Lincoln County New Mexico
10,000 Vital Statistics
Births and Deaths
Index page Typed by Janet A. Barnum
Compiled by C. W. Barnum, a Lincoln County Citizen 1946 to 1962
Format by Charles Barnum 2005-2008

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Jake Springs Ranch = private land, Ayers Ranch
Lesley Ranch = private land
Linsey Ranch = private land
Newspaper = notice from early newspaper microfilm
O. L. Guadalupe = abbreviation for Our Lady of Guadalupe Cemetery
Silva and Peralta = cemetery 5 miles NW of Nogal
Pfingston Ranch Graves = Lincoln, private land
RB = Ranch burial
SDR = Selected Death records website = offline,now refers to NM AHGP
Tecolote = Railroad siding area, one or more burials
White Oaks = Cedarvale Cemetery, and area ranch burials

Cemeteries: (some have more than one name)
Aldaz = Lincoln, family cemetery
Ancho = Ancho, semipublic cemetery
Angus = Angus Public cemetery
Arabella = Arabella Public cemetery
Baca = Lincoln, family cemetery
Bragg Flats = possibly same as Jicarilla Cemetery
Campo Santo = Lincoln, family cemetery
Capitan = Capitan public cemetery
Casey = Picacho, family cemetery
Cedarvale = White Oaks Historical Cemetery
Copeland = Family Cemetery
Dockray = North of Capitan
Encinoso = Encinoso, private land
Escondido = Arabella, private land Evergreen = Carrizozo Public
Forest Lawn = Ruidoso Public Fort Stanton = Fort Stanton, private land
Frank Coe = Glencoe, Family Cemetery Fritz = Hondo, family cemetery
George Coe = Glencoe Family Cemetery
Gonzalas = Hondo Public
Griego = Lincoln, private land
Hale = Ruidoso Down Public
Hondo = Public Cemetery
Jicarilla = Jicarilla, ranch cemetery
Lincoln = Lincoln Public
Merchant Martine & Military Memorial = Fort Stanton National
Nogal = Nogal Public
Our Lady of Guadalupe = Carrizozo St. Rita Catholic Church
Picacho = Picacho Public
Pioneer = Little Creek, public cemetery
Richardson = Richardson Ranch, private land
San Patricio = San Patricio Public
San Ysidro = Glenco
Spindle = Spindle Public
St. Jude Thaddeus = San Patricio Public
St. Teresa Catholic Church = Corona Public
Tecolote = Railroad siding area, single grave?
Tinnie = Tinnie Public
We request to receive a copy of all Bible records in Lincoln County of family data. Please contact us.  We'd also like to have a list of all ranch burials. Please contact us if you know of any such burials or data. Note: All known death records are included here at the time we compiled this list in 2001 Many more names have been discovered in new cemetery listings. See Cemeteries Page for that list. of  Duplicate records from different sources also were presented. Some records are in error. Many names are shown to be buried in the Carrizozo Cemeteries when they were actually buried on private, ranch land, or in a few cases, remains were transferred to other states. Use this file as a first guide, not as an authority. Also, these cemeteries have different names. In general, we used cemetery names listed in the book, A Graveside Directory if Cemeteries in Lincoln County by Alice Blakestad (deceased), a Lincoln County Historical Society publication. That book contains detailed data, while this internet presentation contains several thousand additional stats. If any person knows of more burials, please share that with us. Use judgment before relying on any dates. 1 January 1888 and 1 January 1988 may both be shown here as 1/1/88.  Credits and sources in no particular order: (10,787 actual entries.)
The LDS Family History Center has a microfilm of New Mexico Cemetery Records, Chaves and Lincoln Counties, by Mrs. Robert Irwin Corn (LDS No 0860341).The Cemeteries were recorded in 1956-1957 by the Roswell Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.
FHL US/CAN Film 1991645; FHL US/CAN Film 1991646.
Jim Alston, C. W. Barnum, Janet Barnum, Alice Blakestad, Willie Kelt Bilbo, Barbara Branum, Mrs. Robert Irwin Corn's cemetery collection, Leon Eggleston, Cpt. Felix O. Gonzales Jr., Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Greer. Roy Harman, Sara S. Jackson, Ernie Jaskolski, Jerry Kicks,  Robert Leslie, Ann Mossman, Raphael Salas, Ernest V. Schaerer, Sandra Templeton, June Tyree, Sheila Ventura, Annette Wasno, Michelle White, Linda Zumwalt.
A Graveside Directory if Cemeteries in Lincoln County by Alice Blakestad, a Lincoln County Historical Society Publication. (Sources of data mentioned therein: Rosemary Sisneros; Cpt. Felix O. Gonzales Jr.; E. Victor Schaerer; Brenda Zumwalt; Sheila Ventura; Clerk-Treasurer, Village of Corona.)
Forest Lawn Cemetery records, by Raphael Salas via Jim Alston. 
Newspapers in Lincoln County 1880 to present.
Social Security Death Index; and official NM death records on microfilm.
Lincoln County
 birth records, 18 Feb 1876 to 6 Dec 1895, FHC microfilm 1992056 
The Kelley Funeral Home records.
Earlier mortuary records. 2005/2008.

For more names, view individual Cemeteries.