W. P. Turner Chaves County, New Mexico

W. P. Turner, one of the prominent business men of Roswell, came to this territory from Texas in October 1895, while in search of health, and took up his abode in Roswell. For the succeeding five years after his arrival he was engaged in agricultural pursuits, and on the expiration of that period, in 1900, he organized the firm of Williamson & Turner, real estate, fire and life insurance dealers. In 1904 the firm of Turner & Malone was organized, engaged in the same business. In 1905 was organized the Pecos Valley Immigration Company, with offices in Kansas City, and the members of this well-known company are: Turner & Malone. Roswell: Warren & Malone, Hagerman; John Richey & Sons, Artesia; Allison & Hancher, Carlsbad, and McLenathan & Tracy, also of Carlsbad. The officers of the company are: President, John Richey; vice-president, W. W. Warren; secretary and treasurer. W. P. Turner; and general manager, W. R. Allison.

This company has brought more immigrants to the valley than any other organization. It has about four hundred agents located over the United States from New York to California, and predicts great possibilities for the future of the Pecos Valley.

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Source: History of New Mexico, Its Resources and People, Volume II, Pacific States Publishing Co., 1907.

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