Known Causalities of the Battle of Valverde
Civil War in New Mexico
Compiled by Oliver James Stevens
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The following are names extracted from the work by Oliver James Stevens© as published in the New Mexico Genealogist 36(3) September 1997©.
The chart below lists only the names appearing in that exhibit. For details and history see the New Mexico Genealogist 36(3) September 1997©.
This data may not be used for profit or commercial purposes, nor may it be copied from this web site to other web sites. Format by C. W. Barnum 2011.

The story titled, "New Mexico in the Civil War" by James Stevens as it appeared in the NM Genealogist, stated that Colonel  Sibley-CSA and Colonel Canby-Union Armey were brotheres-in-law.
That fact aside, we may never know the names of all of the soilders killed at the Battle of Valverde. Below are a list of names according to Charles Meketa, historian. This is not a complete list.

Last name First name Rank Status
Alaria Jose Clemente Musician Killed
Alaria Ramon Private Missing
Bensinger Charles Private Killed
Candalario Pablo Private Killed
Chavez Ramon Private Missing
Candalario Ramon Private Killed
Chavez Espamino Private Missing
Chaves Mauricio Private Killed
Chavez Mauricio Private Missing
Cruz Rubio Private Wounded
Duran Marcilina Private Killed
Garcia Juan Private Killed
Garcia Nasario Private Killed
Gonsales Basilio Private Killed
Griego Rumaldo Private Killed
Gurrera Jose Maria Private Missing
Lopes Guadalupe Private Killed
Lucero Diego Corporal Killed
Lucero Jose de la Lus Private Killed
Marcus Jesus Private Wounded
Martin Basillo Private Wounded
Mexicanna Juan Chavez Private Killed
Montoya Antonio Private Wounded
Montoya Victoriano Private Wounded
Padillo Pedro Private Killed
Pais Juan Private Wounded
Peralto Jose Corporal Missing
Rial Salvador Private Missing
Rival Ramon Private Wounded
Rivera Gomesindo Private Killed
Sanchez Benino Private Killed
Sanches Clemente Private Wounded
Sanches Jose Private Wounded
Sandoval Ygnacio Private Missing
Tapio Jose de Jesus Private Killed
Trugillo Maunel Private Wounded
Turriete Felipe Private Wounded
Zuni Pablo Private Killed