Manuel Abreu Roosevelt County, New Mexico

Manuel Abreu is one of the New Mexico's native sons and a representative of one of the old, distinguished and prominent families of the Territory. His maternal grandfather, Santiago Abreu, was governor of New Mexico under Spanish rule, coming here from old Mexico to enter upon the duties of that position. He was accompanied by his brothers, Marcilino and Ramona Abreu. His father, Henry Maken was a Frenchman, who came from Canada and married a daughter of Governor Abreu. He died, however, when his son Manuel was but six months old, and the latter afterward took his mother's maiden name.

Manuel Abreu was born in Santa Fe. New Mexico, in June, 1857 and in 1873 went to Fort Sumner, where he engaged in the sheep business in connection with his brother-in-law, Pablo Beaubien, a son of Charles Beaubien who was the original owner of the Maxwell land grant. Carlos Beaubien and Miranda were the original grantees from the Spanish government. Lucien Maxwell, a French-Scotchman was born June 24, 1820 married Luz Beaubien, a daughter of Carlos Beaubien, and Mr. Maxwell later bought the largest part of the grant from Mr. Beaubien, and after his death purchased the remainder from the heirs. About 1870 Mr. Maxwell sold the grant to a company for six hundred thousand dollars, at which time he removed to old Fort Sumner on the Pecos River, then located in San Miguel County. He purchased the improvements at the fort from the government and turned his attention to cattle and sheep raising and farming. He began to further improve the property, taking ditches from the Pecos River, and soon developed a beautiful place. He died in 1875 and Pete Maxwell, his son, took charge of the property, but did not keep it up very well, and about 1885 sold out to the Fort Sumner Land & Cattle Company, while he and others moved down the river, one mile, and started the town of Fort Sumner, which is in existence today. There Pete Maxwell, who was born April 27, 1848, lived until his death on the 21st of June, 1898.

Manuel Abreu began sheep raising in 1873, and has continued therein to the present time. He also conducts a store in Fort Sumner in connection with his sheep and stock business. He is a representative of one of the prominent old Spanish families of the Territory and is displaying modern business enterprise in the conduct of his interests here.

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Source: History of New Mexico, Its Resources and People, Volume II, Pacific States Publishing Co., 1907.

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