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Fort Fauntleroy

Fort Wingate existed from 1860 to 1993. It was a Army post established in 1860 as Fort Fauntleroy by Captain William Carpenter, 5th U.S. Infantry, near present day Gallup in McKinley County, New Mexico. It was renamed Fort Lyon  in 1861 but the garrison was withdrawn in 1861. It was reestablished at the original site in 1868 as Fort Wingate. It was on caretaker status in 1912. It reopened as Wingate Ordnance Depot in 1918 during World War I. The cantonment area was turned over to the Bureau of Indian Affairs for use as a Navajo School in 1925, leaving the remainder as as Wingate Ordnance Depot. Wingate Ordnance Depot was renamed Fort Wingate Ordnance Depot in 1960 and Fort Wingate Army Depot in 1962. The 1993 Base Realignment and Closure Commission closed the depot activity. Depot environmental and demilitarization activities continue to date.