Somon Bibo Valencia County, New Mexico

Simon Bibo, engaged in merchandising at Laguna, New Mexico, arrived in die Territory in 1866, traveling to Santa Fe with a bull train, bringing merchandise over the Santa Fé trail for Spiegelberg Brothers, of that city. He was in the employ of Spiegelberg Brothers until 1869, when he established a mercantile store at Seboyeta. In 1870 he took government contracts for Fort Apache and freighted from Seboyeta by bull trains. In 1873 he established a store at Bernalillo in partnership with his brother, Nathan Bibo, this relation being maintained until he sold out in 1892 to Joe Bibo.

Mr. Bibo opened the first road from Zuñi to Fort Apache. In 1880, when the railroad was built, he opened a store at Grants, which he continues to the present time, and in 1893 he established a branch store at Laguna. He now has large stores at Laguna, Grants and Seboyeta, and is thus closely associated with the mercantile interests of this section of the Territory. His brother. Solomon Bibo, established a store at Cubero in 1885 and in 1898 Simon Bibo purchased that store, but in 1904 sold it to Emil and Leopold Bibo. In connection with his extensive mercantile interests he is likewise interested in buying and selling sheep, lambs and wool. His political allegiance is given to the Republican Party.

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Source: History of New Mexico, Its Resources and People, Volume II, Pacific States Publishing Co., 1907.

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