John B. Lamy Santa Fé County, New Mexico

Upon his return from a journey to France in 1867, among those who accompanied Archbishop Lamy to America were his two nephews, John B. Lamy and his brother, Antonie Lamy, the latter of whom was then preparing for the priesthood. Antonie Lamy was graduated from the Theological Seminary in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1871 and after coming to New Mexico had charge of the parishes at Taos, El Rito and Manzano. He died in 1876 and his body was buried in the church at Manzano.  

John B. Lamy came to America on account of ill health. He was born in the native town of Archbishop Lamy in 1842. The first twenty years of his life were spent with his brother, Father Antonie. In October, 1871, he married Mercedes, sister of Don Felipe Chaves, and soon after engaged in sheep raising, to which he devoted ten years. When he disposed of his sheep he invested the proceeds in real estate in Santa Fé, to the care and management of which he has since given his time. Mr. Lamy has been successful in his undertakings. He exhibits an active interest in public affairs, but has never sought political honors.


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Source: History of New Mexico, Its Resources and People, Volume II, Pacific States Publishing Co., 1907.

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