W. D. Tipton Otero County, New Mexico

W. D. Tipton, a merchant of Tularosa, has resided in New Mexico since 1886. He was born in Jacksboro, Texas. On coming to New Mexico he settled in Las Vegas, where he resided for several years, but since 1891 has been engaged in merchandising in Tularosa and La Luz. He has been a successful grower of alfalfa, averaging one and a quarter tons to the acre at each cutting. There are four cuttings each year, so that there is a total average of five tons per acre.

Mr. Tipton is not only engaged in the successful management of his private business interests, but has also labored effectively and earnestly for the welfare of this section of the Territory. He is an active Republican, has served on the Territorial committee and has been chairman of the County central committee of his party. He is regarded as one of the leading citizens of Otero County and has labored earnestly to save to the people of Tularosa and vicinity their original water rights, of which the United States government, through the Indian agents has sought to, deprive them. His activity in public matters and his devotion to the general welfare have made him highly respected.

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Source: History of New Mexico, Its Resources and People, Volume II, Pacific States Publishing Co., 1907.

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