1870 Taos County, New Mexico Census
Master Index
By Virginia Gomez Baca Grace©
Submitted 11/14/2010
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The 1870 Taos County census had the following towns or precincts.

Arroyo Hondo Arroyo Seco Chamisal
Cordovas Costilla El Llano
El Rancho Fernando de Taos Penasco
Pinos Placita One, Two Rio Colorado
Rio del Pueblo Serro Trampas
Indian Reservations
Picuris Indian Reservation  Red Willow Indian Reservation Pueblo Taos Pages: One, Two, Three

Quick Index of 12,080 Names
Part One of Quick Index  Abbott, Maurice to Gutierrez, Rafael
Part Two of Quick Index  Hammer, Adolfo to Quinto, Tobias
Part Three of Quick Index  Rael, Antonio to Zuni, Nasario

The census pages had these headings: Page; Sheet; Month; Day; Line; Dwelling; Family; Last Name; First Name; Sex; Color; Occupation; Real Estate Value; Personal property Value; Place of Birth; Father Foreign Born; Mother Foreign Born; Month if Born in Census Yr; Month if Married in Census Yr; School in Census Yr; Cannot Read; Cannot Write; Deaf, Dumb, Blind, Insane or Idiot; Male over 21 (Eligible to Vote); Denied the Vote; and Transcriber Remarks. For our presentation if one or more of those columns were empty of data, it may not be shown herein.