Civil War Union Burials in New Mexico
Compiled by Christina DeVita 2006©
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The following are names extracted from the work by Christina DeVita© as published in the New Mexico Genealogist 45(2) June 2006©.
The chart below lists only the names appearing in that exhibit. For details and history see the New Mexico Genealogist 45(2) June 2006©.
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As Published in 1869 in the Quartermaster General's Office, a listing of deceased Union soldiers buried in National Cemeteries.
Fifteen forts/camps/posts existed in the New Mexico Territory. Most had cemeteries with Union Soldiers buried therein.

Los Pinos (Military Depot)
1862 - 1866 Peralta
This was a Union quartermaster depot and remount station. It was originally known as Camp Peralta.

Name Unit Date
Downing, J.N.C. Private 10/31/1864
Dunlavy, George Private 5th California Inf. 1/6/1864
Gallagher, unknown Private 5th US Infantry 3/16/1863
Gillmore, G.A. Private 1st California Veteran Inf. 12/24/1865
Glasby, M. L. Lt. California Veteran Inf. 4/23/1866
Howard, G. Private 5th California Veteran Inf. 6/20/1863
Jellings, James Private California Veteran Inf. 6/15/1864
Kelly, John Private 1st California Veteran Inf. 12/11/1863
Kinsella, John Private 5th US Infantry 2/6/1864
Luna, Jose Private 1st NM Infantry 4/6/1865
Russell, unknown Private 5th United States Inf. unknown
Smith, Nelson G. Private 1st California Infantry 4/23/1866
Tuono, C. Private 1st NM Infantry 12/11/1863
Unknown unknown unknown
Vernel, I. Private 1st NM Infantry 11/13/1863