that place, and in partnership with his brother James began the operation of a sawmill and lumber yard. Four or five years later he went to Winslow, Arizona, where he remained until locating in Gallup in 1891. In that year he erected his hotel, which he conducted on the American plan until the opening of the Harvey eating house. It has since been conducted as a European hotel. In 1899 he installed a plant for the manufacture of ice, the only one in the County. In 1905 was organized the Pacific Improvement Company, which established a modern electric light and power plant and took over the ice manufacturing plant, both of which are now controlled by the new corporation.

Mr. Page has been a recognized leader of the Republican Party in McKinley County for several years, but has not sought elective office. Since the organization of the County in 1001 he has been chairman of the Republican County central committee, and during the same period has represented his County in the Territorial central committee. His activity in business and political circles has made him a valued citizen of this part of the Territory, and he early had the prescience to discern the eminence which the future had in store for this great and growing district.

He has co-operated in many movements which have been of direct and immediate serviceableness and his efforts in behalf of public progress and improvement have made him one of the prominent and influential residents of Gallup.

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Source: History of New Mexico, Its Resources and People, Volume II, Pacific States Publishing Co., 1907.

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