Taos County Obituaries 1968
Compiled by Alberto Vidaurre
August 5, 2010
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Following are the obituaries as found in the 1968 News paper the Taos News.
The format used is: Name, Age, Residence, Cause of death, Place of Death, Survivors, Publication date and Page number.

1- John A. Karavas Age 76, died Dec 8, 1967. Drowned while fishing at Guayamas, Mexico. Survivors: Daughter Mary Dolas and husband Gus Dolas; Sisters Chrisanthy Milona and Maria Agrrion; Nephew Saki karavas and his mother Noula Karavas. Jan 4, 1968, A 5.

2- Alejandro A. Martinez Age 83 Died Dec 24, 1967. Died at home in La Lomita. Survivors: Wife Elivera Martinez, Sons Feliberto, Alejandro, Leroy, Jose, and Felix Martinez; Daughters Trinidad Padilla, Ascencion Padilla, Susana Lopez and Mrs. Ignacio Duran. Jan 4, 1968, A 10.

3- Maria Silvera Sanchez 75 Resident of Taos. Died Dec 29, 1968 At Holy Cross Hospital, Taos, NM. Survivors: Sons Toby and Joseph Sanchez; Daughter Mary Trujillo, Agustina Cisneros, Mary Casias, Emma Trujillo, Alice Romero and Margaret Martinez; Brothers Herman and Cirilio Trujillo; Sisters Cecilia Atencio, Fedelina Madrid and Angelita Newton. Jan 11, 1968, 6.

4- J. Gaspar Rivera (No age or date of death listed) Native of Capulin, Colo. Died Albuquerque, NM. Survivors are his Wife Maria Gonzales de Rivera, Daughter of Enrique Gonzalez (1st Mayor Town of Taos) and Mrs. Eliza Salazar. Sons Antonio, Henry and Ralph Rivera; Daughters Victoria Poteat, J. Cecilia Gonzales and Sylvia Narviz. Jan 11, 1968, 6.

5- Maximiliano Valerio Age 77 Resident of Ranchos de Taos, Died Dec 29, 1968 at Holy Cross Hospital, Taos, NM. Survivors includes his Wife Jesusita R. Valerio; Sons Juan I. , Alfredo, and Emilio Valerio; Daughters Regina Velarde and Rosa Martinez; Brothers Inocencio, Trinidad, Blas and Eloy Valerio. Jan 11, 1968, 6.

6- Manuel Ortiz Age 2 months, Of Arroyo Seco, NM, Son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ortiz. Died Jan 2, 1968 at Eagles Nest, NM. Survivors are his Parents, Brother Movice Ortiz and Grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Amalio Ortiz and Mrs. Melcor Duran. Jan 11, 1968, 6.

7- Esquipula Martinez Age 64, Of Chamisal, NM, Died Jan 9, 1968 at Las Vegas, NM. Survivors include his wife Veronica Martinez; Sons Jose, Alfredo, Armando and Henry Martinez; Daughters Isabel Maes, Carolina Martinez and Helen Martinez; Sisters Irene Mascarenas and Rosa Dominguez. Jan 18, 1968, 3.

8- Genoveba A. Perez Age 76, resident of Valdez, NM, Died Dec 27, 1967 en El Hospital Presbiteriano Del Embudo, NM. Surving is son Fernando Perez; Daughters Mrs. Darrell Leslie and Mrs. Macia Romero; Sister Agapita Martinez; Brothers Eloy and Max Alires. Jan 18, 1968, 10.

9- Antonio R. Duran Age 10 resident of Ranchos de Taos, NM. Son of Mr and Mrs Juan I. Duran, Died Last Week (No Date listed) When his sled and a vehicle collided. Jan 25, 1968, 10.

10- Luis Teodoro Carrillo Age 53, resident of Taos, NM, Died Jan 5, 1968 in The Veterans Hospital, Martinez, Calif. Surviving him is his wife Celina A. Carillos; Sons Leroy and Roger Carrillos; Sisters Dora Medina and Virginia Duran; Brother J. B. Carillos. Jan 25, 1968. 10.

11- Spec 4th Jimmy Martinez Age 21, resident of Chamisal, NM. Killed in Combat in the Republic of Viet Nam Jan 24, 1968. Survivos include his mother Mrs. Chonita Martinez, Brothers Juan and Filadelfio Martinez; Sisters Nancy Dominguez, Florence Salazar, Elsie Castonieda, Rose Yolanda Martinez and Valorie Martinez. Jan 10, 1968 and Feb 1, 1968 A 3.

12- Jose Eugenio Medina Age 67, Resident of Taos, Died Jan 27, 1968 at Holy Cross Hospital, Taos, NM. Survivors include his wife Casandra Medina; Sons Joe and Eugene Medina and Benjamin Lowe. Daughter Mary Gurule ; Brother Juanito Medina. Feb 1, 1968 A 2.

13- Celso Torres Age 75, resident of Talpa, NM. Died Jan 23, 1968 at Holy Cross Hospital Taos, NM. He is survived by his wife Eralia Torres; Sons Anselmo, Lauriano, Joe A. and Reymundo Torres; Daughters Victoria Duran and Pablita Gabaldon; Sister Raquel Tafoya.

14- Monica Rae Medina Age 2 years. Child of Mr. and Mrs. Andy Medina of Leadville, Colo and Penasco, NM. Died 25 January 1968 in Leadville, Colo. Feb 1, 1968 A 3.

15- Marine Lance Corporal Andrew Coca, Age 21, resident of Canon, NM. A Scout with the Third Marine Division, died Jan 14, 1968 in the Danang station Hospital, he was wounded in the vicinity of Quang Tri Province, Viet Nam. He is survived by his parents Mr. and Mrs. Melauiades Coca, 7 sisters and 5 brother (not named in the obituary). Jan 25, 1968 2.

16- Manuelita A. Lopez Age 82, resident of Las Trampas, NM. Died Jan 27, 1968 at the Presbyterian Hospital Embudo, NM. She is survived by her husband Telesfor Lopez; Son Jose I. Lopez; Daughter Clara lopez and brother Porforio Arellano.

17- Margaret (Mrs. Floyd) Beutler born in Taos Feb 6, 1903. Died Feb 5, 1968 at Holy Cross Hospital Taos, NM. Daughter of Taos Art Colony Co-founder Bert G. Phillips, niece of famed pioneer Taos physican Dr. T. P. Martin. She was the widow of well known Taos Lawyer Floyd Beutler. She is survived by son William J; Brother Ralph J. Phillips; Grand daughters Susan, Florence and Margaret Beutler. Feb 8, 1968 .

18- PFC John L. Baca Age 23, resident of Ranchitos. Killed in action Feb 4, 1968 in the Quang Tri Province, South Viet Nam. Came under heavy mortar attack while on patrol. He is the 8th Taos County resident to die in the Viet Nam war. His is survived by his parents Mr. and Mrs. Juan Lorenzo Baca; 4 brothers and 4 sisters. The only brother named in the obituary is Alfonso Baca. Feb 22, 1968 1.

19- Mercedes O. Hernandez Age 81, died in an Albuquerque hospital. Madre de Ramon Hernandez, Cantor y guitarrista professional. No other information listed. Feb 8, 1968.

20- Delfino Arellano Age 79, resident of Amalia, NM. Died in La Jara, Colo Feb 5, 1968. Was a Veteran of World War I. He is survived by sons Levi and Salvador Arellano; Daughters Celia Garcia and Teresita Torres. Feb 27, 1968 A 6.

21- Maria D. Lopez Age 19, resident of Penasco, NM. Students at Highlands University died as a result of a motor vehicle accident in Las Vegas, NM. Feb 9, 1968. Survived by her parents Mr. and Mrs. Estevan Lopez ; Brothers Jose, Estevan and Gabriel Lopez by sister Leonora Lopez and grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Juan Rodriguez. Feb 22, 1968 B 2 and July 25, 1968 A 7.

22- Epifanio Romero Age 86, resident of Ranchos de Taos, NM. Died in a motor vehicle accident Feb 13, 1968 in Red Cliff, Colo. He is survived by sons Pancracio, Julian, Jose dela Luz, Higino and Tomas E. Romero; Daughters Eutilia Torres, Trinnie Oakley, Socorro Romero, Josephine Gonzales, Elba Lucero and Susana Correa; Brother Juan B. Romero and sisters Tomasita Valerio and Celestina Leyba. Feb 22, 1968 B 2.

23- Jose Elionor Herrera Age 58, resident of Upper Ranchitos, NM. Died Feb 10, 1968 at Holy Cross Hospital Taos, NM. He is survived by his sons Alex, Roger O. and Danny Herrera; Daughters Mrs. Ernest Medina, Mrs. Max Cardenas, Mrs. Jack Blederman, Miss Patricia Herrera, Mrs. Roselyn Rael, Mrs. Gilbert Sanchez and Miss Irene Herrera; Brothers Juan Manuel and Silviano Trujillo. Feb 22, 1968 B 2 and March 14, 1968 3.

24- Beatrice Vigil Age 59, resident of Questa, NM. Died at the Presbyterian Hospital Embudo, NM. Feb 10, 1968. She is survived by her husband Juan A, Vigil; Son Moises Vigil and daughter Mrs. Eloy Rael; Brothers Jose Andres Cordova and Jose Adel Cordova; Sisters Mrs. Lionardo Vigil and Mrs. Miguel Vigil. Feb 22, 1968 B 2.

25- John W. Ligon Age 54, resident of Taos, NM died at home of a heart attack Feb 16, 1968. He was the former manager of the Kachina lodge. Survivors include his wife Mrs. Ligon; Daughter Elizabeth Ligon. Burial at Dayton, Iowa.

26-Vicente F. Tafoya Age 81, resident of Taos, NM. Died at Holy Cross Hospital Feb 14, 1968. He is survived by 2 daughter Mrs. Frank Vallejos and Mrs. Zacarias Martinez. Feb 29, 1968 B 9.

27- Paul Pat Flores Age 35, resident of Taos, Korean war veteran. Died in a motor vehicle accident Nov 21, 1968. He is survived by his parents Pablo and Delia Flores; Wife Emma F. Flores (daughter of Columbus Ferguson) ; Sons Gregory and Eric Allen Flores; Sister Mary Ann Flores; Brother George Flores and grandfather J. Rufino Trujillo.

28- Leroy Maestas Age 21 resident of Ranchos de Taos, NM. Died in a vehicle accident between a motorcycle and a dump truck Saturday, March 1, 1968. He is survived by his parents Mr. and Mrs. Albert Maestas; Sisters Mrs. Marcia Harris, Mrs. Margie Gallegos, Mrs. Marlou Lucero and Miss Terry Maestas; Brothers Fares and Ben Maestas. March 7, 1968 4 and March 21, 1968 2.

29- Bersabe M. Rodriguez Age 64, resident of Llano de San Juan, NM. Died 24 Feb 1968 at St. Vincent Hospital Santa Fe NM. She had been a teacher in the Penasco, NM school system for many years. Survived by her husband Onofre Rodriguez;Sons Albert and Nobert Rodriguez; Daughters Frances and Precilla Lopez; Grandchildren Precilla and Charles Rodriguez and Dolores Lopez; Sister Teresita Fernandez.

30- Tomasita Romero de Valerio Age 84, resident of Ranchos de Taos, NM. Died March 12, 1968. Survivors include Grand daughter Aurora Montoya; adopted daughters Mrs. Pablo Mondragon and Mrs. Thomas Oakley; Brother Juan B. Romero; Sister Mrs. Alberto Leyba. March 14, 1968 3 and 7.

31- Elfigo Martinez Age 68, resident of Ranchos de Taos, NM. Died Feb 28, 1968 at Rock Springs, Wyo. Survivors are her daughters Mrs. Arthur Coca, Mrs. Rufina Espinosa, and Mrs. Jerry Duran; Son Nick Martinez; Brother David Martinez; Sisters Josefita Sandoval and Mrs. Amanda Sanchez. March 15, 1968 7.

32-Cordilla Martinez Age 38 of Santa Fe and Taos, NM Died March 3, 1968 in Santa Fe, NM. She is survived by her husband Eloy Martinez; Sons Leonard and Larry Martinez; Daughter Shirley Martinez; Sisters Pita Romero, Rosita Martinez and Elidia Gallegos; Brother Gilbert Crus and Father and Mother-in-law Mr. and Mrs. David Martinez. March 14, 1968 7.

33- Michael Cortez 3 days old of Ranchos de Taos, NM died in Albuquerque March 2, 1968. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Orlando Cortez; Brother James and Larry; Sisters Debbie, Barbara and Ann Cortez. Grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Abedon Maestas and Mrs. Florentina Cortez. March 14, 1968 11.

34-Maria Valles Martinez Age 72, resident of Ranchos de Taos, NM. Died March 10, 1968 in Albuquerque, NM. Her deceased husband was Daniel Martinez. Survived by a foster daughter Prescilla Martinez. March 21, 1968 3 and 10.

35-Martha Gaitan Age 13, resident of Taos died March 9, 1968 in Albuquerque, NM. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gaitan of Taos, NM and Lompac, Calif. Survivors also include brothers Freddie and Paul Gaitan; Sister Louisa Martinez; Uncle David Gaitan; Grandparents Mrs. Elena Lucero and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gaitan Sr. , and great grandmother Andretta Brito. March 21, 1968 3.

36- Zacarias Sanchez Age 66, Resident of Cerro, NM. Died March 8, 1968 at Holy Cross Hospital Taos, NM. He was the son of the deceased Manuel and Rosana V. Sanchez. Survivors include brothers Feliz, Ben, Moises, Jose L. Dan, Johnny, Felipe, Tony and Anastacio Sanchez; Sisters Mrs. J. I. Arellano, Mrs. Evarsito Garcia and Mrs. Les Espinosa and niece Mrs. Gilbert Arellano. March 21, 1968. 7 and 10.

37- Jose Manuel Miera Age 78, of Taos, NM. Died in Ogden, Utah Feb. 12, 1968. He is survived by daughters Mrs. Fred Trujillo, Mrs. Pete Salazar, Miss Juantita Miera and Mrs. Tom Sandoval; Sons Luis, Eli, Jake, Fernando, Fred and Antonio Miera. March 21, 1968 11.

38- Cleotilde Ortega Vigil Age 56, Resident of Questa, NM died at Holy Cross Hospital, Taos, NM. March 18, 1968. She is survived by her husband Agapito Vigil, her parents Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Ortega; Daughter Arabella Lujan; Sisters Mrs. Ursulita Martinez, Mrs. Tony Gonzales, Mrs. Evarsito Cardenas; Brothers Ruben, Bernabe, Santiago and Eulogio Ortega Jr. March 28, 1968 A 3.

39- Bridget Suazo 2 days old of Pilar, NM. Died at the Embudo Presbyterian Hospital Embudo, NM. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Pat Suazo. She is survived by her parents, brothers Anthony, Patrick, and Jerome Suazo; Sister Fatama Suazo; Grand parents Mrs. Clorinda Cordova and Mr. and Mrs. Max Suazo. April 4, 1968 A 2.

40- Pedro Serafin Montoya Age 49, Resident of El Prado, NM died March 29, 1968 when he was struck by a vehicle. He is survived by his mother Mrs. Juanita Montoya; Daughter Mrs. Pat Mondragon; Sons Andres, Ernest and Leroy Montoya; Sisters Mrs. Felix Miera, Mrs. Eluira Martinez, Mrs. Teresa Echavaria; Brothers-in-law Levi Montoya and Eusebio Montoya.

41- Leandro Lopez Age 62 Resident of Penasco, NM died in Las Vegas, NM. March 29, 1968. He is survived by his wife Anastacia Lopez; Sons Josue, Louis, Leandro Jr. , Nick, Freddie and Johnny Lopez; Daughters Mrs. Eugene Rodarte, Mrs. Larry Hoover, Laura Crait, Sandra Lopez; Sisters Mrs. Matilde Garcia, Mrs. Maclovia Lucero, Mrs. Rayitas Ortega and Mrs. Lucia Gallegos. April 4, 1968 A 3.

42- Maria Wengert Martinez (No age listed) of Taos, NM Died in Pueblo, Colo. March 11, 1968. She was the wife of the deceased J. Antonio Martinez and mother of Joe C. Martinez, Mrs. J. D. Arellano and Mrs. Alex Valerio. Stepmother of Ernest Martinez and Mrs. Delfino Martinez; Sister Mrs. Nick Jaramillo and Louis Wengert. April 4, 1968 B 4.

43- Jose Rudolfo Herrera Age 34, Resident of Arroyo Seco, NM. Died of a gun shot in Arroyo Seco, NM. April 9, 1968. He is survived by his wife Prescilla; Mother Margarita Herrera; Brother Adelmo Herrera; Sisters Tille Duran, Angelina Arellano and Pauline Mascarenas. May 2, 1968 A 3 and B 7.

44- Beneranda P. Cortez Age 23, Resident of Taos, NM. Died at Holy Cross Hospital Taos, NM. March 28, 1968. She is survived by her husband Arturo Cortez; Children Rose Mary, Arturo Jr. , and Eddie Cortez. Parents Mr. and Mrs. Alfonso Pacheco. 1 sister and 3 brothers (not named) April 11, 1968 A 2.

45-Dulcinia Maes Age 89, Resident of Amalia, NM. Died April 1, 1968 in Albuquerque, NM. She is survived by her sons Alcario and Ben Maes Jr. ;Daughters Mrs. Eliza Baxberger, Mrs. Pablita Santistevan, Mrs. Mercy Cardenas, Mrs. Ofelia Sanchez and Mrs. Eppie Gallegos.

46-Alda L. Caldwell Age 94, Resident of Ranchos de Taos, NM. Died March 26, 1968 at Holy Cross Hospital Taos, NM. She was the widow of James N. Caldwell. She is survived by daughters Mrs. Theodore O'hara and Mrs. Virginia C. Anderson.

47- Sgt. Rutilio Porfirio Cordova of Los Cordova, NM died Aug 29, 1968 in Viet Nam. Rutilio P. Cordova was killed while serving as a Platoon Sergeant with the Third Marine Divison in Viet Nam. Only other person mention is the father Porfirio Cordova who received the Bronce Star Medal with Combat "V" for his son's heroic achievements.

48- Francisquita Lopez Age 79, Resident of Taos, NM. Died April 25, 1968 at Holy Cross Hospital Taos, NM. She is survived by her daughters Mrs. Elsie Leyba and Mary Loyd Ferguson. Sister Mrs. Teresita Ferguson; Nephew Columbus Ferguson and nieces Mrs. Jimmy Montoya and Mrs. Gail Douglas. May 2, 1968 B 7.

49- Alberto D. Mares Age 74, of Taos, NM. Died at Holy Cross Hospital Taos, NM. April 26, 1968. He is survived by his wife Alice M. Mares; Sons Daniel, George and Eddie Mares. Daughter Emma Martinez and sister Lucy Martines. May 2, 1968 B 7.

50- William Albert Odell Age 61 of Red River, NM. Died in Red River, NM. April 8, 1968. He is survived by his wife Laura; Sons Ed, Bob and John Odell; Sisters Mary Stroup, Mabel Strousse, Edith Matlock and Lois Mathison, May 2, 1968 B 7.

Compiled by Alberto Vidaurre
August 5, 2010©