M. B. Goldenberg Quay County, New Mexico

The business interests of Tucumcari find a worthy representative in M. B. Goldenberg, who dates his residence in the Territory from 1876, in which year he went to Santa Fe. In 1880 he turned his attention to the sheep industry as manager for Charles Ilfelds, extensively engaged in sheep raising and was thus engaged for a number of years. In 1900, with the capital he had acquired through his own labors, he invested in a stock of merchandise and established a store at Tucumcari under the firm name of M. B. Goldenberg & Company, his partner being his brother, A. D. Goldenberg.

This relation has continued to the present time, and their trade has increased with the growth of the County, the business being now large and profitable. Mr. Goldenberg was also one of the incorporators and is agent of the Tucumcari Town Site Company. He is one of the best authorities on sheep in the Territory. His mercantile enterprise is a distributing point for a section of country covering a wide area.

Public spirited, Mr. Goldenberg is interested in educational matters and public improvements and co-operates in many progressive measures that have been of direct benefit to this section of the Territory. Fraternally he is connected with Tucumcari Lodge No. 29, K. P., and is esteemed in social as well as business circles.

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Source: History of New Mexico, Its Resources and People, Volume II, Pacific States Publishing Co., 1907.

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