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We want to record every person from NM who served in WW I. We also wish to provide a list of every person who died while in the service from NM. We also want to place online the WW I Draft Registration (cards) records for each NM County or as a state-wide index. If you had a ancestor or relative who served from NM in WW I, or who died in the service from any cause, please get all that information to me. The records are not always complete. Some people served under assumed names. We need to account for all. 
About the following list: This list was constructed from two sources. Darilee Bendar's transcription Excerpted from Soldiers of the Great War Memorial Edition, Vol III., compiled by W. M. Haulsee, F. G. Howe, A. C. Doyle, Soldiers Record Publishing Association, Washington, D.C.  And from Howard W. Henry's transcription of the Albuquerque Morning Journal for the year 11 December 1918, (which appears in the New Mexico Genealogist Military Issue, December 2003, pp. 235-238.) These lists are not identical, each having data the other does not. Please send corrections. Notice: Some may have entered service in another state, and may be listed in that state.
Last Name          Given Name        Place / Rank             Cause   Sources (see notes)Abeyta             Manuel            Chamisal /Private        WIA     Bendar/HaulseeAckerman           Harvey P.         Las Cruces /Private      KIA     Bendar/HaulseeAckerman           Harvey Paul       Las Cruces               KIA     Howard W. HenryAdain              Elmer R.          Albuquerque              DOW     Howard W. HenryAdair              Elmer R.          Albuquerque /Private     DOD     Bendar/HaulseeAguilar            Santiago          San Miguel /Private      KIA     Bendar/HaulseeAllingham          Godfrey           Silver City /Private     DOW     Bendar/HaulseeAllingham          Godfrey           Silver City              DOW     Howard W. HenryAlston             Oswald M.         Grant County             Other   Howard W. HenryAlter              Cecil William     Hagerman                 Other   Howard W. HenryAlvarez            Santiago          Salem /Private           WIA     Bendar/HaulseeAnalla             Pedro             Capitan or Tinnie        Other   Howard W. HenryAnderson           Andy H.           Tularosa /Private        WIA     Bendar/HaulseeAnderson           William           Van Heuten /Private      DOD     Bendar/HaulseeAnderson           William           Van Houten               Other   Howard W. HenryApplegate          Arthur Charles    Roy                      Other   Howard W. HenryAragon             Alonzo            Dawson /Private          DOW     Bendar/HaulseeAragon             Alonzo            Dawson                   DOW     Howard W. HenryArchuleta          Jose              Guadalupita /Private     DOW     Bendar/HaulseeArchuleta          Jose              Guadalupita              DOW     Howard W. HenryArchuleta          Jose E.           Reto /Private            DOW     Bendar/HaulseeArchuleta          Jose E.           El Rito                  DOW     Howard W. HenryArchuleta          Jose F.           Springer /Private        KIA     Bendar/HaulseeArchuleta          Patricio          Rowe /Private            WIA     Bendar/HaulseeArles              Dexter            Tyrone                   Other   Howard W. HenryArmijo             Marcos            El Paso                  DOW     Howard W. HenryAult               Frank E.          Old Albuq. /Private      WIA     Bendar/HaulseeBaca               Edmund G.         Shoemaker /Private       DOW     Bendar/HaulseeBaca               Edmund G.         Shoemaker                DOW     Howard W. HenryBaca               Federico          E. Las Vegas /Private    KIA     Bendar/HaulseeBaca               Federico E.       Las Vegas                KIA     Howard W. HenryBaca               Jose Manuel       Mountainair              Other   Howard W. HenryBaca               Raymundo          Pina                     Other   Howard W. HenryBaird              Reginald Edwin    Ochoa /Private           KIA     Bendar/HaulseeBaker              Ralph D.          Deming /Lieutenant       WIA     Bendar/HaulseeBaker              Walter Z.         Ft. Sumner               Other   Howard W. HenryBamert             Carl F.           Las Cruces /Private      KIA     Bendar/HaulseeBarney             Arthur M.         Grady /Corporal          DOD     Bendar/HaulseeBarney             Arthur M.         Glady                    Other   Howard W. HenryBarren             L. G.             Warren /Kenna            Other   Howard W. HenryBays               Jess              Tucumcari /Private       KIA     Bendar/HaulseeBeaver             Charles Walter    Corona                   Other   Howard W. HenryBeller             George S.         Bueyeros /Private        DOD     Bendar/HaulseeBellhouse          Brigido L.        Tyrone /Private          DOD     Bendar/HaulseeBerry              Benjamin J.       Carizozo /Lieutenant     DOW     Bendar/HaulseeBlakeney           Thomas J.         Hope /Private            KIA     Bendar/HaulseeBlakeney           Thomas J.         Hope                     KIA     Howard W. HenryBlakey             Yelverton C.      Nadine /Private          DOD     Bendar/HaulseeBlanchfield        Walter            Santa Rita               Other   Howard W. HenryBlasquez           Benjamin          Mora                     Other   Howard W. HenryBloom              Raymond           Roswell                  Other   Howard W. HenryBond               Leland S.         Corona /Corporal         DOD     Bendar/HaulseeBoteler            Wheeler A.        Allie /Cook              KIA     Bendar/HaulseeBradley            Floyd             Dexter /Private          DOD     Bendar/HaulseeBradley            Floyd             Roswell                  Other   Howard W. HenryBragdon            Solomon A.        Trementina               Other   Howard W. HenryBrault             Joseph Franklin   Albuquerque              Other   Howard W. HenryBreaux             Leonard Chester   Silver City              Other   Howard W. HenryBrogdon            Solomon A.        Trementina /Private      DOD     Bendar/HaulseeBrownlee           Paul              Las Cruces               Other   Howard W. HenryBrueggen           Joseph            Raton                    Other   Howard W. HenryBuell              W. L.             Artesia                  Other   Howard W. HenryBurchett           Orvel             Field /Private           DOD     Bendar/HaulseeBurghett           Orvel             St. Vrain                Other   Howard W. HenryBurleson           Marrey Andrew     Lakewood                 Other   Howard W. HenryBurne              Kenneth K.        Rodeo                    KIA     Howard W. HenryBurns              Kenneth K.        Rodeo /Sergeant          KIA     Bendar/HaulseeBurr               Hugh E.           Deming                   Other   Howard W. HenryBustamante         Eduardo           Socorro                  Other   Howard W. HenryCamp               Ennis J.          Vaughn                   Other   Howard W. HenryCampbell           Joseph Frank      Cloudcroft               Other   Howard W. HenryCandelaria         Joseph A.         Estancia                 Other   Howard W. HenryCandelaria         Onofre            Old Albuquerque          Other   Howard W. HenryCarabajal          Alberto           Wilard /Private          KIA     Bendar/HaulseeCarabajal          Alberto           Willard                  KIA     Howard W. HenryCarabajal          Leopold           Armijo                   DOW     Howard W. HenryCarbarajal         Leopolde          Armijo /Private          DOW     Bendar/HaulseeCardenas           Maximiliano       (Gardenas)               KIA     Howard W. HenryCardon             Candelario        Las Cruces               Other   Howard W. HenryCardon             Condelario Jr.    Las Cruces /Private      KIA     Bendar/HaulseeCarlisle           Hugh A.           Albuquerque /Private     DOD     Bendar/HaulseeCarlisle           Hugh A.           Albuquerque              Other   Howard W. HenryCasey              Thomas F.         Santa Rita /Private      DOW     Bendar/HaulseeCastro             Ereneo            Los Lunas /Private       DOD     Bendar/HaulseeCatti              John              Allison /Private         DOD     Bendar/HaulseeCatti              John (Italian)    Allison                  Other   Howard W. HenryChavez             Cisto R.          Puerto de Luna /Pvt.     DA      Bendar/HaulseeChavez             Crecencio         Cerro                    Other   Howard W. HenryChavez             Enriquez          Turley                   Other   Howard W. HenryChavez             Eutimio           San Rafael /Private      KIA     Bendar/HaulseeChavez             Joaquin           Corvio /Private          DOW     Bendar/HaulseeChavez             Juaquin           Tularosa                 Other   Howard W. HenryChavez             Manuel            Las Vegas /Private       KIA     Bendar/HaulseeChavez             Ricardo           San Pedro                Other   Howard W. HenryChavez             Santiago          Las Palomas              Other   Howard W. HenryCheely             Simon             Clovis                   KIA     Howard W. HenryChretin            Gus               Gallup                   KIA     Howard W. HenryClayton            Charles Frederick Mayhill                  KIA     Howard W. HenryCole               James E.          Roy /Private             DA      Bendar/HaulseeCollister          Tom F.            Gallup                   Other   Howard W. HenryCook               Stanley J.        Roswell                  Other   Howard W. HenryCooper             Miles E.          Callegas /Private        DOD     Bendar/HaulseeCooper             Miles E.          Galigas                  Other   Howard W. HenryCordova            Jose E.           Questa /Private          DOW     Bendar/HaulseeCordova            Jose E.           Questa                   DOW     Howard W. HenryCornehlson         Theodor G.        Lacco /Private           DOD     Bendar/HaulseeCoulter            William           Columbus                 Other   Howard W. HenryCox                Ivey Elmer        Hope                     Other   Howard W. HenryCrespin            Samuel            San Pablo                Other   Howard W. HenryCross              Jesse Riley       Estancia /Private        DA      Bendar/HaulseeCross              Jesse Riley       Estancia                 Other   Howard W. HenryCuellan            Samuel            San Marcial /Private     WIA     Bendar/HaulseeCurry              Samuel T.         Clayton                  Other   Howard W. HenryCurtis             Magdalena         Roswell                  Other   Howard W. HenryDavis              Isaac J.          Albuquerque              Other   Howard W. HenryDavison            Clarence W.       Roswell /Private         DOD     Bendar/HaulseeDay                Harry M.          St. Vrain /Private       KIA     Bendar/HaulseeDay                Harry M.          St. Vrain                KIA     Howard W. HenryDearman            Jim               Carrizozo /Wagoner       DOD     Bendar/HaulseeDel                Valle Augustine   Bernalillo /Private      DOD     Bendar/HaulseeDelgar             Max               Aragon /Private          KIA     Bendar/HaulseeDelora             Santiago          Santa Fe                 Other   Howard W. HenryDiMauro            Vidal V.          Old Albuquerque          Other   Howard W. HenryDoran              Frank M.          Albuquerque              Other   Howard W. HenryDraper             Bruce             Gallup                   Other   Howard W. HenryDuffy              John              Greenville /Private      DOD     Bendar/HaulseeDuffy              John              Greenville               Other   Howard W. HenryDuke               William J.        Rogers /Private          WIA     Bendar/HaulseeDuran              Daniel J.         Private                  WIA     Bendar/HaulseeEhart              John              Weed                     Other   Howard W. HenryEhly               Victor P.         Hayden /Private          DA      Bendar/HaulseeEhly               Victor P.         Hayden                   Other   Howard W. HenryEipper             Jesse R.          Artesia /Private         DOD     Bendar/HaulseeElliott            Earl              Hanely /Private          KIA     Bendar/HaulseeElliott            Earl              Hanley                   KIA     Howard W. HenryElpier             Jesse R.          Artesia                  Other   Howard W. HenryEmery              Robert H.         Deming /Private          KIA     Bendar/HaulseeEnglish            James H.          Jal                      Other   Howard W. HenryFaris              Norman D.         Ute Park                 DOW     Howard W. HenryFaris              Norman L.         Ute Park /Corporal       DOW     Bendar/HaulseeFarley             Ellis             Clayton                  Other   Howard W. HenryFicklin            Alvin             Estancia /Private        DOW     Bendar/HaulseeFicklin            Alvin             Estancia                 DOW     Howard W. HenryFisher             Edward D.         Plain /Private           DOW     Bendar/HaulseeFisher             Edward D. T.      Plain                    DOW     Howard W. HenryFitch              Henry F.          Las Cruces /Private      WIA     Bendar/HaulseeFord               Morris A.         Alma /Private            DOW     Bendar/HaulseeFord               Morris A.         Alma                     Other   Howard W. HenryFox                Oscar D.          Albuquerque              Other   Howard W. HenryFrancis            Jesse C.          Clovis /Private          DOD     Bendar/HaulseeFresquez           Fidel             Arroyo Hondo             Other   Howard W. HenryFrieize            Albino G.         Mesilla                  Other   Howard W. HenryGale               Hugh K.           Liberty /Private         KIA     Bendar/HaulseeGale               Hugh K.           Liberty                  KIA     Howard W. HenryGallegos           Biterbo           Central /Private         KIA     Bendar/HaulseeGallegos           Biterho           Central                  KIA     Howard W. HenryGallegos           Herminio          San Marcial /Private     KIA     Bendar/HaulseeGallegos           Herminio          San Marcial              KIA     Howard W. HenryGallegos           Jose T.           Talpa                    KIA     Howard W. HenryGallegos           Joseph            Talpa /Private           KIA     Bendar/HaulseeGallegos           Joseph G.         Pagosa Junction CO       Other   Howard W. HenryGallegos           Manuel N.         Central /Private         KIA     Bendar/HaulseeGallegos           Manuel N.         Central                  KIA     Howard W. HenryGallegos           Miguel A.         El Rito                  KIA     Howard W. HenryGalloway           Chas. M.          East Baugh. /Private     KIA     Bendar/HaulseeGalloway           Willard W.        Clovis /Private          DOD     Bendar/HaulseeGalloway           Willard W.        Clovis                   Other   Howard W. HenryGandert            Frederick Wm.     Holman /Private          DOW     Bendar/HaulseeGaranillo          Antonio           San Antonio /Private     KIA     Bendar/HaulseeGarcia             Andres            Chaperto /Private        KIA     Bendar/HaulseeGarcia             Atanacio S.       Albuquerque /Private     KIA     Bendar/HaulseeGarcia             Atanacio S.       Duranes                  KIA     Howard W. HenryGarcia             Joseph P.         Albuquerque /Private     DOW     Bendar/HaulseeGarcia             Joseph P.         Albuquerque              DOW     Howard W. HenryGarcia             Luis              Albuquerque              Other   Howard W. HenryGarcia             Placido           Albuquerque /Private     KIA     Bendar/HaulseeGarcia             Placido           Albuquerque              KIA     Howard W. HenryGarcia             Simon             Gobernador /Private      KIA     Bendar/HaulseeGarcia             Simplicio A.      Zuni                     KIA     Howard W. HenryGarcia             Solomon           Chilili                  Other   Howard W. HenryGardena            Maximiliano       Maxwell /Private         DOD     Bendar/HaulseeGardenas           Maximiliano       Maxwell                  Other   Howard W. HenryGarner             Charles A.        St. Vegas /Private       KIA     Bendar/HaulseeGarner             Charles A. E.     Las Vegas                KIA     Howard W. HenryGary               Marion            Eagle Hill /Private      DOW     Bendar/HaulseeGary               Marion            Eagle Hill               DOW     Howard W. HenryGayle              Fred W.           Roswell                  KIA     Howard W. HenryGeorge             Melvin W.         Artesia /Private         WIA     Bendar/HaulseeGeorge             Ona               Avis City                Other   Howard W. HenryGobble             Conley            Lincoln                  KIA     Howard W. HenryGolding            Frederick Blakner Silver City              Other   Howard W. HenryGomez              Max               Socorro                  Other   Howard W. HenryGonzales           Benardino         Glorieta                 Other   Howard W. HenryGonzales           Delfide           Tucumcari /Private       KIA     Bendar/HaulseeGonzales           Delfido           Tucumcari                KIA     Howard W. HenryGonzales           Evangelisto       Silver City /Private     KIA     Bendar/HaulseeGonzales           Silvio            Albuquerque              Other   Howard W. HenryGoodwin            William           Alamogordo               Other   Howard W. HenryGoodwin            William H.        Clovis                   KIA     Howard W. HenryGoodwin            Wm. H.            Clovis /Private          KIA     Bendar/HaulseeGrafton            Milus J.          Parsons                  Other   Howard W. HenryGraham             Alva H.           Roosevelt /Private       DOD     Bendar/HaulseeGrande             Diamante          Albuquerque              Other   Howard W. HenryGraves             Claud P.          Thornham /Private        KIA     Bendar/HaulseeGraves             Francis           Silver City              Other   Howard W. HenryGray               Ed A.             Las Cruces/ Lieutenant   DOW     Bendar/HaulseeGray               Ed. A.            Las Cruces               KIA     Howard W. HenryGreer              William Randall   Oscura                   Other   Howard W. HenryGregg              Francis M.        Buchanan /Private        KIA     Bendar/HaulseeGreriro            Dominique         Albuquerque              Other   Howard W. HenryGriego             Elisco            Albuquerque /Private     KIA     Bendar/HaulseeGriego             Emilio            Embudo /Private          DOD     Bendar/HaulseeGriego             Emilio            Embudo                   Other   Howard W. HenryGriego             Maximo            Progreso /Private        KIA     Bendar/HaulseeGriego             Maximo            Pinos Altos              KIA     Howard W. HenryGriffeth           Wesley            Elwood Dedman /Private   DOW     Bendar/HaulseeGriffin            James D.          Clovis                   Other   Howard W. HenryGriffith           James D.          Clovis                   DOW     Howard W. HenryGriffith           Wesley E.         Dedman                   DOW     Howard W. HenryGrizzell           Walter            Armston Eunice           Other   Howard W. HenryGuerne             C. A.             Silver City              Other   Howard W. HenryGuyer              John H.           Clayton                  Other   Howard W. HenryGymlinch                             Lordsburg                KIA     Howard W. HenryHadlock            Jesse D.          Hyer (Hyder?)            Other   Howard W. HenryHagee              Robert J.         Alto /Private            DOD     Bendar/HaulseeHaggee             Robert James      Alto                     Other   Howard W. HenryHall               Emmet Carroll     Dedman /Private          KIA     Bendar/HaulseeHamilton           Roy               Carrizozo /Private       KIA     Bendar/HaulseeHamilton           Roy               Lincoln                  KIA     Howard W. HenryHanson             Walter R.         Dedman                   Other   Howard W. HenryHarding            Charles A.        Gallup /Private          KIA     Bendar/HaulseeHarris             Al                Cimarron                 KIA     Howard W. HenryHarris             Glen S.           Clovis                   Other   Howard W. HenryHartman            Henery I.         Springer /Corporal       WIA     Bendar/HaulseeHarvey             Robert J.         Cowles                   Other   Howard W. HenryHatcher            Clyde             Tucumcari /Private       WIA     Bendar/HaulseeHately             Morgan D.         Aztec /Private           WIA     Bendar/HaulseeHays               Albert            Alamogordo /Private      WIA     Bendar/HaulseeHayward            Carlos L.         Farmington               Other   Howard W. HenryHeath              Faris             Artesia                  Other   Howard W. HenryHemphill           Charles           Mosquero                 KIA     Howard W. HenryHeneise            Charles W.        Melrose Corporal         KIA     Bendar/HaulseeHenise             Charles W.        Melrose                  KIA     Howard W. HenryHernandez          Calistro          Roswell                  KIA     Howard W. HenryHerrera            Cristobal         Derry                    Other   Howard W. HenryHerrera            Paul              Rociada /Private         KIA     Bendar/HaulseeHerrera            Thomas            Wagon Mound /Private     KIA     Bendar/HaulseeHerrera            Tomas             Wagon Mound              KIA     Howard W. HenryHill               Theodore          Las Vegas                DOW     Howard W. HenryHill               Willard           Socorro                  Other   Howard W. HenryHolland            Charlie F.        Ochoa /Private           DOD     Bendar/HaulseeHoover             Floyd C.          Cuervo /Cook             KIA     Bendar/HaulseeHooves             Floyd             Cuervo                   KIA     Howard W. HenryHorrocks           Harry             Gallup                   Other   Howard W. HenryHoskins            Chas. W.          Farmington /Private      WIA     Bendar/HaulseeHoskins            Leonard C.        E. Las Vegas /Lieut.     KIA     Bendar/HaulseeHoskins            Leonard E.        Las Vegas                KIA     Howard W. HenryHoston             William           Buckhorn /Private        WIA     Bendar/HaulseeHousewirth         George            Ft. Bayard               Other   Howard W. HenryHudman             Allen Warren      Cloudcroft               Other   Howard W. HenryHughes             Harvey            Carrizozo                Other   Howard W. HenryHumphreys          Lee               Maxwell                  Other   Howard W. HenryHuntewski          Albert            Albuquerque              Other   Howard W. HenryHuntington         Merle W.          Tucumcari /Lieutenant    DOD     Bendar/HaulseeHutchinson         Robert J.         El Paso TX               Other   Howard W. HenryJacquez            Pedro             Silver City /Private     KIA     Bendar/HaulseeJanney             Arthur            Hanover /Private         DOW     Bendar/HaulseeJanney             Arthur            Hanover                  DOW     Howard W. HenryJaramillo          Antonio           San Antonio /Private     WIA     Bendar/HaulseeJaramillo          Libraeto          Zuni /Private            KIA     Bendar/HaulseeJaramillo          Manuel            Tijeras/Albuquerque      Other   Howard W. HenryJennings           Claud E.          Santa Pita /Private      DOD     Bendar/HaulseeJennings           Claud Earl        Santa Rita               Other   Howard W. HenryJohnson            Orval             Buckhorn                 Other   Howard W. HenryJohnson            Samuel H.         Datil                    Other   Howard W. HenryJones              Clayton           Cloudcroft               Other   Howard W. HenryJones              Col. W. A.        Fleming Philadelphia     Other   Howard W. HenryJones              Hartwell H.       Duranes /Private         DOD     Bendar/HaulseeJones              Hartwell H.       Duran                    Other   Howard W. HenryJulyan             Howard I.         Clovis                   Other   Howard W. HenryKeller             John O.           Nogal /Private           WIA     Bendar/HaulseeKeller             Robert F.         Nogal /Private           WIA     Bendar/HaulseeKepple             Clarence G.       Artesia Mechanic         KIA     Bendar/HaulseeKepple             Clarence G.       Artesia                  KIA     Howard W. HenryKetner             Palmer Jr.        Gallup                   KIA     Howard W. HenryKetner             Palmor            Gallup /2nd Lieutenant   DOW     Bendar/HaulseeKing               John Carter       Taylor Springs           Other   Howard W. HenryKirkpatrick        Isaac R.          Tucumcari /Lieutenant    DA      Bendar/HaulseeLaharty            George C.         French /Private          DOD     Bendar/HaulseeLaherty            George C.         French                   Other   Howard W. HenryLambert            Memory Lee        Clovis                   Other   Howard W. HenryLang               Accua E.          Hagerman /Private        KIA     Bendar/HaulseeLang               Acena E.          Hagerman                 KIA     Howard W. HenryLangendorf         Louis R.          Alamogordo /Private      DOD     Bendar/HaulseeLanier             Wilson G.         Des Moines               Other   Howard W. HenryLanzendorf         Louis R.          Albuquerque              Other   Howard W. HenryLanzendorf         Roy               Alamogordo               Other   Howard W. HenryLedbetter          Charles W.        Clovis /Corporal         KIA     Bendar/HaulseeLedbetter          Charles Wilson    Clovis                   Other   Howard W. HenryLefebre            Benjamin          Ocate /Private           KIA     Bendar/HaulseeLefebre            Benjamin          Ocae                     KIA     Howard W. HenryLembke             Charles H.        Albuquerque /Lieutenant  KIA     Bendar/HaulseeLeonard            Norman            Albuquerque              Other   Howard W. HenryLight              John B.           Mescalero                Other   Howard W. HenryLightfoot          Culie             Fierro /Sergeant         KIA     Bendar/HaulseeLightfoot          Culie             Fierro                   KIA     Howard W. HenryLilly              Elcie             Alamogordo /Private      WIA     Bendar/HaulseeLindly             Henry A.          Lincoln /Private         DOD     Bendar/HaulseeLindsey            Fred M.           Carrizozo                Other   Howard W. HenryLivesay            Joseph R.         Anthony /Sergeant        DOW     Bendar/HaulseeLong               Hanford B.        Gallup                   Other   Howard W. HenryLongbotham         Roger             Lower Peņasco            Other   Howard W. HenryLopez              Adolfo            Tinaja /Private          DOW     Bendar/HaulseeLopez              Adolfo            Maxwell                  DOW     Howard W. HenryLopez              Arturo            Las Vegas                Other   Howard W. HenryLopez              Maximiano         Isidor /Private          WIA     Bendar/HaulseeLopez              Richard G.        Las Cruces               Other   Howard W. HenryLucas              Everett D.        Clovis /Private          KIA     Bendar/HaulseeLucas              Everett D.        Clovis                   KIA     Howard W. HenryLucero             Octaviano         Taos /Private            DOD     Bendar/HaulseeLujan              Daniel            Taos                     Other   Howard W. HenryLujan              Henry Pojoaque    Pojoaque /Private        WIA     Bendar/HaulseeLusk               Wilard T.         Roswell /Lieutenant      KIA     Bendar/HaulseeMacumber           March H.          Clovis /Private          DOW     Bendar/HaulseeMaddox             Ralph Roswell                              Other   Howard W. HenryMadrid             Agapito           Arroyo Seco /Private     KIA     Bendar/HaulseeMadrid             Francisco E.      Las Cruces /Private      DOW     Bendar/HaulseeMadrid             Francisco E.      Las Cruces               DOW     Howard W. HenryMadrid             Jose L.           Tucumcari /Private       KIA     Bendar/HaulseeMadrid             Jose L.           Hilario                  KIA     Howard W. HenryMadrid             Juan Manuel       Arroyo Seco              Other   Howard W. HenryMaestas            Alfonso L.        Ocate /Private           KIA     Bendar/HaulseeMaestas            Alfonso T.        Le Doux /Private         KIA     Bendar/HaulseeMaestas            Reynaldo          Cimarron                 KIA     Howard W. HenryMaldonado          Ezikiel           Mountainair              Other   Howard W. HenryMares              Eugenio           Trenchera /Private       DOD     Bendar/HaulseeMares              Francisco         Cabeson /Private         DA      Bendar/HaulseeMares              Francisco         Guadalupe                Other   Howard W. HenryMares              Luis E.           East Raton /Private      DOD     Bendar/HaulseeMares              Samuel            Clayton /Private         KIA     Bendar/HaulseeMarriott           Charles A.        Tyrone                   Other   Howard W. HenryMartinez           Abram             Rancho Detaos /Private   KIA     Bendar/HaulseeMartinez           Abran             Ranchos de Taos          Other   Howard W. HenryMartinez           Alejandro         Las Vegas /Private       KIA     Bendar/HaulseeMartinez           Alejandro E.      Las Vegas                KIA     Howard W. HenryMartinez           Cepheno           Cimarron /Private        DOD     Bendar/HaulseeMartinez           Cipriano          Cimarron /Private        DOD     Bendar/HaulseeMartinez           Cipriano          Cimarron /Private        DA      Bendar/HaulseeMartinez           Felix             Cuchillo /Private        DOW     Bendar/HaulseeMartinez           Felix             Cuchillo                 DOW     Howard W. HenryMartinez           Gregorio          E.Las Vegas /Private     KIA     Bendar/HaulseeMartinez           Gregorio E.       Las Vegas                KIA     Howard W. HenryMartinez           Jesus             Chamisa /Private         KIA     Bendar/HaulseeMartinez           Manuel            Taos                     KIA     Howard W. HenryMartinez           Pendencio         Chimayo /Private         WIA     Bendar/HaulseeMartinez           Traquilino        Kelly /Private           DOW     Bendar/HaulseeMason              Earle             Tyrone Lieutenant        DOD     Bendar/HaulseeMcClure            William W.        Carlsbad                 Other   Howard W. HenryMcCune             Lonidas H.        Clayton /Private         WIA     Bendar/HaulseeMcDaniel           Thomas R.         Aztec /Private           WIA     Bendar/HaulseeMcDaniels          Thomas R.         Largo                    KIA     Howard W. HenryMcDermott          Frank C.          Portales /Private        KIA     Bendar/HaulseeMcDermott          Frank C.          Portales                 KIA     Howard W. HenryMcDonald           Floyd             Roswell                  KIA     Howard W. HenryMcInturff          Jas. Franklin     Portales                 KIA     Howard W. HenryMcKeen             Donald J.         Santa Rita               Other   Howard W. HenryMcMillan           Lanning Ross      Corona CA                KIA     Howard W. HenryMcNamara                             Carrizozo                Other   Howard W. HenryMcNew              Ely A.            Alamogordo /Cook         DOD     Bendar/HaulseeMcNew              Ely Albert        Alamogordo               Other   Howard W. HenryMcNutt             Gilbert           Albuquerque /Private     KIA     Bendar/HaulseeMcPherson          Oscar S.          Roswell                  Other   Howard W. HenryMcReynolds         Verdie J.         Claud                    KIA     Howard W. HenryMcReynolds         Verdie James      Claud /Private           KIA     Bendar/HaulseeMedina             Alijando          Taos /Private            WIA     Bendar/HaulseeMeyer              Carl H.           Laluz /Private           DOD     Bendar/HaulseeMierra             Santiago          Rosa                     Other   Howard W. HenryMiller             Clyde             Hurley                   Other   Howard W. HenryMitchell           Walter Clay       Carlsbad                 Other   Howard W. HenryMoeao              Joe               Gallup                   Other   Howard W. HenryMontgomery         Charles F.        Roswell                  Other   Howard W. HenryMontoya            Albino            La Cruces /Private       KIA     Bendar/HaulseeMontoya            Felipe B.         Las Vegas                Other   Howard W. HenryMontoya            Jose C.           Santa Fe /Private        KIA     Bendar/HaulseeMontoya            Philip B.         Las Vegas /Private       KIA     Bendar/HaulseeMontoya            Teococio          Mora                     Other   Howard W. HenryMoore              Charles           Springer                 Other   Howard W. HenryMoore              Earnest L.        Raton                    KIA     Howard W. HenryMora               Felipe            Engle /Private           WIA     Bendar/HaulseeMoreno             Francisco         La Mesa                  Other   Howard W. HenryMorgan             Richard           Carrizozo                Other   Howard W. HenryMorris             Frank W.          Eagle Hill               Other   Howard W. HenryMoya               Joseph K.         Los Caņons               Other   Howard W. HenryMoya               Louis             Arrabela /Private        DOD     Bendar/HaulseeMoya               Louis             Arabela                  Other   Howard W. HenryMueller            Dr. H. J.         Las Vegas                Other   Howard W. HenryMuherlyn           Frank             Eagle Hill               Other   Howard W. HenryMyer               Carlos H.         La Luz                   Other   Howard W. HenryNaderhoff          Donald P.         Silver City              Other   Howard W. HenryNaranjo            Francisco         Socorro /Private         DOD     Bendar/HaulseeNaranjo            Joe R.            Espanola /Private        KIA     Bendar/HaulseeNorbeck            Virgil A.         Knowles /Private         DOD     Bendar/HaulseeNorman             William S.        McIntosh /Private        WIA     Bendar/HaulseeOlson              Arthur C.         Coy /Private             DOD     Bendar/HaulseeOlson              Arthur C.         Springer                 Other   Howard W. HenryOrtega             Manuel            Peralta /Private         KIA     Bendar/HaulseeOrtega             Maximo            Elvira /Private          KIA     Bendar/HaulseeOrtega             Maximo            Elvira                   Other   Howard W. HenryOtero              Benjamin          Los Lunas /Corporal      WIA     Bendar/HaulseeOtero              Luis              Albuquerque /Private     DA      Bendar/HaulseeOtero              Luis              Albuquerque              Other   Howard W. HenryPadilla            Elisic            Magdalena /Private       DOD     Bendar/HaulseePadilla            Louis             Old Albuq. /Private      WIA     Bendar/HaulseePalee              Stanley Cecil     Las Vegas                Other   Howard W. HenryPark               Charlie S.        Gardner /Private         DOW     Bendar/HaulseeParker             John F.           Santa Fe /Private        KIA     Bendar/HaulseeParker             John F.           Silver City              KIA     Howard W. HenryPatten             William R.        Mogollon /Private        DOW     Bendar/HaulseePatterson          Carter            Taiban                   KIA     Howard W. HenryPeirce             Paul S.           Norton /Private          DOW     Bendar/HaulseePena               Jose N.           Albuquerque /Private     DOW     Bendar/HaulseePena               Porfiro           Belen /Private           DOW     Bendar/HaulseePeņa               Porfiro           El Bosque                DOW     Howard W. HenryPepin              Robert S.         Flora Vista /Private     KIA     Bendar/HaulseePerea              Jose              Santa Fe /Private        DOW     Bendar/HaulseePeshia             Lewis C.          Socorro /Private         DOD     Bendar/HaulseePeterso            Chris             Gallup                   KIA     Howard W. HenryPeterson           Chris             Gallup /Private          KIA     Bendar/HaulseePickett            Glenn H.          Abbott Sergeant          KIA     Bendar/HaulseePierce             Wilber F.         Farmington /Private      DOD     Bendar/HaulseePierce             Wilbur F.         Farmington               Other   Howard W. HenryPoindexter         James R.          Portales /Private        WIA     Bendar/HaulseePutner             Albert J.         Cuervo Wagoner           DOD     Bendar/HaulseeQuesenberry        Joseph            Las Cruces Lieutenant    DOW     Bendar/HaulseeQuesenberry        Joseph            Las Cruces               DOW     Howard W. HenryRael               Aparicio          Santa Rosa               KIA     Howard W. HenryRamisez            Manuel            Cerrillos /Private       WIA     Bendar/HaulseeRamsey             Carl              Magdalena                Other   Howard W. HenryRamsey             Wilbur A.         Tunis                    Other   Howard W. HenryRangle             Juan              Folsom                   Other   Howard W. HenryReynolds           Emilio            Mesilla                  Other   Howard W. HenryRhoades            Lee               Tucumcari                Other   Howard W. HenryRichmond           William H.        Dereno /Private          DAQ     Bendar/HaulseeRiggs              Alberto A.        Steins                   KIA     Howard W. HenryRingland           Soren             Silver City              Other   Howard W. HenryRitchie            Jesse T.          Gallup /Private          DOW     Bendar/HaulseeRobb               Raymond           Watrous                  Other   Howard W. HenryRockett            Ben L.            Quay County              Other   Howard W. HenryRodrigue           Daniel            Hillsboro /Private       DOW     Bendar/HaulseeRodriguez          Cristoval         Aragon                   Other   Howard W. HenryRodriquez          Daniel            Hillsboro                DOW     Howard W. HenryRomero             Antonio D.        Las Trampas              Other   Howard W. HenryRomero             Frank B.          Levy                     Other   Howard W. HenryRomero             Luis              Aragon                   Other   Howard W. HenryRomero             Roman             Grant                    Other   Howard W. HenryRomero             Toney             Trampas /Private         DOD     Bendar/HaulseeRoss               Benjamin F.       Artesia /Private         KIA     Bendar/HaulseeRoss               Leo L.            Solano /Sergeant         WIA     Bendar/HaulseeRoybal             Malagnias         Wagon Mound /Private     DOD     Bendar/HaulseeRoybal             Malquias          Wagon Mound              Other   Howard W. HenryRoybal             Vincente F.       Espanola /Private        DOD     Bendar/HaulseeRoybal             Vinciente F.      Copanola                 Other   Howard W. HenryRuiz               Narciso           Albuquerque /Private     DOD     Bendar/HaulseeRummell            Donald            Harry Albuquerque /Crpl. DOW     Bendar/HaulseeRummell            Donald H.         Albuquerque              DOW     Howard W. HenrySalazar            Manuel            Rosa /Private            DOW     Bendar/HaulseeSalazar            Manuel            Rosa                     DOW     Howard W. HenrySalazar            Samuel            Lumberton                Other   Howard W. HenrySammons            Robert            Springer /Private        DA      Bendar/HaulseeSamora             Pete              Water Canyon             Other   Howard W. HenrySamora             Santiago          Water Canyon             Other   Howard W. HenrySanches            Eilud             Pajarito                 Other   Howard W. HenrySanchez            Presiliano        Taos                     Other   Howard W. HenrySanchez            Solomon           Raton /Private           KIA     Bendar/HaulseeSanchez            Susano            San Patricio             Other   Howard W. HenrySavedra            Jose L.           Polvodcra /Private       KIA     Bendar/HaulseeSchaller           John G.           Tularosa /Private        DA      Bendar/HaulseeSegura             Estevan           Cerro                    Other   Howard W. HenryShannon            Scorr             Roswell                  Other   Howard W. HenryShivey             Joseph T.         Mosquero                 Other   Howard W. HenrySilva              Toribio           Magdalena                Other   Howard W. HenrySimpson            Charles E.        Taos                     Other   Howard W. HenrySisneros           Tomas             Taos                     Other   Howard W. HenrySmith              Charlie Wilson    Clayton                  Other   Howard W. HenrySmith              Clifton V.        Hagerman /Private        WIA     Bendar/HaulseeSmith              Moses S.          Portales                 Other   Howard W. HenrySnodderly          Henry Olson       Clovis                   Other   Howard W. HenrySosa               San Francisco     Raton                    Other   Howard W. HenrySoto               Manuel            Duranes /Private         KIA     Bendar/HaulseeSoto               Manuel            Duranes                  KIA     Howard W. HenrySpurgeon           Willis Lawrence   Alma                     Other   Howard W. HenrySummon             Robert            Springer                 Other   Howard W. HenrySwan               Robert            Lordsburg /Private       DOW     Bendar/HaulseeTafoya             Denie             Penasco /Private         WIA     Bendar/HaulseeTafoya             Juan B.           Truchas /Private         KIA     Bendar/HaulseeTafoya             Juan D.           Truchas                  Other   Howard W. HenryTafoya             Silas             Dixon /Private           DOW     Bendar/HaulseeTafoya             Silas             Dixon                    DOW     Howard W. HenryThacker            Charles           Raton                    Other   Howard W. HenryThomas             Jacob             Estancia                 Other   Howard W. HenryThomas             John Calvin       Lordsburg                Other   Howard W. HenryThompson           Arthur            Buckhorn                 Other   Howard W. HenryThornton           Joe               Corralitos               DOW     Howard W. HenryThrall             C. E.             Columbus                 Other   Howard W. HenryTinker             Louis W.          Knowles /Private         DOD     Bendar/HaulseeTinker             Louis W.          Knowles                  Other   Howard W. HenryTorres             Felimon           Black Lake /Private      WIA     Bendar/HaulseeTorres             Juan H.           Socorro                  Other   Howard W. HenryTrammell           Lee               Guadalupita /Private     KIA     Bendar/HaulseeTramwell           Lee               Ocate                    Other   Howard W. HenryTrowl              Thomas D.         Roswell                  Other   Howard W. HenryTrujille           Jose F.           Tucumcari /Private       DOW     Bendar/HaulseeTrujillo           Epifano           Lumberton /Private       DOW     Bendar/HaulseeTrujillo           Epifano           Lumberton                DOW     Howard W. HenryTrujillo           Joseph F.         Tucumcari                Other   Howard W. HenryTrujillo           Reuben            Cleveland                KIA     Howard W. HenryTrujillo           Ruben             Cleveland /Private       KIA     Bendar/HaulseeTulk               Flem              Carlsbad                 KIA     Howard W. HenryTulk               Flim              Carlsbad /Private        KIA     Bendar/HaulseeTurman             Samuel R.         Redrock                  Other   Howard W. HenryTurner             John R.           Albuquerque /Musician    DOW     Bendar/HaulseeTurner             John R.           Albuquerque              DOW     Howard W. HenryTuttle             Fred L.           Rosebud                  Other   Howard W. HenryValdez             Melquiades        Gallup                   Other   Howard W. HenryValerdo            Procopio          Las Vegas                Other   Howard W. HenryValero             Procopio          Las Vegas /Private       KIA     Bendar/HaulseeVaughan            Leon B.           Raton /Private           KIA     Bendar/HaulseeVelasquez          Benjamin          (Blasquez)               Other   Howard W. HenryVia                Antonio           Watros /Private          DOD     Bendar/HaulseeViarial            Margarito B.      Alcalde /Private         DOD     Bendar/HaulseeVibbard            Ben E.            Bellview                 Other   Howard W. HenryVigil              Ruben             Bellview                 Other   Howard W. HenryVirgil             Deciderio         Holman /Private          DOD     Bendar/HaulseeWadden             Wilfred W.        Deming                   Other   Howard W. HenryWade               Kipling           Farmington               Other   Howard W. HenryWalker             Thomas C.         Jenkins /Private         DOD     Bendar/HaulseeWalling            Joseph M.         Gallup /Private          DOW     Bendar/HaulseeWalter             William           Organ /Private           KIA     Bendar/HaulseeWalters            Floyd E.          Hagerman                 Other   Howard W. HenryWardlow            George            Silver City              Other   Howard W. HenryWarren             Robert J.         Kirk                     Other   Howard W. HenryWeathers           Homer E.          Havener                  Other   Howard W. HenryWebb               Edwin P.          Santa Fe                 Other   Howard W. HenryWehmhoener         Louis             Deming                   Other   Howard W. HenryWeir               Thomas Gaines     Monument                 Other   Howard W. HenryWeller             George S.         Bueyeros /Private        DOD     Bendar/HaulseeWhaley             Augustus          Central                  Other   Howard W. HenryWhite              Gladner           Carrizozo                Other   Howard W. HenryWhitehead          Solon             Hana Visa /Private       KIA     Bendar/HaulseeWillhoit           Van Otto          Knowles /Private         KIA     Bendar/HaulseeWilliams           Charlie J.        Grady /Private           DOD     Bendar/HaulseeWilliams           George Leroy      Gallup                   Other   Howard W. HenryWilliams           George Lester     Silver City              Other   Howard W. HenryWilliamsosn        Sidney            Hagerman                 Other   Howard W. HenryWillie             A. M.             Weed                     Other   Howard W. HenryWohlgemuth         Emil              Tularosa /Private        KIA     Bendar/HaulseeWohlgemuth         F.                Tularosa /Private        KIA     Bendar/HaulseeWohlgemuth         Gilberto          Tularosa /Private        KIA     Bendar/HaulseeWohlgemuth         Gilberto          Tularosa                 KIA     Howard W. HenryWoodward           David I.          Cuervo /Private          WIA     Bendar/HaulseeWyatt              Lester E.         Roswell /Private         DOW     Bendar/HaulseeWyatt              Lester E.         Roswell                  Other   Howard W. HenryYazza              David             Farmington /Private      KIA     Bendar/HaulseeYazza              David             Farmington               KIA     Howard W. Henry
Last Name Given Name Home Rank Cause        Date Place Submitter
Gonzalez                 Delfido                   Tucumcari Pvt. KIA Jun. 10,1918 France, Trenches Please resubmit*
Trujillo                    Jose Fraylen Tucumcari Pvt. KIA Jul. 18,1918 France, Army Please resubmit*
Trujillo                    Casinano                Tucumcari Pvt. Mustard gas Feb. 24, 1919 Sent home, died Sep. 1919 Please resubmit*
Polaco Julian La Madera Pvt. WIA (died) Aug. 27, 1918 Château Terre France Lorenzo Polaco

*Due to an editing error, the submitter's names were lost. Please resubmit your name here.