O. R. Tanner Chaves County, New Mexico

O. R. Tanner, clerk of the newly organized town of Hagerman, came to Hagerman, October 1, 1894. J. J. Hagerman, through the Pecos Irrigation and Improvement Company, had laid out the town site here and named the place. Mr. Tanner had come to the Territory in 1891 and located in Carlsbad, where he had followed farming until his removal to Hagerman in 1894. He put up an office in the town, it being the second building erected here, and he established a real estate and insurance business. He engaged in that individually until the fall of 1905, when he organized a company known as the Hagerman Real Estate Company, with N. S. West as president; S. Totzek, superintendent of agencies; John B. Reeves, general salesman and O. R. Tanner, secretary and treasurer. The company has general offices at Roswell, New Mexico; Monmouth, Illinois, and Hagerman, New Mexico. The company is engaged in immigration as well as local work, and handles listed property throughout the valley from Roswell to Lakewood. Mr. Reeves came to Hagerman in the fall of 1902 from Texas, and Mr. West arrived in the same fall from Texas and lives upon a farm three-fourths of a mile northwest of Hagerman, where he has eighty acres of land and one of the finest orchards in the valley. Mr. Reeves has a place of forty acres adjoining the town site on the north, and of this twelve acres are in orchard. Mr. Tanner has a place adjoining the town site, and all these gentlemen are demonstrating through the conduct of their business interests the wonderful possibilities of the Pecos valley. They are also doing much to induce immigration and thus promote the rapid growth and development of the district, and their efforts are being attended with excellent results.

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Source: History of New Mexico, Its Resources and People, Volume II, Pacific States Publishing Co., 1907.

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