James A. Tomlinson Quay County, New Mexico

James A. Tomlinson, M. D., engaged in the practice of medicine in Tucumcari is a native of Indiana. He came to the Territory in 1877, making his way to Las Vegas, and in January, 1878, removed to Lincoln, where he entered upon the practice of medicine, being the first practitioner of that place. He continued there until 1880, when he removed to White Oaks and built the first house in the town. He was the probate judge that authorized the town site of White Oaks, being elected to the office in 1880 and serving for one term. On the expiration of that term he returned to Lincoln in 1884 and continued in the practice of medicine there until 1890, at the same time conducting a drug store. He likewise spent four years in Eddy in the drug business and in the practice of medicine, and for two terms served as probate judge of Eddy County.

He afterward practiced in Hagerman, La Luz and other places, and in 1902 came to Tucumcari, where he opened a drug store in connection with his office and has continued in merchandising as well as in the practice of medicine to the present time.

His professional education was acquired in Fort Wayne (Indiana) University, and by subsequent reading, investigation and research he has kept in touch with the onward march of the profession, and is an able and well-read member of the medical fraternity.

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Source: History of New Mexico, Its Resources and People, Volume II, Pacific States Publishing Co., 1907.

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