Hon. Jacinto Armijo Doña Ana County, New Mexico

Hon. Jacinto Armijo, deceased, was one of the distinguished native sons of New Mexico who won high official preferment and whose course honored the commonwealth that honored him. He was for many years a resident of Las Cruces. His birth occurred in Socorro, Socorro County, New Mexico, on the 13th of August, 1845. Don Isidoro Armijo, his father and Dona Catarina Montoya de Armijo, his mother, were the first colonists in the Triple expedition of the counties of Valencia, Socorro and Paso del Norte (city of Juarez) to settle the county of Dona Ana. When but three years of age. Jacinto Armijo accompanied his parents on their removal to Las Cruces, where he made his home until called to his final rest. He attended the public schools, obtaining the best education afforded in those days. As he grew to manhood his worth and ability were recognized, and he became one of the prominent political leaders of the Territory, eventually advocating Republican principles. In 1873-4 he represented his district in the legislative halls in Santa Fe, and in 1875-6 he was elected by a majority of five hundred votes as a member of the council, representing the southern counties of the Territory, including Dona Ana, Grant and Lincoln. He was probably the first native regent of the Agricultural College of New Mexico, receiving his appointment to that position from Governor Otero. He held various local offices, being president of the board of county commissioners and school trustee and deputy sheriff. He was likewise probate judge and he was chairman of the Republican county central committee. He was impartial in the discharge of all his official duties, serving the people well and faithfully, for he ever regarded a public office as a public trust and no trust reposed in him was ever betrayed in the slightest degree. He studied closely the needs and possibilities of the Territory and labored along lines of general progress and improvement. His liberal and progressive course won him a most honorable name in his community, and he was respected alike by Americans and natives. The cause of education found in him a stalwart friend, and eventually connected with the local schools and as regent of the Agricultural College he labored untiringly for the great educational interests of the Territory. Mr. Armijo was married, November 24, 1869, to Miss Juanita Silva and they became the parents of five sons and two daughters: Isidoro, Catarino, Max, Jacinto, Henry, Josephine and Jennie.


Mr. Armijo departed this life June 9, 1898, and the family still reside in Las Cruces. He was a man of unquestioned integrity, both in public office and in private life, and the consensus of public opinion was altogether favorable regarding his ability and his devotion to duty. He was spoken of as one of the most progressive and esteemed citizens of New Mexico, and he stood as a high type of the citizenship of the southwest. 

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Source: History of New Mexico, Its Resources and People, Volume II, Pacific States Publishing Co., 1907.

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