William D. Kershner Colfax County, New Mexico

William D. Kershner, interested in mining operations in the vicinity of Raton, where he makes his home, was born in Bond County, Illinois, and became a resident of this Territory in 1883. In the following year he secured a position of cow puncher on the Dorsey ranch, where he was employed until 1885.

He was working in the southern part of the Territory during the Apache Indian war and in 1887 returned to Raton. He made three trips over the old trail from Texas to Cheyenne, Wyoming, for the Ute Cattle Company and following his return took part in the fight at Stonewall, concerning the Maxwell land grant. In 1890 he entered the employ of the Maxwell Land Grant Company as special officer and deputy sheriff and was thus engaged until 1894 when, in connection with W. E. Hughes, he established a saloon in Raton, carrying on business for about eleven years, or until the fall of 1905, when he sold out.

He is now interested in mining on Red River. Mr. Kershner has a family of four children and belongs to Raton Lodge No. 815, B. P. O. E.

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Source: History of New Mexico, Its Resources and People, Volume II, Pacific States Publishing Co., 1907.

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