R. H. Pierce Otero County, New Mexico

R. H. Pierce, a merchant of Alamogordo, who is also secretary and treasurer of the board of trustees of the New Mexico Institute for the Blind, was born in Virginia and, in early life, went to Texas. He was afterward engaged in business in Desdemona, that state, and thence went to Seven Rivers, New Mexico. Soon afterward he established a general mercantile store at Carlsbad in Eddy County. He was one of the founders of Carlsbad, and the citizens of that town erected there a brick building, allowing him to use it, rent free, if he would conduct a store. His business capacity and enterprise were important factors in the substantial up building and improvement of that part of the Pecos valley. For years he had been a warm personal friend of C. B. Eddy, promoter of the town of Eddy, afterward Carlsbad, and was associated with him in his numerous enterprises.

When Alamogordo was laid out by Mr. Eddy and his associates Mr. Pierce was one of the first to establish a business here, opening a general mercantile store. He carries a well selected stock and has contributed in substantial measure to the business activity and prosperity of the new town. Every movement for its up building and progress has received his endorsement and co-operation.

He is one of the trustees of the Baptist College at Alamogordo, which institution he helped to build, and in connection with A. J. King he has been chiefly instrumental in founding the institution for the blind "at this place, securing an appropriation from the legislature for the same. He is a thoroughly representative citizen, a public-spirited man who stands as a high type of American manhood and chivalry, placing general progress before self-aggrandizement.

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Source: History of New Mexico, Its Resources and People, Volume II, Pacific States Publishing Co., 1907.

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