Thomas McBride Colfax County, New Mexico

Thomas McBride, a retired rancher of Raton, New Mexico, is a native of the Emerald Isle. Born September 20, 1863, he passed his boyhood days in Ireland, and in 1880, at the age of seventeen, crossed the Atlantic, seeking a new home in America. After six months spent in New York, he came to New Mexico, where he has since lived, and where lie joined his two brothers. Patrick and John, who came to New Mexico in 1867. Two other brothers. James and Edward, came in 1876. All landed in this country practically without means and here found the opportunity they sought to make their way in the world.

Thomas soon found employment as a "cow puncher," saved his earnings and invested in sheep which he ranged in Union county, south of Clayton. In this he prospered until the winter of 1890-91, when his flock numbered 11,600. He was unfortunate, however, and in the spring he had left only 450 head of his large band of sheep. Afterward he sold out and engaged in the cattle business, in the canyon between Johnson's mesa and Barela mesa, near the Colorado state line, where he patented about 2,000 acres of land. He sold his cattle in the fall of 1904, and also disposed of 2,000 acres of land. Since then he has lived retired in Raton. Here he has built several houses and owns some valuable property.

While Mr. McBride has never taken any active part in politics or public affairs, he always keeps himself pretty well posted, and casts his franchise with the Republican Party. He was reared in the Catholic Church, and is a devoted member of the same. April 29, 1897, he married Miss Rose E. McArdle, a native of Mendota, Illinois. They have had two children, but have lost both by death.

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Source: History of New Mexico, Its Resources and People, Volume II, Pacific States Publishing Co., 1907.

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