Mt. View Cemetery
Mt. View Cemetery with other Luna County Burials and Deaths
Some names listed in this study may have been moved to other counties or states

Also known as Deming East Cemetery
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Abalos through Dymek

Earhart through Myers

Nabors through Zuniga 

Selected Epitaphs

This work is based on the Mahoney Mortuary records, some Social Security records, private notes, and data from county death records. Most of the following were burials in Mt. View Cemetery in Deming, NM. Other burials were in Columbus, NM in the southern most part of the county. Others were in Palomas, Mexico. Many were buried on ranch land such as Nunn Ranch, Victorio Cemetery on Victorio Ranch, and to a small cemetery 3.5 miles north of Deming. Many cremated ashes were scattered over the Florida Mountains, a small group of peaks rising out of the plains. Several burials took place in Faywood Cemetery just over the county line in Grant County. Others rest in Carroll Cemetery. Some burials took place in Cooks Canyon known also as Ft. Cummings. Others were Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery, Deming West. Another Cemetery was Lewis Cemetery In Florida Gap. If any person has a list of all burial places, small cemeteries, and ranches where burials took place, please me know. Our thanks to all researchers who sent us data for this project. We urge any one who lives in Luna County to visit one or all of these cemeteries and record the new data. We will present all cemetery and burials on this web site. We accept hand written recording, but a typed record is best. This project was completed by the Janet Wasson and other volunteers.

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