Fort Bayard National Cemetery
A Project by Janet Wasson
July 4, 2003
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 Fort Bayard, ten miles east of Silver City, began in 1866 when the 125th U.S. Colored Infantry established an encampment. The primary function of these, and subsequent troops, was to protect the settlers and miners of the area from Apache raids. Hundreds of "Buffalo Soldiers" fought with distinction from this place against the most notorious Apache war leaders, including Victorio, Nana, and Geronimo. One such soldier, Corporal Clinton Greaves, was the recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor for the saving of his men during a legendary battle. Fort Bayard was for a time, also the home of the one and only female Buffalo Soldier, Cathay Williams. The military cemetery of Fort Bayard also began in 1866, and was designated as a National Cemetery in 1976. The Fort ceased active duty in 1899, and was in the same year, transferred to the Army Medical Department as an Army General Hospital for the treatment and research of tuberculosis. During World War One there were as many as 1,700 patients at the hospital. In May of 1922, Fort Bayard came under the jurisdiction of the Veterans Administration, and then in 1966 was turned over to the state as a public nursing home.
In June of 1992, Fort Bayard was designated as a State Historical Place, and dedicated to the Buffalo Soldier; a bronze statue was placed in their honor on the silent parade grounds. This cemetery survey represents the first 100 years of the Fort Bayard cemetery from 1866 to 1966. 
Staff note: It took an enormous investment in time and work to complete this outstanding project. Other lists exist of this cemetery, but they are incomplete and contain obvious errors. Thank you from all of us,  Janet.   See Photos Here
Name                          Date of Birth       Date of Death       Service
Albaugh John William          1888                6/4/1921            PFC USA
Albita William S              ns                  2/23/1901           PVT 38TH US INF
Alexander James H             ns                  10/1/1906           SGT USA
Allen William E               ns                  9/25/1908           PVT HOSP CORP USA
Allen William P               1888                6/4/1921            PVT USA
Allerton Ernest A             ns                  7/25/1905           PVT 3RD US INF
Altman Clyde R                ns                  12/23/1960          UNKNOWN
Altman Mrs Clyde R            ns                  12/18/1918          DEPENDENT
Anderson Charles              ns                  1/22/1903           SEAMAN USN
Anderson John J               ns                  3/16/1909           SGT 96TH CAC
Anderson Johnie               11/20/1910          7/19/1963           CPL USAAF
Anderson Marion M             ns                  1/29/1917           PVT SIG CORPS
Anderson Merritt              9/3/1892            3/17/1947           PVT USA
Andrews William               ns                  6/26/1905           PVT 27TH US INF
Apodaca Manfor Lucero         3/21/1919           9/6/1944            CPL USA
Arlington Ernest              ns                  1/3/1907            PVT 22ND US INF
Arnholt Joseph A              ns                  7/25/1903           SGT CAS DET 28TH US INF
Arnold Una May                9/23/1897           3/13/1930           NURSE USA
Arzola Estanislado            3/27/1895           2/14/1964           PVT USA
Atkins Leonard                ns                  1/31/1916           CIVILIAN MUSN BAND 5TH CAV
Ayers George W                ns                  1/20/1917           SGT 13TH US INF
Bacon Patrick                 ns                  1/4/1886            PVT 8TH US CAV
Bail Arthur                   1/6/1879            3/4/1955            MAJOR USA
Bailey Charles                ns                  12/19/1914          PVT 10TH CAV
Bailey Lawrence               ns                  9/2/1876            UNKNOWN
Baker Bird                    ns                  8/21/1892           CPL 24TH US INF
Baker Herbert                 ns                  9/22/1917           PVT 13TH US INF
Baker Thomas                  ns                  5/10/1918           PVT 15TH US INF
Balder Emanuel                ns                  7/28/1871           PVT 15TH US INF
Baldwin Buster B              ns                  2/8/1908            PVT 25TH US INF
Ball Alonzo Lee               3/5/1889            11/5/1927           PVT USA
Ballentine Cyrus              ns                  2/5/1919            PVT USA
Bandle Edwin                  7/22/1889           6/19/1937           PVT USA
Bangert Lawrence C            2/8/1901            6/14/1958           WAGONER USA
Banker Albert L               ns                  5/29/1932           PVT USA
Bannon James Wallace          5/7/1861            1/16/1927           DEPENDENT
Barden Florence               ns                  7/3/1906            SGT 19TH US INF
Bardison George               ns                  5/15/1902           EX PVT 10TH US CAV
Barker John Edwin             2/28/1896           1/11/1948           SGT USA
Barr Wilson R                 ns                  7/18/1919           2ND US INF
Barron John                   ns                  1/6/1909            PVT 49TH CAC
Bartlett Squires              ns                  9/27/1877           PVT 9TH US CAV
Bassil John                   ns                  11/6/1909           CPL 15TH US INF
Bates James                   ns                  6/8/1918            SGT 54TH US INF
Baxter David H                ns                  1/12/1907           LATE PVT 15TH US INF
Baxter James M                ns                  3/2/1908            PVT 49TH CAC
Bealin William E              ns                  8/28/1919           27TH US INF
Beam William H                ns                  2/28/1911           PVT HOSP CORPS USA
Beaver Roy L                  ns                  7/16/1904           PVT 8TH US CAV
Belknap Joseph Claudious      3/6/1876            1/31/1938           PVT USA
Beer John                     ns                  5/11/1869           PVT USA
Beer, Roy Henry               2/20/1896           6/29/1927           SGT USCG
Behrens John H                ns                  7/29/1911           SIG  CORPS
Bencomo Anastacio R           1/22/1896           1/21/1963           PVT USA
Bencomo Pedro Braun           9/17/1908           4/19/1965           SSGT USA
Benfer Earl L                 12/30/1891          6/2/1964            PFC USA
Benigh George W               ns                  8/27/1917           PVT 2ND US INF
Bergendahl Emil               ns                  3/15/1909           PVT 13TH US CAV
Bernshoff Oswald              ns                  1/15/1919           CIV EMPLOYEE
Berrigan William              ns                  4/7/1914            3RD US ART
Berry Benjamin                ns                  2/2/1906            SGT USA
Berry Charles                 ns                  8/31/1906           TEAMSTER QMD
Berry Charles F               6/17/1891           10/3/1937           SGT USA
Bettis James                  ns                  10/3/1877           CPL 9TH US CAV
Beumer Fred                   ns                  7/3/1916            SGT 17TH US INF
Beyer Alfred C                1/10/1909           12/20/1958          PVT 1ST US INF
Bigga Thurston C              ns                  3/31/1918           SGT 5TH CAC
Billings Doc                  6/15/1878           5/24/1959           PVT USA
Bird James                    ns                  4/7/1898            QM SGT 15TH US INF
Blacksher Jessie              1/18/1895           5/14/1937           PVT USA
Blair S E                     ns                  6/20/1884           CIV TEAMSTER QMD
Blake Lemuel A                ns                  1/10/1912           PVT 1ST FIELD ART
Blake William V               ns                  1/3/1901            PVT 19TH US INF
Blanchette Charles L          ns                  3/31/1918           SGT SIGNAL CORPS
Bledsoe George W              1/1/1873            4/21/1949           PFC USA
Borenstein Jack               9/22/1890           9/19/1964           PFC 126TH FIELD ART
Boughen Joseph E              ns                  5/23/1904           SGT 4TH US INF
Bourassa Eugene               ns                  5/22/1913           PVT 16TH US INF
Bower Esta Irene Lamb         9/19/1902           5/4/1960            DEPENDENT
Bowman Alonzo                 6/15/1848           10/4/1885           SGT 6TH US CAV-CMA
Bowman James Gordon           7/15/1881           5/28/1954           SGT USA
Boyd David H                  ns                  10/10/1866          SGT 3RD US CAV
Boyd Hampton                  ns                  6/2/1906            PVT 24TH US INF
Boyd Thomas W                 ns                  3/31/1895           PVT 24TH US INF
Boyer George W                ns                  6/22/1894           PVT 24TH US INF
Boyer Henry J                 ns                  10/20/1926          PVT USA
Boyle Thomas                  ns                  11/28/1901          PVT USA
Boyne William J               ns                  6/14/1914           LATE PVT 19TH US INF
Bradshaw Leonard              ns                  12/20/1913          PVT CAC
Brady Pearl                   ns                  3/3/1913            DEPENDENT
Brickey Henry C               ns                  7/17/1915            PVT GSI
Brilsy James A                ns                  4/26/1918           BUGLER CAC
Brindley Warren T             3/12/1916           8/29/1956           PVT USA
Briscoe Charles S             12/28/1886          12/27/1963          CPT USA
Briton Charles H              ns                  3/20/1871           PVT 37TH US INF
Broderick William             ns                  2/2/1909            PVT CAC
Brooks James A                3/30/1875           5/5/1938            PVT USA
Brooks Raymond E              9/20/1894           6/30/1964           PFC USA
Brooks William T              12/20/1877          12/15/1937          PVT USA
Brown Arthur                  7/5/1888            4/26/1965           PVT USA
Brown Charles Albert          10/7/1890           2/1/1949            CPL USA
Brown Creed                   ns                  3/20/1893           PVT 24TH US INF
Brown Everett T               2/8/1923            10/9/1946           TEC 5 USA
Brown Henry R                 9/16/1877           3/31/1955           1ST SGT USA
Brown Patrick U               ns                  5/15/1919           15TH CAV
Brown Thomas                  ns                  1/20/1909           SGT SIGNAL CORPS
Brummell Truman L             11/30/1893          8/5/1948            WAGONER USA
Buchanan William C            6/29/1888           11/8/1964           PVT USA
Bunte Mary B                  ns                  10/12/1917          DEPENDENT
Burdess Robert G              6/7/1900            5/17/1947           PFC USA
Burdette Charles              5/11/1894           12/12/1963          PVT USA
Burke Barney                  ns                  3/20/1885           PVT 6TH US CAV
Burton Robert H               ns                  5/18/1902           PVT 3RD US INF
Bush Elizabeth                ns                  10/19/1913          CIVILIAN
Buzzell Edgar L               ns                  12/17/1889          PVT USA
Callaghan John                ns                  5/27/1869           PVT 3RD US CAV
Cameron Daniel Joseph         ns                  8/5/1887            PVT USA
Campbell Daniel Joseph        9/22/1896           8/27/1941           PVT USA
Campbell Frank F              ns                  10/22/1915          CIVILIAN
Campbell James J              3/28/1852           2/28/1927           USA
Campbell William H            ns                  7/14/1906           PVT 4TH US INF
Candelaria Louis              1890                8/4/1921            PVT USA
Carmody Philip                ns                  4/4/1919            139TH CAC
Carney Phillip A              ns                  5/23/1901           PVT 6TH US ART
Carpenter Emerson             ns                  6/5/1912            PVT 1ST US INF
Carr Robert E                 11/12/1889          7/13/1955           PVT USA
Carroll James                 ns                  9/18/1915           PVT 9TH INF BSH
Carson Charels E              ns                  7/30/1911           23RD INF
Carter Dick                   ns                  8/25/1910           SGT 6TH US INF
Carter Earnest                ns                  7/18/1905           PVT USA
Carter Frank                  ns                  5/16/1913           PVT 25TH US INF
Carter Harry G                ns                  9/30/1906           PVT 22ND US INF
Carter Sid                    6/1/1886            6/2/1927            PVT USA
Cartner Thomas Harvey         5/5/1894            6/18/1937           PVT USA
Cartwright Milo W             ns                  7/23/1908           CORPL 30TH US INF
Casey James E                 ns                  7/31/1901           PVT 7TH US CAV
Castle John F                 ns                  3/1/1918            PVT QMC
Cathey Walter Virgil          6/12/1903           1/29/1963           TEC 5 USA
Caughlaw Alfred J             ns                  10/10/1900          PVT 3RD US CAV
Cavender Joseph F             ns                  4/4/1918            PVT 8TH FLD ART
Chaim Eugene                  ns                  9/23/1917           PVT 25TH US INF
Chamberlain Frank             ns                  11/25/1885          PVT 6TH US CAV
Chambers Patrick J            ns                  5/4/1909            PVT 3RD US CAV
Chapman James E               10/6/1884           11/2/1954           PVT USA
Chase Levi                    ns                  5/16/1905           CPL 9TH US CAV
Chatman William               ns                  3/30/1912           QM SGT USA
Chavez Carlos                 7/8/1890            5/19/1955           PVT USA
Chavez Celestino              10/15/1895          9/10/1940           PVT USA
Checkas Peter                 12/24/1895          4/4/1922            PVT USA
 Cherry Robert                ns                  11/10/1913          PVT 58TH CAC
Chester Stanley               ns                  3/19/1891           PVT 10TH US CAV
Childers Elmer                1897                3/3/1933            SEAMAN 1ST CL USN
Childes Buck                  1862                1922-May            DEPENDENT
Childs Maynard                ns                  5/6/1904            LTE PVT HOSP CORP USA
Chute Clarence A              ns                  7/4/1903            LTE PVT 4TH US CAV
Cillen John                   ns                  4/4/1906            SGT 30TH US INF
Clark Cornelius               ns                  5/6/1907            CORPL 9TH US CAV
Clark Fred Adelbert           3/8/1893            8/17/1938           PVT USA
Clark J                       ns                  11/28/1903          SEAMAN USN
Clark John Henry              7/4/1866            11/3/1943           ELECtrICIAN USN
Clark Richard                 ns                  11/5/1918           PVT 388TH INF
Clay Matthew G                ns                  12/19/1916          PVT 9TH US CAV
Clements Charles F                                7//11/1915          BSH PVT 24TH INF
Cobb James H                  1880                5/17/1920           SGT 2ND ENGRS
Coleman James J               ns                  8/29/1914           CIVILIAN
Collins Thomas Joseph         4/18/1925           10/13/1965          PEC USMC
Conklin William Henry Joseph  9/22/1879           7/24/1940           PVT USA
Connell Daniel                ns                  2/11/1880           PVT US INF
Connell James R               ns                  9/27/1902           PVT 11TH US INF
Connell John                  ns                  6/13/1910           4TH US ART
Connelly Frank J              ns                  2/19/1940           MStr SGT 60TH US INF
Conroy Thomas E               ns                  4/5/1905            PVT 13TH US CAV
Conway James F                ns                  1/20/1934           1ST SGT 17TH IND FA
Conway Vincent                ns                  12/10/1919          3RD ENGRS
Cook Colby J                  ns                  11/26/1908          PVT 3RD US INF
Cook Robert                   ns                  10/10/1901          PVT USA
Cook Thomas A                 ns                  4/1/1913            PVT 2ND US CAV
Coolley Johana Clara          6/2/1902            6/3/1918            DEPENDENT
Coons Frank                   ns                  10/25/1902          PVT USA
Cooper Oliver C               11/16/1891          10/16/1946          PVT USA
Corrigan William              ns                  9/7/1902            PVT 30TH US INF
Coughlin Alfred J             ns                  10/10/1900          PVT 5TH US INF
Cowan Beverly                 ns                  3/6/1906            CIVILIAN
Cowan Jesse C                 1/6/1890            4/2/1949            SGT 11TH BN DEPOT BRIG
Cowan Robert A                3/18/1896           2/22/1943           PVT USA
Cox Irvin                     ns                  4/4/1913            PVT 12 US INF
Crampton William J            ns                  5/29/1907           QMD
Crawford Herbert P            7/16/1900           4/9/1937            PVT USA
Crawford Jim                  ns                  7/17/1911           12TH US CAV
Cregan William B              ns                  5/2/1900            PVT 1ST US INF
Creighton Peter Jr            ns                  8/27/1903           PVT 6TH US CAV
Crisp John Richard            10/8/1890           5/14/1945           PVT USA
Crofford Samuel F             ns                  5/11/1905           PVT 7TH US CAV
Crompton William              ns                  5/29/1907           QMD
Croom Mills B                 ns                  12/24/1894          PVT 24TH US INF
Crosby John                   ns                  10/17/1906          QMD
Crousen George                ns                  1/14/1900           CIV TMStr QMD
Crowley Martin                ns                  6/28/1906           PVT 21ST US INF
Cuff Joseph Anthony           4/16/1871           9/11/1938           PVT USA
Cummings John Paul            4/20/1897           4/13/1943           PFC USA
Cunningham George             ns                  1/29/1905           PVT 10TH US CAV
Curran John                   ns                  2/18/1902           PVT 20TH US INF
Curtin William                ns                  7/31/1914           LATE PVT SIG CORPS
Curtis Fred E                 ns                  1/17/1910           CORPL 2ND BN ENGRS
Curtis James                  ns                  2/2/1909            EX PVT 116TH CAC
Cutright Charles M            ns                  11/8/1911           SGT 6TH US INF
Cutsubes Peter Demetris       4/5/1887            4/13/1943           PVT USA
Cutter Donald E               2/20/1908           8/9/1964            SGT USA
Dady Silas R                  ns                  6/14/1918           MUSICIAN 1ST AND 2ND INF
Dahlberg Adrian C             ns                  2/19/1912           US CAV
Dalton John                   ns                  12/3/1914           PVT 20TH US INF
Dalton John W                 ns                  11/2/1910           PVT 73RD CAC
Daniel Irwin S                ns                  3/25/1900           SGT SIG CORP USA
Dansby Jesse                  4/21/1896           6/29/1949           MEC USA
Daugherty James               ns                  12/17/1903          SGT USFA
Davis Archibald               7/30/1870           9/24/1940           PVT USA
Davis Clarence A              ns                  1/13/1915           CORPL
Davis Jeff                    ns                  4/6/1901            PVT 48TH US INF
Davis Joseph E                ns                  5/14/1915           PVT 5TH US CAV
Davis Lemuel                  1890                10/30/1923          PFC USA
Davis Richard                 ns                  7/1/1888            CORPL 24TH US INF
Davis Roxy C                  11/12/1929          5/7/1965            DEPENDENT
Davis William Harvey          8/18/1897           10/6/1924           PFC USA
Dawson John W                 ns                  1/19/1911           PVT 24TH US INF
Day Samuel J                  ns                  5/6/1904            EX PVT 3RD US INF
DeGhetto Emill S              1890                6/9/1922            CHF MECH USA
DeGroodt Seth W               12/31/1880          4/4/1949            SGT USA
DeLeon James W                ns                  11/14/1906          PVT 20TH US INF
Dearing Jerry B               10/8/1896           5/7/1964            PVT USA
Delamar Thomas M              ns                  4/30/1913           PVT HOSP CORP 15TH US CAV
Dempsey Charles Warren        5/16/1877           12/14/1945          PVT USA
Dendy Thomas W                3/20/1891           10/16/1964          PVT USA
Derchild Joseph               ns                  6/13/1879           PVT 9TH US CAV
Derr Harry M                  ns                  7/6/1915            PVT 12TH US INF
Derrick Samuel                ns                  1/15/1892           SGT 24TH US INF
Devine John                   ns                  8/10/1915           PVT 5TH US INF
Dickerson Cras S              ns                  10/14/1907          PVT US INF
Dickson William A             ns                  11/18/1914          PVT 5TH US CAV
Dietzen Joseph                ns                  3/12/1913           PVT 161ST CAC
Dinahan Richard M             ns                  1/19/1905           SGT HOSP CORP USA
Dixon Ralph B                 4/21/1896           12/2/1948           SGT USA
Dolbier Jesse                 ns                  4/30/1909           USA
Donaghue Thomas               ns                  11/2/1880           TEL OPR
Donahey Thomas Sylvester      3/9/1887            1/24/1927           PVT USA
Donnally A J                  ns                  8/31/1886           CIVILIAN PACKER
Donovan William J             ns                  3/31/1917           SGT 1ST CAC
Dougherty James               ns                  12/17/1903          EX SGT 28TH BATT USFA
Duffin James Vincent          9/16/1892           9/22/1924           ENSIGN USN
Dugan Andrew                  ns                  3/21/1907           PVT 14TH US INF
Dugan John S                  ns                  9/7/1900            SGT 7TH US ART
Duggan Philip                 ns                  3/25/1871           PVT 8TH US CAV
Dunham John                   ns                  11/21/1876          CIVILIAN
Dunlap John H                 ns                  4/11/1907           PVT USA
Durant Abel B                 ns                  2/20/1904           HOSP STWD 1ST US CAV
Dutton Laffayette             ns                  2/10/1915           PVT 1ST US INF
Eads Norman                   ns                  8/11/1889           SGT 10TH US CAV
Eagan William L               ns                  6/6/1906            EX PVT 23RD US INF
Eastman Charles H             ns                  9/11/1903           SEAMAN USN
Eblen Myrtle                  2/8/1898            3/24/1921           DEPENDENT
Eckert Charlie A              9/13/1885           8/6/1941            WAGONER USA
Edwards Charles               ns                  4/5/1913            PVT 9TH US CAV
Edwards John                  ns                  1/23/1902           PVT 24TH US INF
Eggars James M                ns                  4/13/1905           PVT 21ST CAC
Ellerstorfer James            ns                  6/9/1929            USA
Elliott Lillian A             ns                  12/28/1911          DEPENDENT
Elliott Robert W              ns                  8/8/1914            CIVILIAN
Ellis Robert                  ns                  3/23/1893           PVT 24TH US INF
Ellis Seth L                  9/3/1889            7/10/1922           PVT USA
Ellmore Hubert                ns                  12/26/1902          PVT 9TH US INF
Emerson Calvin                9/25/1886           6/3/1964            PVT USA
Emerson Nelson Nathaniel      12/16/1865          12/16/1943          PVT USA
Eneney Owen                   ns                  9/12/1903           COXSWAIN USN
Enriquez Rafael C             10/14/1902          5/12/1965           PVT USA
Eppes Clinton J               ns                  2/12/1914           PVT 124TH CAC
Escobar Luis Sr               ns                  4/26/1950           PVT USA
Esser Joseph                  ns                  12/5/1906           BAND 10TH US INF
Evans Charles C               ns                  7/2/1907            SGT QM USA
Evans Clarence E              ns                  10/18/1918          PVT MED DEPT
Evans Elijah                  ns                  6/20/1903           PVT 10TH US CAV
Evans James F                 ns                  9/7/1908            PVT 21ST US INF
Evans John                    7/7/1887            12/17/1945          PVT USA
Everett Infant                ns                  3/26/1919           DEPENDENT
Eves Charles W                ns                  4/25/1912           CORPL 23RD US INF
Ewing Ernest R                ns                  5/24/1895           DEPENDENT
Eyler Robert Chivers          4/12/1897           6/28/1936           PVT USA
Eymann Henry S                ns                  1/19/1905           FARRIER 2ND US CAV