James H. Tracy Luna County, New Mexico

James H. Tracy, well known in business circles in Deming, Luna County, was born in Baltimore, Maryland, August 10, 1850, and in 1872 went to Virginia, whence in 1874 he made his way to Texas. In 1880 he came to New Mexico, where he engaged in mining for four or five years. He had charge of Carroll Brothers' Silver Cave mining group and Pocahontas mines at the south end of the Florida Mountains and yielding lead and silver. They were discovered in 1880 and were worked up to 1885 as patented ground. Little work, however, was done from 1885 until 1904. Mr. Tracy has been with the firm of Carroll Brothers, in charge, since 1885. He is engaged in business in Deming, having been a partner of J. W. Hannigan since 1889.

Mr. Tracy has attained high rank in Masonry, belonging to the blue lodge, chapter and Commandery, being a charter member of the last named. He is also a member of the Mystic Shrine at Albuquerque.

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Source: History of New Mexico, Its Resources and People, Volume II, Pacific States Publishing Co., 1907.

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