Juan Rafael Aguilar Mora County, New Mexico

Juan Rafael Aguilar, a merchant and sheep rancher of Wagon Mound, Mora County, was born in Taos, New Mexico. February 9, 1860, son of Pablo and Ramona (Pacheco) Aguilar. Pablo Aguilar, son of Salvador Aguilar, was born and reared in Taos, and made that place his home until 1872, when he moved with his family to Ocate. He was a farmer and cattle raiser. Both he and his wife are deceased, her death having occurred in 1882 and his in 1894.

Juan Rafael Aguilar was twelve years old at the time his patents moved to Ocate. There he lived until he was twenty, when he came to Wagon Mound, which then consisted of only three adobe houses. He entered the employ of Schmidt & Reinkin, the pioneer merchants of the town, and clerked for them for a period of thirteen years. In 1893 he engaged in the sheep and cattle business on land which he owns east and south of Wagon Mound, and which he has continued successfully up to the present time. He has thoroughly posted himself on the sheep industry and so successful has he been in this business that he has come to be regarded as an authority on the subject in his locality. Also, since 1903, he has conducted a store in Wagon Mound, which he keeps chiefly for his own convenience.

Mr. Aguilar is politically a Republican, and for years has figured prominently in public affairs in his county. Since 1893 he has been a notary public. In 1894 he was elected sheriff of Mora count)' for a term of two years. Since 1903 he has been sheep inspector, the duties of his office being to make inspection of all shipments made at Wagon Mound. In 1902 he was appointed a United States commissioner. This office he resigned in 1903, but was reappointed the following year. For years he has been a member of the Wagon Mound school board.

Mr. Aguilar has an interesting family. October 5, 1885, he married Miss Cleofas Mascarenes, a native of Ciruela. Mora County, and the fruits of their union are eight children: Claudia, Adelina, Alfonso, Celina, Pablo, Antonita, Sofronia and Corina. 

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Source: History of New Mexico, Its Resources and People, Volume II, Pacific States Publishing Co., 1907.

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