James Chisum Eddy County, New Mexico

James Chisum, who is extensively engaged in raising goats, which has become one of the important industries of the southwest, is located at Artesia, Eddy County. He was born in Hardeman County, Tennessee, September 25, 1827, and for many years was closely connected with business interests with his brother, John S. Chisum, one of the distinguished pioneer settlers and stock-raisers of the Territory, now deceased. John S. Chisum, however, preceded his brother to New Mexico. James Chisum has devoted his entire life to farming and live-stock interests and in 1877 came to New Mexico at the request of his brother. He and his two sons remained on the ranch of John Chisum until the latter's death and then continued in charge of the ranch until 1892. In that year they disposed of the cattle raising interests and James Chisum turned his attention to sheep raising industry, from which he eventually worked into the business of raising goats, which has become an important business enterprise of the Territory in recent years. He has made his home continuously at Artesia, Eddy County, since 1892 and is regarded as one of the prominent and representative stock raisers and dealers in this part of the country. He has lived here from pioneer times and has not only been a witness but a participant in many events which have had direct and important bearing upon the history of the Territory, its development and progress. His daughter, Mrs. Sallie E. Robert, now lives with him.

James Chisum was married to Miss Ara Josephine Wright, who was born in Hardeman County, Tennessee, and with her parents came to New Mexico in the year which witnessed the arrival of the Chisums. Her father, Dr. Wright, was of a very prominent and wealthy family. Mrs. Chisum died March 11, 1875. The children of this marriage are: Mary Branch, who died in 1873; Sallie L., who is the widow of William Robert and resides with her father; Walter P., a farmer of Roswell: and William J., who is engaged in the real estate business at Roswell.

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Source: History of New Mexico, Its Resources and People, Volume II, Pacific States Publishing Co., 1907.

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