J. W. Harling Torrance County, New Mexico

J. W. Harling, a cattleman of Estancia, was born and reared in Giles County, Tennessee. He spent three years in Texas and came to the Estancia Valley in charge of cattle of the New Mexico Land & Cattle Company in 1883. This company had purchased the Antonio Sandoval land grant of four hundred and fourteen thousand acres, the headquarters of the ranch being at Antelope Springs. The company went out of business in 1891, and Mr. Harling then located on his present ranch in Buffalo draw, near Moriarty, New Mexico, where he engaged in the sheep-raising industry for seven years. He then turned his attention again to cattle rising, in which he is now engaged.

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Source: History of New Mexico, Its Resources and People, Volume II, Pacific States Publishing Co., 1907.

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