"Linn" J. C, Richards Eddy County, New Mexico

"Linn" J. C. Richards came to New Mexico in 1898 from Texas and located in Hope settlement below the town of Hope, where he engaged in the stock business. In 1903 he removed to his present place, a mile and a half west of Hope. Here he has an excellent farm property, owning altogether rive hundred and sixty acres of valuable land, which responds readily to cultivation. He has ninety acres devoted to various crops and in addition fifteen acres is planted to alfalfa, while a fine orchard covers twenty-four acres. Mr. Richards, Mr. Riley and Mr. Read were the first men to ship apples by car-load from Hope, making the first shipment in 1904, and in 1905 the shipment reached fourteen car loads. Mr. Richards is doing much to demonstrate the possibilities of this locality as a fruit-producing center and is thus contributing to his own success and at the same time leading the way that others may follow and enjoy the benefits of horticultural development and progress in this part of the country.

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Source: History of New Mexico, Its Resources and People, Volume II, Pacific States Publishing Co., 1907.

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