Judge Seaman Field Luna County, New Mexico

Judge Seaman Field, probate judge of Luna County, at Deming, was born in Jefferson County, New York, February 27, 1829. His educational advantages in youth were very meager, but he has been a broad reader and is now a well-informed man, having a comprehensive knowledge not equaled by many a college-bred student. He began business life as a clerk, and while still but a boy went to New York City, where he was employed in the same capacity by his uncle. In 1849 he removed to New Orleans, Louisiana, and for ten years traveled for a mercantile house.

In 1862 Judge Field enlisted in the Thirty-third Texas Confederate Cavalry and served on the frontier of Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas. He enlisted as a private, but was promoted from the ranks to sergeant and successively to first lieutenant, captain and lieutenant-colonel. When the war was over he returned to New York City and again entered the old mercantile house in which he had formerly been employed, spending the succeeding eleven years in the north. In 1876, however, he again went to Texas, and in 1882 came to Deming, where he owned a ranch and also conducted a wholesale liquor house. In 1884 he was appointed by President Cleveland United States collector of customs at Deming, and served for four years, being, perhaps, the only man to ever hold that office without bond. He also held that office four years in Cleveland's second term; was chairman of the board of school trustees of the high school of Deming for six years, serving: for over ten years on the board during his residence here; was one of the organizers of the Adelphi Club, which has been a great advantage to this town: is also brigadier-general, commanding the New Mexico Brigade, Pacific Division, U. C. V. & S., and is president of the board of regents of the Agricultural College, in which he has served for four years. He has been engaged more or less in mining, and has thus led a busy life with his industrial, commercial and official duties demanding his time and attention.

Judge Field was married in New Orleans, in 1857, to Miss Maggie Clannon, who died on October 14, 1878 and on the 8th of February, 1881, he was married to Mrs. Achsa Minis, of Dallas, Texas. Judge Field is a Mason, having held the highest offices in the lodge, chapter and Commandery, and in his life exemplifies the beneficent spirit of the craft. He has been president of the board of trustees of the village of Deming since its organization. He is one of the most highly respected citizens of the southern portion of New Mexico, a man who in the breadth of his vision, his business activity and his political service has made his life of benefit to his fellow men.

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Source: History of New Mexico, Its Resources and People, Volume II, Pacific States Publishing Co., 1907.

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