R. H. McJunkin San Juan County, New Mexico

R. H. McJunkin, a lumber dealer of Farmington, came to the Territory from Colorado in 1892, having been a resident of that state from 1888. He was born in Indiana in 1842 and was a member of the Eighth Illinois Infantry at the time of the Civil war, serving with the Army of the Tennessee, and participating in the march to the sea under General Sherman and in the grand review in "Washington, D. C. He was with the army for a year after the close of hostilities, being sent to Texas to gather up government property, and in May. 1866, was honorably discharged at Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He then returned to Tazewell County, Illinois, where he engaged in farming until 1876 when he went to Kansas, where he carried on general agricultural pursuits until his removal to Colorado. After four years' residence in that state he came to New Mexico and took up government land on the San Juan River. He lived there for two years, and later farmed in the valley.

Since 1902 he has been engaged in the lumber business in Farmington. He holds membership in Lincoln Post No. 13, G. A. R., and in politics is a stalwart Republican.

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Source: History of New Mexico, Its Resources and People, Volume II, Pacific States Publishing Co., 1907.

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