Joseph Prewitt San Juan County, New Mexico

Joseph Prewitt, of Farmington, came to San Juan County in the spring of 1882, and m the previous year had visited Durango. He has been prominent and influential in community affairs and succeeded C. Y. Stafford as probate clerk, when the latter was appointed clerk of the auditor and treasurer in April, 1901. Mr. Prewitt had been deputy clerk under Mr. Safford. In July, 1902, he was appointed treasurer to fill out an unexpired term, and in the fall of that year was elected County clerk and served a full term. He entered upon business relations in San Juan County upon his arrival in 1882 as a clerk in the store of W. G. Markley, with whom he formed a partnership, later in the same year, under the firm style of Markley & Prewitt. This relation was continued until the spring of 1886, after which Mr. Prewitt engaged in the real estate and insurance business until the fall of 1898. He then returned to Farmington, where he was again engaged in merchandising, and he is now engaged in the real estate business, and also deals in hides and wool. In connection with others he owns a very extensive tract of land in the County, which they intend to put upon the market, and they have a ditch bringing water from La Plata. Seven thousand acres of the land is patented and plans are made for the erection of reservoirs to furnish water to from fifteen to twenty thousand acres. Mr. Prewitt is a native of Lincoln County, Missouri, born in 1859, and has always lived in the west. In politics he is a Democrat. He is closely associated with the business and public interests of his County, and his efforts are proving of direct and far-reaching benefit in the development of this part of the Territory.

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Source: History of New Mexico, Its Resources and People, Volume II, Pacific States Publishing Co., 1907.

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