L. Wallace Holt Chaves County, New Mexico

L. Wallace Holt, who on coming to the Territory in 1884 located at Lakewood, in the cattle business, was connected with the Holt Live Stock Company, having about twelve thousand head of cattle. About 1898, however, the company closed out the cattle business to a great extent. Mr. Holt was engaged in merchandising at Lakewood for about eight years, being the first merchant at that place. A year ago he removed to his present home, one mile west of Hagerman, where he has eighty acres of land under cultivation, of which forty acres have been planted to fruit trees. He also has four thousand acres in the Pecos valley below the town, and nearly all of the entire amount is in the artesian belt. Mr. Holt was born in Maine, but became interested in Colorado in 1873 in the stock business, and thus almost his entire life has had an interest in the west.

He is a very prosperous and prominent farmer and cattleman, having large property interests, and his efforts are a direct factor in promoting the development and progress of his section of the Territory.

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Source: History of New Mexico, Its Resources and People, Volume II, Pacific States Publishing Co., 1907.

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