L. K. McGaffey Chaves County, New Mexico

L. K. McGaffey, a real estate dealer of Roswell, New Mexico, is of Scotch-Irish ancestry, his people having come to this country in colonial days. He was born in Caledonia County, Vermont, and has been a resident of the Territory since 1884, when he located at Los Lunas. He was there employed in the mercantile firm of L. & H. Huning for one year and during the succeeding seven years had charge of a cattle ranch for that firm in western New Mexico. He settled in Roswell in 1892, and was postmaster of the city under appointment of President Cleveland from 1893 until 1898, and since the latter date has been dealing in Pecos valley lands, being one of the prominent real estate dealers of this section of the Territory. He is a director of the First National Bank of Roswell, and has promoted various land, gas and telephone companies, operating through the valley, which connections indicate his progressive spirit and the important part which he is taking in introducing all modern improvements into this new but rapidly developing region.

In community affairs Mr. McGaffey has taken a helpful part, has served as chairman of the city council and is at this writing, in 1906, a member of the board of education at Roswell. He has likewise been president of the Roswell Commercial Club and has held various other positions of a similar nature. In 1904 he attended the Democratic national convention as a delegate from his Territory. His labors have been of direct and immediate serviceableness in upbuilding Roswell, the intellectual, material and political interests feeling the stimulus of his co-operation and benefiting by his keen discrimination and practical methods.

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Source: History of New Mexico, Its Resources and People, Volume II, Pacific States Publishing Co., 1907.

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