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Viet Nam War
United States causalities, all causes


        BEYTA JERRY DELBERT           CPL ARMY          GALLUP 22JUN68 S.VN                 10MAR47 HOSTILE,DIED-WOUNDS        ADAMS GEORGE DAYTON           SGT ARMY          ALBUQ. 26APR66 S.VN                 27JUN37 HOSTILE,KILLED        ADAMS JOHN K                  CAPT ARMY         ROSWELL 26MAR67 S.VN                25DEC39 HOSTILE,KILLED        ADAMS MICHAEL THOMAS          CAPT AIR FORCE    ALBUQ. 04MAY69 LAOS                 28MAR43 HOSTILE,KILLED        ADLER WOODROW DENNIS          SP4 ARMY          GALLUP 26NOV67 S.VN                 16AUG46 NON-HOS.DIED-ILL,INJ        AGUIRRE CARLOS CRUZ           LCPL MARINES      SILVER CITY 24FEB68 S.VN            13DEC47 HOSTILE,KILLED        ALEXANDER DONALD RAY          SGT ARMY          SOCORRO 22MAR69 S.VN                10JUN48 HOSTILE,DIED-WOUNDS        ALEXANDER GEORGE W JR         PFC ARMY          LAS VEGAS 04OCT66 S.VN              19SEP45 HOSTILE,DIED-WOUNDS        ALLEN RICHARD LEE             SSGT ARMY         FARMINGTON 07FEB69 S.VN             12JUN45 HOSTILE,KILLED        ANAYA GEORGE MICHAEL          CPL ARMY          GALISTEO 30MAR70 S.VN               06DEC51 NON-HOS.DIED-OTHER        ANDLER MARION BRYAN           CPL ARMY          ALBUQ. 10JUN70 CAM.                 21JUL51 HOSTILE,KILLED        ANTONIO JOHNNIE JR            LCPL MARINES      CROWN POINT 27DEC67 S.VN            22DEC46 HOSTILE,KILLED        ARAUJO ABELARDO               PFC ARMY          LAKE ARTHUR 07APR67 S.VN            16JUL45 NON-HOS.DIED-OTHER        ARCHULETA JOSEPH              SP4 ARMY          LAS VEGAS 25SEP67 S.VN              03NOV43 HOSTILE,KILLED        ARELLANO ANTHONY WILLIAM      CPL ARMY          ALBUQ. 20JUL68 S.VN                 08MAR48 HOSTILE,KILLED        ARMIJO FRANK CHARLES          PFC ARMY          ALBUQ. 15AUG69 S.VN                 20MAY51 HOSTILE,KILLED        ARTHUR JOHNNY                 SP5 ARMY          FRUITLAND 10JUN71 S.VN              06SEP49 HOSTILE,KILLED        ARVISO HERBERT                SGT ARMY          FARMINGTON 26OCT69 S.VN             13OCT48 HOSTILE,KILLED        ATOLE FLOYD SAMUEL            SGT ARMY          DULCE 21FEB69 S.VN                  07NOV45 HOSTILE,KILLED        AUSTIN ROLLIN RANDOLPH        CPL ARMY          ESTANCIA 27MAY68 S.VN               16FEB48 HOSTILE,KILLED        AUTEN FRANK LEROYL            CPL MARINES       ALBUQ. 14JUL68 S.VN                 31OCT48 HOSTILE,KILLED        BACA GABRIEL                  PFC ARMY          SANTA CRUZ 06OCT67 S.VN             03AUG42 HOSTILE,DIED-MISSING        BACA ISIDRO                   PFC MARINES       SOCORRO 21AUG67 S.VN                07OCT47 HOSTILE,KILLED        BACA JOHNNY LAWRENCE JR       PFC MARINES       TAOS 04FEB68 S.VN                   11AUG44 HOSTILE,KILLED        BAKER MICHAEL O BRIEN         SGT MARINES       ALBUQ. 02JUN69 S.VN                 11APR45 HOSTILE,KILLED        BALDONADO SECUNDINOT          SGT AIR FORCE     JARALES16MAY65 S.VN                 01JUL27 NON-HOS.DIED-MISS.        BARBOUR JOHN RAMAGE           HM3 NAVY          LAS CRUCES 04SEP67 S.VN             14JUL46 HOSTILE,KILLED        BARELA IGNACIO                LCPL MARINES      ALAMOGORDO 02JUN67 S.VN             01FEB47 HOSTILE,DIED-WOUNDS        BARNEY LUTHER                 SP5 ARMY          MEXICAN SPRINGS 21DEC71 S.VN        27NOV50 NON-HOS.DIED-ILL,INJ        BAZAN ISIDRO SIGFREDO         SP4 ARMY          ALBUQ. 05JUL68 S.VN                 15MAY47 NON-HOS.DIED-OTHER        BECKETT JOHN WESLEY           2LT ARMY          ALBUQ. 02JAN68 S.VN                 22JUN46 HOSTILE,KILLED        BEGAYE EDDIE CHARLES          CPL MARINES       RAMAH25MAY67 S.VN                   19FEB43 HOSTILE,KILLED        BEGAYE FELIX DOHALTAHE        PFC MARINES       LITTLE WATER 10DEC67 S.VN           04SEP48 NON-HOS.DIED-OTHER        BELL GEORGE BENJAMIN          PFC ARMY          ALBUQ. 23NOV66 S.VN                 28JAN47 NON-HOS.DIED-ILL,INJ        BENAVIDEZ BENJAMIN JOHN       SFC ARMY          MONTEZUMA 13APR71 S.VN              31JAN33 HOSTILE,KILLED        BERGFELDT DAVID EDWARD        SP5 ARMY          LAS CRUCES 23DEC69 S.VN             20DEC44 HOSTILE,KILLED        BILBREY EDMOND DAVID          CAPT ARMY         ALBUQ. 11MAR71 LAOS                 01JUN43 HOSTILE,KILLED        BLACK RODNEY JOE              SP5 ARMY          ROSWELL 02MAY69 S.VN                16SEP47 HOSTILE,KILLED        BLOOMFIELD NORMAN HUBERT      SGT ARMY          RAMAH 11JUL69 S.VN                  19MAY46 HOSTILE,KILLED        BOYER MONTY DOYAL             SP4ARMY           ROSWELL 07SEP70 S.VN                02JUL49 NON-HOS.DIED-OTHER        BRANCH FREDDIE ISIDORE        LCPL MARINES      ESPANOLA 17MAY66 S.VN               02OCT47 HOSTILE,KILLED        BROWN KENNETH RAY             SSGT AIR FORCE    LAS CRUCES 02MAY72 S.VN             14FEB47 HOSTILE,DIED-MISSING        BRYANT JERRY HAROLD           PFC MARINES       PORTALES 26JAN67 S.VN               19OCT41 HOSTILE,KILLED        BULLOCH JAMES GRADY           CWO ARMY          ALBUQ. 11JUN70 S.VN                 05FEB38 NON-HOS.DIED-OTHER        BUNYEA WALTER CLIFFORD JR     PFC ARMY          LAS CRUCES 07NOV67 S.VN             01JUN47 HOSTILE,KILLED        BUSTAMANTE PAUL               PFC MARINES       ALBUQ. 16SEP68 S.VN                 29JUL49 HOSTILE,KILLED        CABE JOHNNY DWAIN             CPL MARINES       CARLSBAD 03JUN68 S.VN               28NOV47 HOSTILE,KILLED        CABRERA ANDY ANASTACIO        CPL MARINES       LAS CRUCES 03JAN68 S.VN             10JUL48 HOSTILE,KILLED        CABRERA EDWARD A              CPL ARMY          GALLUP 05JUN67 S.VN                 12APR48 HOSTILE,DIED-MISSING        CAMPOS LARRY PAUL             SP4 ARMY          ROSWELL 03DEC66 S.VN                28JAN47 HOSTILE,DIED-WOUNDS        CARNAHAN STEPHEN MICHAEL      LCPL MARINES      ALBUQ. 02APR67 S.VN                 14JUN48 HOSTILE,DIED-WOUNDS        CARPENTER DAVID CLYDE         PFC ARMY          LOS ALAMOS 06MAY66 S.VN             25JUN47 NON-HOS.DIED-OTHER        CARRILLO MELVIN               PFC ARMY          ROSWELL 03MAR68 S.VN                08FEB49 HOSTILE,DIED-WOUNDS        CASERIO CHARLES DOMINIC       SGT ARMY          ALBUQ. 13SEP71 S.VN                 17NOV48 HOSTILE,DIED-WOUNDS        CASS ANTHONY MAC              CPL MARINES       ARTESIA 26MAY67 S.VN                14AUG46 HOSTILE,KILLED        CHAMBERLAIN ROBERT F          WO ARMY           LAS CRUCES 07OCT66 S.VN             21SEP40 HOSTILE,DIED-MISSING        CHARLIE PETER                 LCPL MARINES      FARMINGTON 08AUG70 S.VN             21JUL49 HOSTILE,KILLED        CHAVEZ DANIEL JOSEPH          PFC ARMY          ALBUQ. 23NOV70 S.VN                 02NOV49 NON-HOS.DIED-OTHER        CHAVEZ DAVID CRUZ             SSGT ARMY         LAS CRUCES 15JAN70 S.VN             03MAY38 HOSTILE,KILLED        CHAVEZ FREDDIE PAUL           LCPL MARINES      ALBUQ. 10MAR69 S.VN                 19JUL43 HOSTILE,KILLED        CHAVEZ GLEN ALEX              PFC ARMY          GLENCOE 22AUG70 S.VN                07JUN49 HOSTILE,KILLED        CHINO GERALD GREGORY          SP4 ARMY          CUBERO 24MAR68 S.VN                 17NOV47 HOSTILE,KILLED        CIPRIANI ALAN BRADLEY         SP4 ARMY          ALBUQ. 29MAY67 S.VN                 25FEB48 HOSTILE,KILLED        CISNEROS CHARLES CASTULO      PFC ARMY          CERRO 22JUN70 CAM.                  08APR50 HOSTILE,KILLED        CLOUGH KENNETH RICHARD        WO ARMY           ALBUQ. 07JAN69 S.VN                 26FEB47 HOSTILE,KILLED        COCA ANDREWL                  CPL MARINES       TAOS 14JAN68 S.VN                   06JUN46 HOSTILE,DIED-WOUNDS        CONANT GREGORY C              SGT ARMY          WHITE SANDS M R12FEB68 S.VN         13FEB48 HOSTILE,KILLED        CORDOVA CHRIS B               SP4 ARMY          MOSQUERO 11MAY71 S.VN               12SEP50 HOSTILE,KILLED        CORFIELD STAN LEROY           SSGT MARINES      GALLUP 01MAY67 S.VN                 25AUG40 NON-HOS.DIED-OTHERBNR        CRAWFORD DAVID WESLEY         SP4 ARMY          GRANTS 24MAY68 S.VN                 04MAY47 NON-HOS.DIED-ILL,INJ        CRESPIN ARTHUR                SP4 ARMY          SANTO DOMINGO PUEB 24FEB68 S.VN     19OCT45 HOSTILE,KILLED        CROCKETT WILLIAM JAMES        1LT AIR FORCE     COTTAGE GROVE 22AUG72 S.VN          23OCT46 HOSTILE,KILLEDBNR        CROW ENNIS EUGENE             SP4 ARMY          LOVINGTON 02JAN68 S.VN              01OCT47 HOSTILE,DIED-MISSING        CRUCE LEONARD ERWIN           PFC ARMY          HOBBS 06JUN68 S.VN                  04DEC47 HOSTILE,KILLED        CRUZ SAM                      SP4 ARMY          RATON 12OCT67 S.VN                  09NOV46 HOSTILE,KILLED        CUMMINS JOHN RUDOLPH JR       PFC ARMY          ROSWELL 17SEP66 S.VN                18OCT46 HOSTILE,KILLED        CURLEY ALBERT ALLEN           PFC MARINES       CUBERO 30MAR67 S.VN                 12APR47 HOSTILE,KILLED        DALE CHESTER DONALD           QM2 NAVY          CAPITAN 01NOV68 S.VN                28FEB32 HOSTILE,KILLED        DAVID ROBERT                  CPL ARMY          ALBUQ. 21MAY68 S.VN                 25JUL45 HOSTILE,KILLED        DAVIES EDWARD EARL            LCPL MARINES      LOVINGTON 22AUG67 S.VN              04JUN46 HOSTILE,KILLED        DAVIS EDWARD DANIEL           PFC MARINES       ALBUQ. 28DEC66 S.VN                 16MAY47 HOSTILE,KILLED        DAVIS RICARDO GONZALEZ        SFC ARMY          CARLSBAD 11JUL74 LAOS               17MAR41 HOSTILE,DIED-MISSINGBNR        DE SHURLEY GEORGE ROBERT      BUL3 NAVY         ROSWELL 31MAR68 S.VN                29NOV43 HOSTILE,KILLED        DEFOOR FREDDIE CARVIAL        PFC ARMY          TATUM 27FEB70 S.VN                  19JUL49 HOSTILE,KILLED        DELORA PEDRO ASCENCION        PFC ARMY          SANTA FE 07AUG69 S.VN               30MAY46 HOSTILE,KILLED        DEMARCO BILLY JOE             SGT ARMY          LAS CRUCES 06JUN70 CAM.             30APR47 HOSTILE,KILLED        DEMPSEY WARREN LEIGH          CPL MARINES       CHURCH ROCK 03DEC65 S.VN            03MAR40 HOSTILE,KILLED        DENNEY DONALD GENE            SP4 ARMY          ALBUQ. 14JUN68 S.VN                 25OCT47 HOSTILE,KILLED        DENNIS DOUGLASS J             SP5 ARMY          ARTESIA 08FEB68 S.VN                28MAY44 HOSTILE,KILLED        DERDA JAMES MICHAEL           CPL ARMY          ALBUQ. 07APR69 S.VN                 09JUL45 HOSTILE,KILLED        DEVINE CAMERON JOSEPH         PFC MARINES       FAIRACRES 27JAN69 S.VN              19APR48 NON-HOS.DIED-ILL,INJ        DIREEN KEVEN THOMAS           PFC ARMY          ALBUQ. 19APR68 S.VN                 07JAN48 HOSTILE,KILLED        DOW ROBERT MELVIN             BM1 NAVY          ALBUQ. 19DEC72 N.VM                 22OCT42 HOSTILE,KILLED        DOZIER JOBIE CLAYTON          PFC ARMY          ALBUQ. 24FEB67 S.VN                 17AUG39 HOSTILE,KILLED        DUGAN BEN GOOLMAN             HM2 NAVY          LORDSBURG 04JUL69 S.VN              17DEC45 NON-HOS.DIED-OTHER        DURAN RICHARD LOSOYA          SGT ARMY          LAS CRUCES 13MAR69 S.VN             01JAN47 HOSTILE,DIED-WOUNDS        DURAN STEVE GONZALES          HN NAVY           DEMING 18AUG65 S.VN                 26JUL45 HOSTILE,KILLED        DYER HARRY GORDON             SP4 ARMY          PORTALES 28JUN66 S.VN               20AUG43 HOSTILE,KILLED        EARL MICHAEL RANDALL          CWO ARMY          LAS VEGAS 27DEC69 S.VN              26JUL44 NON-HOS.DIED-OTHER        EDWARDS DANIEL WINSLOW JR     SFC ARMY          ALBUQ. 23DEC69 S.VN                 25APR36 HOSTILE,KILLED        EGGERT SAM                    CPL ARMY          TUCUMCARI 10MAY69 S.VN              26AUG48 HOSTILE,KILLED        ESQUEDA ANTONIO ALVARADO      SP4ARMY           SANTA RITA 24JAN67 S.VN             14JUL45 HOSTILE,KILLED        ETSITTY VAN                   CPL ARMY          GALLUP 01JUN68 S.VN                 17NOV41 HOSTILE,KILLED        FAIRCLOTH RICHARD DWAYNE      PFC ARMY          FARMINGTON 29AUG68 S.VN             13APR50 HOSTILE,DIED-WOUNDS        FANNING MARTIN VINCENT        CAPT ARMY         ALBUQ. 24APR71 S.VN                 03AUG47 NON-HOS.DIED-OTHER        FERNANDEZ DANIEL              SP4 ARMY          LOS LUNAS 18FEB66 S.VN              30JUN44 HOSTILE,DIED-WOUNDS        FLETCHER LON M                PVT ARMY          ALBUQ. 05OCT65 S.VN                 20FEB47 HOSTILE,KILLED        FLORES CHARLE CORDOVA         SP5 ARMY          LAS CRUCES 09MAY68 S.VN             04APR49 HOSTILE,DIED-WOUNDS        FLORES JERRY                  SP5 ARMY          LAS VEGAS 06MAR71 S.VN              06JUN50 HOSTILE,DIED-MISSING        FOLEY CHARLES DANIEL          CAPT ARMY         HOBBS 23MAY70 CAM.                  29NOV43 HOSTILE,KILLED        FORGETTE DUANE GARTH          SP4 ARMY          ALBUQ. 20SEP71 S.VN                 04JUL49 NON-HOS.DIED-ILL,INJ        FOSTER GEORGE ARTHUR III      SP4 ARMY          CARLSBAD 29NOV68 S.VN               23FEB47 HOSTILE,KILLED        FOSTER JAMES LESTER           CPL MARINES       ROSWELL 19MAY68 S.VN                27MAR49 HOSTILE,DIED-WOUNDS        FOWNER JACOB HENRY            PFC MARINES       ALBUQ. 02MAY66 S.VN                 27APR47 HOSTILE,KILLED        FRAGUA GEORGE LEONARD         PFC ARMY          JEMEZ PUEBLO 25DEC66 S.VN           18NOV47 NON-HOS.DIED-OTHER        FRINK JOHN WESLEY             WO ARMY           ALBUQ. 02APR72 S.VN                 07OCT51 HOSTILE,DIED-MISSING        GADZIALA GARY LEE             PFC ARMY          ALBUQ. 10MAY68 S.VN                 25SEP47 HOSTILE,KILLED        GALBREATH TERRELL ROBERT      SSGT ARMY         ALBUQ. 28JUN70 S.VN                 04JAN49 HOSTILE,DIED-WOUNDS        GARCIA ANDRES                 LCPL MARINES      CARLSBAD 15MAY75 CAM.               27OCT54 HOSTILE,KILLEDBNR        GARCIA DAVID JOSE             SGT ARMY          SANTA FE 26MAY70 S.VN               23NOV49 HOSTILE,KILLED        GARCIA EDDIE LEONARD          PVT ARMY          BELEN 30JUN69 S.VN                  25FEB49 NON-HOS.DIED-OTHER        GARCIA FRANCISCO M JR         SP4 ARMY          TUCUMCARI 26APR69 S.VN              26MAY48 HOSTILE,DIED-WOUNDS        GARCIA ISIDRO                 SP4 ARMY          ALBUQ. 15MAR70 S.VN                 15MAY49 HOSTILE,KILLED        GARCIA JOE CECILIO            PFC MARINES       CEDAR CREST 30APR67 S.VN            11JUN46 HOSTILE,KILLED        GARCIA LOUIS MAGIN            CPL ARMY          ALBUQ. 25MAR68 S.VN                 06FEB49 HOSTILE,KILLED        GARCIA LUPERTO                LCPL MARINES      BELEN 27JUN68 S.VN                  22APR48 HOSTILE,KILLED        GARCIA RAMON                  SSGT ARMY         ALBUQ. 23AUG68 S.VN                 08AUG47 HOSTILE,KILLED        GARLEY FRANK ELOY             PFC MARINES       ALBUQ. 08MAY69 S.VN                 04JAN44 HOSTILE,KILLED        GARRAPY DAVID EARL            CPL MARINES       ALBUQ. 25AUG66 S.VN                 24SEP42 HOSTILE,DIED-WOUNDS        GASS CHARLES LEE              LCPL MARINES      HOBBS 18OCT67 S.VN                  31DEC47 HOSTILE,KILLED        GHAHATE LUTHER ANDERSON       SP4 ARMY          ZUNI 21OCT68 S.VN                   02SEP46 HOSTILE,KILLED        GIBSON ROY ALLEN              SGT MARINES       ALBUQUEQUE 06NOV67 S.VN             28APR41 HOSTILE,KILLED        GONZALES JOSE BERNARDINO      PFC MARINES       LOS LUNAS 09DEC66 S.VN              04DEC44 HOSTILE,KILLED        GOODING LLOYD LEE             PFC ARMY          ALBUQ. 23SEP66 S.VN                 28OCT45 HOSTILE,KILLED        GRAHAM ROBERT LEE             SSGT ARMY         ROSWELL 20JUL68 S.VN                06AUG44 HOSTILE,KILLED        GRIEGO JESUS                  LCPL MARINES      RIBERA 16JUL68 S.VN                 30DEC47 HOSTILE,KILLED        GRIEGO JOHN FRANK RAY         CPL MARINES       SANTA FE14JAN67 S.VN                10JUN45 HOSTILE,KILLED        GRIEGO RICHARD EDWARD         SP4 ARMY          SANTA FE29MAR69 S.VN                08JUL42 HOSTILE,KILLED        GRIFFITH THURSTON A JR        1LT ARMY          LOS ALAMOS 17JAN65 S.VN             17MAR40 HOSTILE,DIED-MISSING        GRIJALVA DAVID CENTENO        LCPL MARINES      SANTA RITA 27APR67 S.VN             19OCT46 HOSTILE,KILLED        GRUBB EARL GILBERT            LCPL MARINES      SILVER CITY 15MAY67 S.VN            04DEC46 HOSTILE,KILLED        GURULE RICHARD ALBERT         SP4 ARMY          ALBUQ. 22OCT68 S.VN                 17FEB46 NON-HOS.DIED-OTHER        GUTIERREZ JUAN FEDERICO       PFC ARMY          ALAMOGORDO 14JUL67 S.VN             21MAR48 HOSTILE,DIED-MISSING        GUZMAN REYNALDO               LCPL MARINES      LOVINGTON 25JAN66 S.VN              30MAY43 HOSTILE,KILLED        HAGER HAROLD EUGENE           LCPL MARINES      LOVINGTON 06JAN68 S.VN              16FEB49 HOSTILE,KILLED        HAGMAN RICHARD HAROLD         CAPT AIR FORCE    RUSH CITY 17MAY72 S.VN              01DEC44 HOSTILE,DIED-MISSING        HAMILTON JOHN SMITH           COL AIR FORCE     SILVER CITY 21MAR79 N.VM            03SEP26 HOSTILE,DIED-MISSINGBNR        HAMILTON RICHARD ELMER        SGT MARINES       ALBUQ. 06OCT62 S.VN                 24APR35 NON-HOS.DIED-OTHER        HANAWALD LEN MARTIN           LTC ARMY          ALBUQ. 03SEP69 S.VN                 09SEP35 HOSTILE,DIED-WOUNDS        HARRISON RONALD EDWARD        EON3 NAVY         CARLSBAD 20MAY68 S.VN               30OCT46 NON-HOS.DIED-OTHER        HARVEY OCTAVIANO MARTINEZ     PFC ARMY          SANTA RITA 16NOV66 S.VN             03AUG45 HOSTILE,DIED-MISSING        HAYES THOMAS                  SGT ARMY          SHIPROCK 27DEC68 S.VN               28MAY47 HOSTILE,KILLED        HEISTER RICHARD EUGENE        1LT MARINES       ALBUQ. 02JUN65 S.VN                 30APR41 NON-HOS.DIED-OTHER        HERN WILLIAM BURCH            SGT ARMY          ALBUQ. 28SEP70 S.VN                 10FEB50 HOSTILE,DIED-WOUNDS        HERNANDEZ SALOME              SSGT MARINES      ANTHONY 28DEC67 S.VN                22OCT38 HOSTILE,KILLED        HERRERA FREDERICK DANIEL      SFC ARMY          ALBUQ. 24JUL78 S.VN                 07AUG49 HOSTILE,DIED-MISSINGBNR        HERRERA JOSE BENJAMIN         SP4 ARMY          LAS VEGAS 20JAN68 S.VN              11AUG42 HOSTILE,KILLED        HERRERA NARCISO FRANCISL      CPL MARINES       ALCALDE 02JUL66 S.VN                06JAN47 HOSTILE,KILLED        HODGKINS GUY MERRILL          SSGT MARINES      LOS ALAMOS 03SEP66 S.VN             30JUL36 HOSTILE,KILLED        HOHSTADT JIMMY ROSS           PFC ARMY          CLOVIS 09OCT67 S.VN                 05FEB46 HOSTILE,KILLED        HOLLAND RUSSELL JAMES         CPL ARMY          CLAYTON 25FEB69 S.VN                11NOV48 HOSTILE,KILLED        HOLLEY LARRY DOUGLAS          AMH3 NAVY         LAS VEGAS 29JUL67 N.VM              27NOV46 NON-HOS.DIED-OTHER        HORN RONALD DAVID             SSGT ARMY         EUNICE 03OCT68 S.VN                 24NOV38 HOSTILE,KILLED        HOWLAND LEROY LARKIN          SP4 ARMY          SANTA FE20NOV69 S.VN                02DEC47 HOSTILE,KILLED        HUBBARD GERALD MONROE         SSGT ARMY         MORA 04DEC66 S.VN                   27AUG31 HOSTILE,DIED-WOUNDS        HURTA JOSEPH DANIEL           SGT MARINES       GALLUP 22MAR67 S.VN                 30OCT40 HOSTILE,KILLED        ISLER REID ALLEN              HM3 NAVY          ESTANCIA 17MAY68 S.VN               25FEB47 HOSTILE,KILLED        JACKSON FREDERICK G JR        SSGT ARMY         LAS CRUCES 22OCT68 S.VN             17JUL48 HOSTILE,KILLED        JACQUES JOSEPH ARTHUR         PFC ARMY          SANTA FE 29NOV70 S.VN               28JUL49 NON-HOS.DIED-OTHER        JAMES BILLIE                  SP4 ARMY          FARMINGTON 15APR68 S.VN             12MAY45 HOSTILE,KILLED        JENNINGS STEPHEN KENNETH      CPL MARINES       ALBUQ. 24MAY67 S.VN                 01AUG44 HOSTILE,KILLED        JOHNSON ARTHUR HARRY          SP5 ARMY          HIDALGO LOOP 22AUG69 S.VN           10JAN49 NON-HOS.DIED-ILL,INJ        JOHNSON LARRY DEAN            SGT ARMY          ALBUQ.2 5APR69 S.VN                 08JUL48 HOSTILE,DIED-WOUNDS        JOHNSON ZANE EVERETT          LCPL MARINES      FRUITLAND 27MAR69 S.VN              01APR49 NON-HOS.DIED-OTHER        JONES MICHAEL THOMAS          PFC ARMY          ALBUQ. 31JAN67 S.VN                 31JUL47 HOSTILE,KILLED        JONES WILLIAM COY             SP4 ARMY          ROSWELL 20DEC67 S.VN                18OCT44 HOSTILE,KILLED        JORY EDWARD LEWIS JR          2LT MARINE        ALBUQ. 25AUG67 S.VN                 12FEB37 HOSTILE,KILLED        KAUFMAN DONACIANO FRANCIS     SGT MARINES       ALBUQ. 27FEB67 S.VN                 28NOV44 HOSTILE,KILLED        KEFFALOS CHRIS ALBERT         SGT ARMY          BLOOMFIELD 21MAY70 CAM.             11OCT51 HOSTILE,KILLED        KELLER GEORGE RICHARD         CAPT AIR FORCE    FARMINGTON 27MAY70 CAM.             05SEP43 HOSTILE,DIED-MISSING        KEMP JOE MAC                  CPL MARINES       LAS CRUCES 24JUL66 S.VN             20JAN44 HOSTILE,KILLED        KLEIN JEROME DON              PFC ARMY          HOLLYWOOD 24MAR71 S.VN              19FEB50 HOSTILE,DIED-MISSING        KOZAI KENNETH BRUCE           KOHEI1LTMARINES   ALBUQ. 29NOV69 S.VN                 29OCT43 HOSTILE,KILLED        KRUG MICHAEL JOE              SGT ARMY          FARMINGTON 30SEP67 S.VN             22JUN45 HOSTILE,DIED-MISSING        LANE MITCHELL SIM             CAPT AIR FORCE    ALBUQ. 04DEC75 S.VN                 04OCT40 HOSTILE,DIED-MISSINGBNR        LARGO CALVIN DAVID            SP4ARMY           SHIPROCK 19SEP68 S.VN               13APR45 HOSTILE,KILLED        LE COMPTE JOHN                AULTLCPL MARINE   SALBUQ.01JUL68 S.VN                 23APR48 HOSTILE,DIED-WOUNDS        LEE WILLIE B                  PFC MARINES       SOCORRO12MAR68 S.VN                 03MAR47 HOSTILE,KILLED        LEISURE JACKIE GLEN           SSGT ARMY         JAL12MAY68 S.VN                     06JUL47 HOSTILE,KILLED        LEONARD KENT ALAN             PFC MARINES       MESILLA PARK 24APR67 S.VN           22JUN48 HOSTILE,KILLED        LERMAN CONRAD                 CPL MARINES       ALBUQ.11JUN68 S.VN                  8JUL44 NON-HOS.DIED-OTHER        LEYBA RAMON                   HM3 NAVY          ALBUQ.07JUN68 S.VN                  26FEB48 HOSTILE,KILLED        LOPEZ ROBERT CHARLES          PFC MARINES       ALBUQ.10MAY68 S.VN                  30SEP48 HOSTILE,KILLEDBNR        LOTT CHARLES ALLISON          PFC ARMY          ALBUQ.09MAY68 S.VN                  01NOV46 HOSTILE,KILLED        LOVATO MICHAEL LEON           PFC MARINES       BELEN09FEB68 S.VN                   11JUL47 HOSTILE,KILLED        LOVATO RUDOLPH DANIEL         SP4 ARMY          ALBUQ.20MAR70 S.VN                  22MAR48 HOSTILE,KILLED        LUJAN ENRIQUE                 PFC ARMY          ALBUQ.11FEB70 S.VN                  02FEB50 NON-HOS.DIED-ILL,INJ        MADRID FRANK DODGE            SP4 ARMY          PUERTO DE LUNA28JAN70 S.VN          10DEC44 HOSTILE,KILLED        MADRID FRANK JESSE LEE        PFC MARINES       VAUGHN 22FEB68 S.VN                 09MAR48 HOSTILE,KILLED        MADRID GABRIEL HERNANDEZ      SGT ARMY          LAS CRUCES 01MAY69 S.VN             2DEC45 HOSTILE,KILLED        MAGBY LLOYD BURNEY            SSGT ARMY         CARLSBAD01APR67 S.VN                30JAN32 HOSTILE,KILLED        MALINS DAVID REAY             PFC MARINES       LAS CRUCES 05OCT67 S.VN             17MAY47 HOSTILE,KILLED        MALL RONALD AVERY             SP4 ARMY          FARMINGTON 13APR72 S.VN             12AUG46 NON-HOS.DIED-ILL,INJ        MARCHBANKS R B                JRPFC MARINES     MORIARTY29MAY66 S.VN                23NOV42 HOSTILE,KILLED        MARKLAND GERALD DAVID         WO ARMY           ALBUQ.28DEC68 S.VN                  06JAN48 HOSTILE,KILLED        MARLING BILLIE JAYE           PFC ARMY          ROSWELL21MAR71 S.VN                 27DEC52 NON-HOS.DIED-OTHER        MARQUEZ JULIAN ERNEST         SP4 ARMY          ALBUQ.15FEB71 S.VN                  06AUG52 HOSTILE,KILLED        MARTIN EMERSON                PFC MARINES       CHURCHROCK 29MAY69 S.VN             18DEC47 HOSTILE,KILLED        MARTIN GUY WAYNE              SSGT ARMY         ALBUQ.25MAY68 S.VN                  23NOV33 HOSTILE,KILLED        MARTINEZ ALEX EZEQUIEL        PVT ARMY          RANCHOS DE TAOS20JUL69 S.VN         05MAR49 HOSTILE,KILLED        MARTINEZ BILLY RICHARD        SP4 ARMY          ALBUQ.12DEC66 S.VN                  11JUL47 HOSTILE,KILLED        MARTINEZ BOBBY JOE            SGT ARMY          FT WINGATE 11MAY68 S.VN             27MAR46 HOSTILE,KILLED        MARTINEZ DANIEL TIOFILIO      SGT ARMY          CLOVIS 01NOV66 S.VN                 15AUG45 HOSTILE,DIED-WOUNDS        MARTINEZ EDDIE ANTHONY JR     PFC ARMY          BELEN10FEB69 S.VN                   01APR48 NON-HOS.DIED-OTHER        MARTINEZ JIM DANIEL           SP4 ARMY          CHAMISAL10JAN68 S.VN                27SEP47 HOSTILE,DIED-MISSING        MARTINEZ JUAN HENRY           PFC ARMY          ALBUQ.06JAN68 S.VN                  20JUN45 HOSTILE,KILLED        MARTINEZ MANUEL               BM1 NAVY          TAOS PUEBLO27FEB69 S.VN             11FEB32 HOSTILE,KILLED        MARTINEZ WILLIE DANIEN        CPL ARMY          SANTA FE27MAR69 S.VN                13MAY50 HOSTILE,KILLED        MASCARENAS ALCADIO NORBER     LCPL MARINES      SAPELLO16JUN66 S.VN                 06JUN44 HOSTILE,DIED-WOUNDS        MATHER HARRY MICHAEL          SP4 ARMY          GALLUP 23JUL68 S.VN                 08DEC44 NON-HOS.DIED-OTHER        MATHIS JIMMY CLIFTON          HN NAVY           JAL26NOV67 S.VN                     01NOV45 HOSTILE,KILLED        MAXWELL CALVIN WALTER         MAJ ARMY          EDDY 05SEP78 S.VN                   06NOV43 HOSTILE,DIED-MISSINGBNR        MAY CLOVIS LEE                SGT ARMY          DEMING 22MAY69 S.VN                 14DEC44 HOSTILE,KILLED        MC CLURE CHRISTABOL TOBY      PFC MARINES       ALBUQ. 16JAN69 S.VN                 07JAN49 NON-HOS.DIED-OTHER        MC CRAW RONALD GENE           SGT ARMY          LOVINGTON 14MAR68 S.VN              27MAR47 HOSTILE,KILLED        MC FARLANE RICHARD DEAN       SP4 ARMY          SANTA FE 20SEP70 S.VN               11SEP45 NON-HOS.DIED-OTHER        MC KEAN GUY EDWIN JR          SGT ARMY          ALBUQ. 20NOV69 S.VN                 16JUL31 NON-HOS.DIED-OTHER        MC PHERSON STANLEY W          SP4 ARMY          HOBBS 19SEP67 S.VN                  17JAN43 HOSTILE,KILLED        MCINTIRE SCOTT WINSTON        LTCAIR FORCE      ALBUQ. 10DEC71 LAOS                 07JUL24 HOSTILE,DIED-MISSINGBNR        MEADOWS JOHN WILLIAM          SSGT ARMY         ALBUQ. 11NOV69 S.VN                 22OCT47 HOSTILE,KILLED        MECHEM JESSE                  1LT ARMY          LAS CRUCES 12FEB68 S.VN             23NOV44 HOSTILE,KILLED        MEHLHAFF RICHARD WAYNE        PVT ARMY          FARMINGTON 22MAY70 S.VN             08DEC50 NON-HOS.DIED-OTHER        MEUTE HOWARD MICHAEL          ADJ3 NAVY         ALAMOGORDO 23MAR69 S.VN             22AUG48 HOSTILE,KILLED        MIKE STEVEN                   PFC ARMY          GALLUP 06JAN71 S.VN                 05OCT50 NON-HOS.DIED-OTHER        MIRANDA PETER KALANI          SP5 ARMY          HOLLOMAN AFB 06DEC69 S.VN           06JUL48 HOSTILE,KILLED        MONTANEZ MIGUEL F             SP5 ARMY          CARLSBAD 26NOV68 S.VN               14AUG47 HOSTILE,DIED-WOUNDS        MONTOYA EUSEBIO               PFC MARINES       BERNALILLO 12NOV68 S.VN             28SEP49 HOSTILE,DIED-WOUNDS        MONTOYA JOE HERMAN            1LT MARINES       SANTA FE 20SEP70 S.VN               18NOV42 HOSTILE,KILLED        MONTOYA JOE NED               CPL ARMY          SAN JUAN PUEBLO 01AUG67 S.VN        19DEC39 NON-HOS.DIED-ILL,INJ        MONTOYA JOSE ALBINO           SGT ARMY          GRANTS 14JUN67 S.VN                 11NOV44 HOSTILE,KILLED        MONTOYA ROBERT GONZALES       PFC ARMY          RUIDOSO 01OCT67 S.VN                26AUG47 HOSTILE,KILLED        MONTOYA VICTOR H JR           PFC MARINES       LOS CORDOVAS 12MAY67 S.VN           13JAN48 HOSTILE,DIED-WOUNDS        MOORE JAMES MICHAEL           PFC MARINES       ALBUQ. 31AUG67 S.VN                 18APR48 HOSTILE,DIED-WOUNDS        MORALES GILBERT               SFC ARMY          SANTA FE 14JUL68 S.VN               05OCT26 NON-HOS.DIED-ILL,INJ        MORALES SAMUEL                SP4 ARMY          SERAFINA22APR68 S.VN                08JAN48 HOSTILE,KILLED        MORENO ANDRES JR              PVT ARMY          LAS CRUCES 05OCT70 S.VN             05DEC50 NON-HOS.DIED-OTHER        MORENO HILARIO                PFC MARINES       BELEN23NOV68 S.VN                   11JUN48 HOSTILE,KILLED        MORRIS MICHAEL JOHN           PFC MARINES       ALBUQ.16MAY68 S.VN                  23AUG49 HOSTILE,KILLED        MORRISSEY ROBERT DAVID        LTC AIR FORCE     ALBUQ. 11SEP78 N.VM                 24APR30 HOSTILE,DIED-MISSINGBNR        MUNIZ DANIEL HAROLD           PVT ARMY          DULCE 17MAY70 S.VN                  17MAY49 NON-HOS.DIED-OTHER        MUNSON ALVIN JAMES            PFC ARMY          ALBUQ. 13MAR68 S.VN                 19MAY49 HOSTILE,KILLED        MUSKETT WAYNE                 LCPL MARINES      SHIPROCK 26AUG69 S.VN               11AUG47 HOSTILE,DIED-WOUNDS        NABOURS JIMMIE FLOYD          WO ARMY           DEMING 30JUN70 CAM.                 08JAN44 HOSTILE,DIED-WOUNDS        NAVA FRANCIS XAVIER           CPL MARINES       SANTE FE 08SEP66 S.VN               25DEC46 HOSTILE,KILLED        NEELD BOBBY GENE              COL AIR FORCE     ALBUQ. 08JUN78 S.VN                 08OCT28 HOSTILE,DIED-MISSINGBNR        NOSEFF RONNIE LEE             CPL ARMY          HOBBS 25SEP66 S.VN                  30JUL47 HOSTILE,DIED-WOUNDS        NUNEZ GEORGE HENRY            SP4 ARMY          PICACHO 19JAN68 S.VN                22FEB47 HOSTILE,DIED-WOUNDS        NUNN SAMUEL JOHN              PFC MARINES       DEMING 10SEP68 S.VN                 18FEB49 HOSTILE,KILLED        OLDHAM JOHN SANDERS           MAJ MARINES       TINNIE 11JUN67 S.VN                 03JUL33 HOSTILE,KILLEDBNR        OROSCO STEPHEN                PFC MARINES       TULAROSA 18JUN69 S.VN               30APR50 HOSTILE,KILLED        ORTEGA RAMON FELIX JR         SSGT ARMY         TUCUMCARI 25JAN69 S.VN              12DEC45 HOSTILE,KILLED        PACHECO ANDREW JOSE           PFC ARMY          TUCUMCARI 18JUN68 S.VN              14DEC49 HOSTILE,KILLED        PACHECO JAIME                 SP4 ARMY          HOBBS 25MAY72 S.VN                  01MAR52 HOSTILE,KILLED        PADILLA PEDRO                 SGT MARINES       ALBUQ. 28MAR66 S.VN                 26MAR41 HOSTILE,KILLED        PATCH DONALD CHARLES          CAPT AIR FORCE    ALBUQ. 02OCT65 S.VN                 28AUG33 HOSTILE,KILLED        PEARSON KURT BYRON            CPL ARMY          DEMING 14OCT67 S.VN                 28DEC46 HOSTILE,KILLED        PEINA ERNEST DELBERT          SP4 ARMY          ZUNI 13SEP68 S.VN                   28MAR47 HOSTILE,KILLED        PENA JOHN                     SP4 ARMY          MONTEZUMA 24MAR67 S.VN              22JUN43 NON-HOS.DIED-ILL,INJ        PEREA JUANITO                 SP6 ARMY          ALBUQ. 28FEB68 S.VN                 18DEC40 HOSTILE,DIED-WOUNDS        PETERS JOHN THEODORE          LCPL MARINES      FAIRVIEW 14SEP68 S.VN               21NOV48 HOSTILE,DIED-WOUNDS        PHELPS LARRY DELTON           SP4 ARMY          ALBUQ. 16MAY68 S.VN                 08APR47 HOSTILE,KILLED        PHILLIPS GREGORY LEE          SP4 ARMY          ALBUQ. 04NOV68 S.VN                 28JUL48 HOSTILE,KILLED        PIERCE ROBERT LIVINGSTON      WO ARMY           ALBUQ. 25APR70 S.VN                 17JUN47 HOSTILE,DIED-MISSING        PLATERO RAYMOND               PFC ARMY          CANONCITO 26JAN70 S.VN              10MAR44 HOSTILE,KILLED        PLATO JIMMIE LEON             HN NAVY           HOBBS 15NOV66 S.VN                  12FEB47 NON-HOS.DIED-OTHER        PLATT RUSSELL LOWELL          CAPT AIR FORCE    LAS CRUCES 10MAY69 S.VN             25SEP42 NON-HOS.DIED-ILL,INJ        PORTER FRANK SOLIS            CPL ARMY          DEMING 30AUG68 S.VN                 25FEB47 HOSTILE,KILLED        PUCKETT HARRY LEE             PFC ARMY          ALBUQ. 15OCT68 S.VN                 01OCT48 NON-HOS.DIED-OTHER        PYLE CHRIS MONROE             HM2 NAVY          ALBUQ. 28MAY69 S.VN                 05APR48 HOSTILE,KILLED        QUEVEDO ANGEL ALARID          PFC ARMY          SANTA RITA 31OCT71 S.VN             29MAY51 NON-HOS.DIED-OTHER        QUINTANA SANTIAGO V E         PFC ARMY          SANTA FE 23MAY69 CAM.               06MAY49 HOSTILE,KILLED        RAMIREZ SAMUEL MEDINA         PFC MARINES       ARTESIA 25MAR66 S.VN                05NOV46 HOSTILE,KILLED        RANSDELL CURTIS H             SGT ARMY          FARMINGTON 07JUL66 S.VN             24JUN44 HOSTILE,KILLED        REA BILLY MC CALL             PFC MARINES       TIJERAS 09SEP68 S.VN                13JUL48 HOSTILE,KILLED        RIBERA ANTONIO                PFC ARMY          RATON 18JUL67 S.VN                  07MAY37 HOSTILE,KILLED        RICE HOWARD JACOB             CPL ARMY          HOBBS 08JUN67 S.VN                  15SEP46 HOSTILE,KILLED        RICKELS JOHN A                SGT ARMY          LOVINGTON 29JAN68 S.VN              31MAY44 HOSTILE,KILLED        RISNER JOHN MILTON            PFC MARINES       LAS CRUCES 26JUN66 S.VN             22JUN47 HOSTILE,KILLED        ROBERTS FREDDIE JOE           PFC ARMY          MELROSE 16MAR68 S.VN                25JUN47 HOSTILE,KILLED        ROBERTS JERRY MARCO           SP4 ARMY          HOBBS 11DEC67 S.VN                  30NOV46 NON-HOS.DIED-ILL,INJ        ROBERTS VIRGIL JESSIE         SP4 ARMY          AZTEC 22JAN69 S.VN                  20OCT47 HOSTILE,KILLED        ROBERTSON KENNETH LEE         SP4 ARMY          ALBUQ. 30NOV70 S.VN                 07FEB49 HOSTILE,KILLED        RODGERS LUIA                  PFC ARMY          ALAMOGORDA 29FEB68 S.VN             07JUN47 HOSTILE,KILLED        ROGERS JOHN DAVID             CPL MARINES       ALBUQ. 26MAY67 S.VN                 10DEC46 HOSTILE,KILLED        ROMAN VICTOR MUNOZ            SP4 ARMY          DEMING 28JUN69 S.VN                 22JUL45 HOSTILE,DIED-WOUNDS        ROMERO CHARLES ANTHONY        SP5 ARMY          ALBUQ. 05SEP69 S.VN                 13JUN48 HOSTILE,KILLED        ROMERO SAMMY CHACON           SP4 ARMY          ROSEWELL 23NOV68 S.VN               18FEB46 HOSTILE,KILLED        ROMERO TIMOTEO FRED           SGT ARMY          TAOS 28MAY70 S.VN                   12SEP49 HOSTILE,KILLED        ROMERO TRINE JR               PFC ARMY          ROSWELL 22JUN67 S.VN                04MAR47 HOSTILE,KILLED        ROWE SHARBER MAYFIELD         SGT MARINES       LAS CRUCES 07JUL68 S.VN             13MAY41 HOSTILE,KILLED        RUBIO RUBEN                   SGT ARMY          CLOVIS 06JUL71 S.VN                 15JUN50 HOSTILE,KILLED        SAENZ HECTOR MARIO            PFC ARMY          ROSWELL 22JUN67 S.VN                18APR47 HOSTILE,KILLED        SAENZ RICHARD                 PFC ARMY          DEMING 06OCT68 S.VN                 20JAN48 NON-HOS.DIED-OTHER        SAIZ FRED ROMAN               SP4 ARMY          BERNALILLO 02AUG66 S.VN             07OCT47 HOSTILE,DIED-MISSING        SALAZAR CRES PADILLA          CE3 NAVY          ALBUQ. 06JUL68 S.VN                 17JUL46 NON-HOS.DIED-OTHER        SALAZAR MEL ERNEST JR         2LT ARMY          ALBUQ. 19JAN70 S.VN                 16FEB49 HOSTILE,KILLED        SALAZAR PATRICK               LCPL MARINES      GRANTS 02DEC68 S.VN                 18JUL48 HOSTILE,KILLED        SANCHEZ CAMILO JAMES          SP4 ARMY          ALBUQ. 04MAR68 S.VN                 02DEC42 NON-HOS.DIED-OTHER        SANCHEZ CHARLES ANTHONY       CPL ARMY          MORA 13JUN71 S.VN                   27OCT50 HOSTILE,DIED-WOUNDS        SANCHEZ CRESENCIO PAUL        PFC MARINES       ROSWELL 04MAR66 S.VN                21DEC45 HOSTILE,KILLED        SANCHEZ JOSE L                SP4 ARMY          DEXTER 01JUN69 S.VN                 01AUG48 HOSTILE,KILLED        SANCHEZ JUAN DIEGO            PFC MARINES       ALBUQ. 22JUL66 S.VN                 01MAY48 HOSTILE,KILLED        SANCHEZ UVALDO                LCPL MARINES      ALBUQ. 21APR67 S.VN                 09SEP46 HOSTILE,KILLED        SANDERS JAMES GARLAND         SP5 ARMY          FARMINGTON 25OCT68 S.VN             09OCT47 HOSTILE,KILLED        SANDERS JULIUS MITCHELL       PFC MARINES       ROSWELL 25AUG66 S.VN                01NOV40 HOSTILE,KILLED        SANDFER WILLIE J JR           SSGT ARMY         TINNIE 24MAR69 S.VN                 16MAY29 HOSTILE,KILLED        SANDOVAL PHILLIP JAMES        CPLARMY           SANTA FE 09FEB71 S.VN               14FEB51 HOSTILE,DIED-WOUNDS        SAWYERS ROGER THURSTON        CAPT ARMY         CARLSBAD 02OCT67 S.VN               17AUG39 HOSTILE,DIED-MISSING        SEGURA MANUEL TIODORO         PFC ARMY          SANTE FE 03FEB68 S.VN               01JAN47 HOSTILE,KILLED        SENA BENNY                    PFC MARINES       ALBUQ. 25JUL66 S.VN                 03JUN47 HOSTILE,KILLED        SERNA RAYMOND                 SP4 ARMY          MOUNTAINAIR 12SEP69 S.VN            26FEB48 NON-HOS.DIED-OTHER        SERRANO FILEMON               PFC ARMY          FARMINGTON 20MAR69 S.VN             15DEC46 HOSTILE,KILLED        SHAW JOE CARL                 CAPT ARMY         PORTALES 21AUG69 S.VN               03JAN48 NON-HOS.DIED-OTHER        SILLIMAN JACK LLOYD           LCPL MARINES      CARLSBAD 03JUN69 S.VN               11SEP48 NON-HOS.DIED-ILL,INJ        SIMBOLA JOSE SCOTTY           PVT ARMY          ENASCO 17JUN66 S.VN                 07APR46 HOSTILE,KILLED        SIMONS GERALD SHIELDS         MAJ ARMY          ROSWELL08AUG66 S.VN                 31MAY30 NON-HOS.DIED-MISS.        SIMPKIN WALLACE FREDERICK     SSGT ARMY         ALAMOGORDO 17DEC68 S.VN             24SEP37 NON-HOS.DIED-OTHER        SIMPSON MAX COLEMAN           PFC ARMY          CARLSBAD 24JAN67 S.VN               28MAR44 NON-HOS.DIED-MISS.BNR        SISK ROBERT ALAN              CAPT ARMY         HURLEY 30JAN71 S.VN                 17JAN33 NON-HOS.DIED-ILL,INJ        SISNEROS ARTURO SYLVESTER     CPL ARMY          DEXTER 10MAY69 S.VN                 26NOV49 HOSTILE,KILLED        SISNEROS ROMAN                PFC ARMY          ANTON CHICO 29AUG67 S.VN            17JAN45 HOSTILE,KILLED        SKEET PATRICK                 SP4 ARMY          GALLUP 25FEB68 S.VN                 01JAN43 HOSTILE,KILLED        SMITH DANNY LE MOYNE          PVT ARMY          ALAMOGORDO 30JUN66 S.VN             06JUL44 HOSTILE,DIED-WOUNDS        SMITH JEFFERY NOLAN           HN NAVY           ALBUQ. 09DEC69 S.VN                 03MAR49 NON-HOS.DIED-ILL,INJ        SMITH JOL NEBANE              1LT ARMY          SANTA F E08AUG70 S.VN               30SEP44 HOSTILE,KILLED        SMITH LLOYD EDGAR             SP4 ARMY          PORTALES 22JUN67 S.VN               02OCT45 HOSTILE,KILLED        SMITH THOMAS FRANKLIN         SP4 ARMY          ROY 13DEC68 S.VN                    21MAY43 NON-HOS.DIED-OTHER        SPURGEON ROY STEPHEN          PFC MARINES       ALBUQ. 26FEB68 S.VN                 21JUL49 HOSTILE,KILLED        STAGER KENNETH L              SSGT ARMY         CLEARWATER 30MAY67 S.VN             02MAY45 HOSTILE,DIED-WOUNDS,STAKE        KENDALL ALBERT                SP4 ARMY          ALBUQ. 05APR68 S.VN                 23APR49 NON-HOS.DIED-ILL,INJ        STANLEY DON SCOTT             PVT MARINES       ALBUQ. 01JUL68 S.VN                 30APR48 HOSTILE,KILLED        STOLL DAVID LOUIS             CPL ARMY          CLOVIS 27OCT67 S.VN                 03SEP48 HOSTILE,KILLED        SUMMERS DONALD L              PFC ARMY          MAYHILL 15AUG66 S.VN                07FEB44 HOSTILE,KILLED        TAFOYA FLORENTINO JR          SGT MARINES       ALBUQ. 04NOV67 S.VN                 06OCT42 HOSTILE,KILLED        TAFOYA FRANK                  PFC ARMY          JEMEZ PUEBLO 15MAY67 S.VN           12DEC46 HOSTILE,DIED-WOUNDS        TAFOYA GEORGE ELOY            PFC ARMY          LA JOYA 11FEB68 S.VN                14APR44 HOSTILE,KILLED        TAFOYA JOHN OLIVIO            SP4 ARMY          ALBUQ. 24JAN69 S.VN                 24MAY50 HOSTILE,KILLED        TAFOYA MARK ALVAN             SGT MARINES       BELEN 02OCT70 S.VN                  30APR50 NON-HOS.DIED-OTHER        TARANGO MAGDALENO             LCPL MARINES      LORDSBURG 05MAR67 S.VN              22JUL46 HOSTILE,KILLED        TAYLOR BOBBY ALLEN            CPL MARINES       SILVER CITY 03FEB68 S.VN            14AUG48 HOSTILE,KILLED        TEETER KENNETH WARREN         SP5 ARMY          ALBUQ. 15JAN67 S.VN                 28AUG40 NON-HOS.DIED-OTHER        TEJADA HENRY LEROY            PFC MARINES       LAS VEGAS 19OCT68 S.VN              09AUG49 HOSTILE,KILLED        TENORIO RAFAEL GABRIEL        SP4 ARMY          SANTA ROSA 26JUN69 S.VN             31MAY48 HOSTILE,KILLED        TENORIO SAM                   SGT ARMY          ENCINO 28NOV67 S.VN                 02JAN48 HOSTILE,DIED-MISSING        TETER RANDALL KEITH           CPL ARMY          ALBUQ. 28DEC69 S.VN                 22MAR47 HOSTILE,KILLED        THARP HAROLD ALLEN JR         SP5 ARMY          ALAMOGORDO 12APR68 S.VN             23FEB43 HOSTILE,KILLED        THOMAS WILLIAM MICHAEL        PFC MARINES       CARLSBAD28JAN69 S.VN                01MAY49 HOSTILE,KILLED        THOMPSON JERRY ELMER          SP4 ARMY          ARTESIA 29APR69 S.VN                15MAY48 HOSTILE,DIED-WOUNDS        THORNTON LEO KEITH            SGT ARMY          FARMINGTON 27AUG66 S.VN             19JUL37 HOSTILE,DIED-MISSING        THORNTON STEPHEN H            WO ARMY           ALBUQ. 14NOV67 S.VN                 28MAY47 HOSTILE,DIED-MISSING        TICE WAYNE ARTAMUS            SP5 ARMY          GALLUP 19NOV68 S.VN                 03APR48 HOSTILE,DIED-WOUNDS        TOLEDO THOMAS AMBROSE         SP4 ARMY          JEMEZ PUEBLO 06MAR71 S.VN           24FEB50 HOSTILE,KILLED        TORREZ MANUEL ANTONIO         SP4 ARMY          RANCHES OF TAOS 26FEB67 S.VN        05MAY48 HOSTILE,KILLED        TOSA ANTONIO TONY             PVT ARMY          JEMEZ PUEBLO 17AUG71 S.VN           26MAR45 NON-HOS.DIED-OTHER        TRAINOR TERRY LEO             1LT ARMY          LOVINGTON 13MAR68 S.VN              25MAR47 HOSTILE,KILLED        TRUJILLO GABRIEL              SGT ARMY          RATON 15FEB71 S.VN                  09MAR50 HOSTILE,KILLED        TRUJILLO GREGORIO JR          SP4 ARMY          ALBUQ. 04DEC66 S.VN                 25OCT41 NON-HOS.DIED-OTHER        TRUJILLO JOSEPH FELIXG        SGT MARINES       DEMING 21JUN78 S.VN                 29JUL46 HOSTILE,DIED-MISSING        TRUJILLO PAUL                 PVT ARMY          RATON 04NOV71 S.VN                  25FEB43 NON-HOS.DIED-OTHER        TRUJILLO ROBERT STEVEN        SSGT ARMY         SANTA FE 27MAR78 S.VN               03AUG46 HOSTILE,DIED-MISSINGBNR        VALDEZ FRANK                  PFC ARMY          ALBUQ. 19MAR67 S.VN                 01JUL46 HOSTILE,KILLED        VALDEZ LEROY FRANK            SP4 ARMY          MORA 11MAY68 S.VN                   22MAY43 HOSTILE,DIED-WOUNDS        VALDEZ PHIL ISADORE           HN NAVY           DIXON 29JAN67 S.VN                  13APR46 HOSTILE,KILLED        VANN GARY STEVEN              BM3 NAVY          ALBUQ. 18MAY69 S.VN                 22SEP46 NON-HOS.DIED-OTHER        VELASQUEZ JULIAN VICTOR       SGT ARMY          WILLARD 02APR69 S.VN                15AUG41 HOSTILE,KILLED        VIGIL LAURENCIO               PFC ARMY          OCATE 11AUG69 S.VN                  01MAY48 HOSTILE,KILLED        WAIDE DONALD GILES            SSGT ARMY         CLAYTON07MAY68 S.VN                 18NOV45 HOSTILE,KILLED        WALKER BURTON KIMBALL         SFC ARMY          ALBUQ. 09FEB70 S.VN                 02SEP31 NON-HOS.DIED-OTHER        WALTER ALBERT MARION          SFCA RMY          ORGAN 23AUG68 S.VN                  03AUG29 HOSTILE,KILLED        WALTON WILLIAM LEROY          PFC ARMY          ALBUQ. 25APR66 S.VN                 11JAN42 HOSTILE,KILLED        WEBBER BRIAN LEE              1LT MARINES       ALBUQ. 08DEC68 S.VN                 01NOV44 HOSTILE,KILLED        WEST BENNIE LEE               CPL MARINES       ROSWELL 01SEP67 S.VN                26DEC46 HOSTILE,KILLED        WESTPHALL VICTOR D III        1LT MARINES       ALBUQ. 22MAY68 S.VN                 30JAN40 HOSTILE,KILLED        WHITLOW RONALD DAVID          HM3 NAVY          ALBUQ. 06AUG68 S.VN                 24NOV48 HOSTILE,KILLED        WILLARD JAMES MONROE          SGT ARMY          ALBUQ. 16SEP69 S.VN                 28JUL50 HOSTILE,KILLED        WILLIAMS DENNIS ALAN          PVT ARMY          FARMINGTON 24MAR69 S.VN             18MAR46 HOSTILE,KILLED        WILLIAMS THOMAS RALPH         SP4 ARMY          ALBUQ. 20JUN69 S.VN                 11FEB49 NON-HOS.DIED-OTHER        WILSON JOHN STANTON           CAPT ARMY         BELEN 23FEB69 S.VN                  11JAN41 HOSTILE,KILLED        WILSON JUAN JAY               LCPL MARINES      THOREAU14FEB69 S.VN                 10JAN47 HOSTILE,KILLED        WILSON LAVON STEPHEN          SP4 ARMY          ROSWELL 10FEB65 S.VN                15MAR44 HOSTILE,KILLED        WINKLES HARVIE PERRY III      HN NAVY           TEXICO 08DEC68 S.VN                 20APR48 HOSTILE,KILLED        WISEMAN BAIN WENDELL          JRWO ARMY         TRUTH OR CON. 23DEC70 S.VN          08NOV47 NON-HOS.DIED-OTHERBNR        WOLFE PAUL EDWARD             SP4 ARMY          PORTALES 02DEC70 S.VN               03MAY50 NON-HOS.DIED-ILL,INJ        YAZZIE DAN                    SP4 ARMY          CONT. DIVIDE 15MAY69 S.VN           11DEC48 NON-HOS.DIED-OTHER        YAZZIE JONES LEE              LCPL MARINES      TOHATCHI 04AUG68 S.VN               06JUL47 HOSTILE,KILLED        YAZZIE RAYMOND                CPL MARINES       CHURCH ROCK  26FEB69 S.VN           01JUN47 HOSTILE,KILLED        YOUNG STEPHEN ANDREW          WO ARMY           LAS CRUCES 09AUG69 S.VN             13APR48 HOSTILE,KILLED        ZAMORA CARLOS JR              SP5 ARMY          CARRIZOZO 28JAN66 S.VN              15JAN45 HOSTILE,KILLED        ZAMORA JUAN MANUEL            ALBACPL MARINES   LAS CRUCES 18JUL67 S.VN             05NOV46 HOSTILE,KILLED