WW II Deaths of New Mexico
C. W. Barnum July 2006
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Causalities: KIA=killed in action  DOW=died of wounds  DOI=died of injuries 
 DNB=died non-battle  FOD=finding of death  MIS=missing

Grade: GEN=Four Star;  LTG=Lieutenant General Three Star;  MG=Major General Two Star;
BG=Brigadier General One Star
COL=Colonel;  lTC=Lieutenant Colonel;  MAJ=Major;  CAPT=Captain;
1LT=First Lieutenant;  2LT=Second Lieutenant  
CWO=Chief warrant Officer;  WOJG=Warrant Officer, Junior Grade;
FLO=Flight Officer; AVc=Aviation Cadet;  MSG=Master Sergeant
1SG=First Sergeant; TSG=Technical Sergeant: SSG=Staff Sergeant;
TEC3= Technician Third Grade;  SGT=Sergeant; TEC4=Technician Fourth Grade
CPL=Corporal;  TEC5=Technician fifth Grade; PFC=Private First Class; PVT=Private.

This list does not cover civilian deaths such as Red Cross workers or nurses. Nor does it cover deaths after discharge. As you know, service men and women suffer mental and physical problems after a war that may contribute to an early death. These instances can not be calculated. Please report typing error or make additions here.

LAST NAME      FIRST          MIDDLE  GRADE   CAUSE COUNTY       NOTESABRAHAM        NED            L, JR   CPL      DNB  GRANTABREN          ALEX           P       PFC      DNB  TAOSACKERMAN       ELLIS          J       2LT      DNB  LUNAACOSTA         JESUS          P       SGT      KIA  MCKINLEYACOSTA         MARTIN         U       PFC      KIA  DONA ANAADAMS          GARLAND T      n/n     TEC5     KIA  SOCORROADAMS          JOE            n/n     SSG      KIA  CHAVESADAMS          RUBEN          C       PFC      KIA  OTEROADLER          PETE           R       PVT      KIA  OTEROAGENS          ROYAL          E       CPL      DNB  SANTA FEAGNEW          WILLIAM        M, JR   1LT      DNB  BERNALILLOAGUILAR        FRANCISCO      E       PFC      KIA  GUADALUPEAGUILAR        JOSE           O       PVT      DNB  TAOSAGUIRE         FRANK          T       PVT      KIA  SIERRAALARID         JOHN           L       SSG      KIA  UNIONALBRRECHT      CHARLES        H       PVT      DNB  SANTA FEALCANTAR       GUADALUPE      R       PFC      KIA  TAOSALDERETE       MANUEL         n/n     PVT      DNB  BERNALILLOALDERETE       RAMON          S       PVT      DNB  GRANTALDERETTE      MANUEL         S       PFC      DNB  GRANTALLEN          JAMES          P       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLOALLRED         WILLIAM        M       PFC      KIA  GRANTALLTERS        CARL           R, JR   2LT      DNB  LEAALMAREZ        CHARLES        n/n     CPL      DOW  BERNALILLOALMERAZ        MANUEL         G       PVT      KIA  LUNAALSUP          ANGUS          n/n     SSG      FOD  LUNAALSUP          ROBERT         E       SSG      DNB  LUNAALTAMIRANO     PETE           B       PVT      KIA  DONA ANAALVAREZ        AUGUSTIN       L, JR   PVT      KIA  GRANTANALLA         SANTIAGO       S       PVT      KIA  LINCOLNANAYA          BERNARDINO     N       PFC      KIA  SANTA FEANAYA          RAMON          S       PVT      DNB  SANTA FEANAYA          RUBEN          R       PFC      KIA  TAOSANDERSON       FRED           E       SSG      DNB  CATRONANDERSON       GRUBBS         n/n     SGT      DNB  BERNALILLOANDERSON       MAXWELL        G       PFC      DNB  GRANTANDERSON       RUSSELL        F       PVT      DNB  LUNAANDREAKIS      GEORGE         A       1LT      DNB  SANTA FEANDES          JOHN           H       PFC      DOW  ROOSEVELTAODACA         RAYMOND        G       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLOAPOCACA        PEDRO          n/n     SGT      FOD  BERNALILLOAPODACA        RAMON          n/n     CPL      DNB  SANTA FEAPODOCA        FELIX          O       PVT      DNB  GRANTAPODOCA        MANFOR         L       CPL      DNB  GRANTAPPLE          NELSON         W       MSG      DNB  LUNAARAGON         ALFREDO        n/n     PVT      KIA  SOCORROARAGON         EDUARDO        A       PVT      KIA  GUADALUPEARAGON         FELIX          n/n     PVT      DNB  MORAARAGON         JOSE           E       PFC      DOW  SAN MIGUELARAGON         JOSE           E       SGT      KIA  SOCORROARAGON         JOSE           M       PVT      KIA  GUADALUPEARCHIBEQUE     MANUEL         J       PFC      DNB  BERNALILLOARCHIBEQUE     NORBERT        n/n     PVT      DNB  SANDOVALARCHULETA      AMADEO         n/n     PVT      DNB  MORAARCHULETA      BENJAMIN       C       PFC      KIA  SAN MIGUELARCHULETA      LEOPOLDO       n/n     PVT      DOW  HARDINGARCHULETA      RAMON          A       TEC5     KIA  DONA ANAARELLANES      PEDRO          S       PFC      KIA  SANDOVALARELLANO       ANSELMO        n/n     PVT      KIA  MORAARELLANO       MOISES         n/n     PFC      KIA  LINCOLNARELLANO       RITO           F       2LT      KIA  GRANTARELLIN        ROMAN          n/n     SGT      KIA  SIERRAARGUELLO       ALPONSO        n/n     PVT      DNB  GUADALUPEARGUELLO       ELIAS          n/n     PVT      KIA  SAN MIGUELARLEDGE        CARRETT        M       PVT      FOD  UNIONARMETNA        CARLOS         S       PVT      DOW  BERNALILLOARMIJO         CARLOS         A       CPL      DNB  SAN MIGUELARMIJO         ERMILO         T       PVT      KIA  SIERRAARMIJO         HILARIO        n/n     PVT      KIA  SANDOVALARMIJO         JASE           n/n     PFC      DNB  SANDOVALARMIJO         MATIAS         A       PVT      DNB  SOCORROARMIJO         REYNOLDS       P       SSG      DNB  BERNALILLOARMOUR         LAFAYE         n/n     CPL      DNB  BERNALILLOARMSTRONG      AUBEN          E       PVT      DNB  DONA ANAARMSTRONG      BRYAN          n/n     TEC4     KIA  DE BACAARMSTRONG      ELMER          n/n     PFC      KIA  SAN JUANARNDS          RICHARD        C       SGT      FOD  BERNALILLOARRIGHETTI     ALBERT         C       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLOASHBY          JACK           G       CAPT     KIA  GRANTATCHLEY        WILLIAM        TJ      SSG      FOD  UNIONATENCIO        SANTA          CRUZ    PFC      DNB  BERNALILLOAUSTIN         JOHN           H       CPL      DNB  CURRYAUTREY         DAVID          L       SGT      KIA  CHAVESAVILLAR        JOSE           O       PVT      KIA  DONA ANAAYCOCK         CHARLES        M       CPL      DNB  DE BACABACA           BOLESLO        n/n     PVT      KIA  SOCORROBACA           CALEDONIA      n/n     PFC      KIA  CATRONBACA           EDWARDO        n/n     PVT      DNB  BERNALILLOBACA           ERNEST         n/n     TEC5     DNB  BERNALILLOBACA           HERMAN         G, JR   1LT      DOW  SANTA FEBACA           IGNACIO        n/n     PFC      DNB  SOCORROBACA           JOSE           B       PVT      DNB  SAN MIGUELBACA           LOUIS          B       PFC      KIA  SAN MIGUELBACA           MAX            C, JR   MSG      KIA  BERNALILLOBACA           PABLO          n/n     PFC      DNB  SANTA FEBACA           RAYMOND        F       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLOBACA           THOMAS         G       PVT      KIA  MCKINLEYBAHE           VICIAN         n/n     PFC      DNB  MCKINLEYBAILEY         GLENN          E       1LT      KIA  BERNALILLOBAILEY         NOEL           C, JR   CPL      DNB  BERNALILLOBAIRD          WILLIS         W       1LT      KIA  OTEROBAKER          FOY            E       2LT      KIA  LEABALBOA         GABRIEL        J       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLOBALDONADO      NAPOLEON       R       PVT      KIA  BERNALILLOBALDRIDGE      DAVID          D       PVT      DNB  BERNALILLOBARELA         ALBERT         n/n     SGT      KIA  DONA ANABARELA         HERMAN         P       CPL      KIA  SIERRABARELA         LOUIS          PFC     PFC      DOI  BERNALILLOBARELA         FELIX          H       PVT      KIA  DE BACABARNES         BULEN          n/n     PVT      KIA  TORRANCEBARRERAS       CHARLIE        n/n     PVT      DNB  BERNALILLOBARRERAS       ELISEO         M       CPL      DNB  BERNALILLOBARRETT        LOYD           F       PFC      KIA  ROOSEVELTBARRETT        WILLIAM        E       SGT      KIA  DONA ANABARRRERAS      SANTA          C       PVT      KIA  BERNALILLOBARTH          ROBERT         S       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLOBARTLETT       BONNIE         n/n     PVT      KIA  CHAVESBASS           JAMES          F       PVT      KIA  CHAVESBAUTISTA       PEDRO          C       PVT      DOW  GRANTBAVOUSETT      EARL           B       SGT      KIA  DONA ANABAYLEY         WILLIAM        C       2LT      KIA  NMBAYNE          ALVIN          L       CAPT     KIA  GRANTBEADLE         ROGGIE         L       SSG      FOD  LEABEAL           BYRON          C       CPL      DNB  ROOSEVELTBEAL           DUANE          J       1LT      DNB  LEABEALL          JOHN           F       CAPT     DNB  CURRYBEAUCHAMP      ARMAND         R       PFC      KIA  OTEROBECK           GARRISON       V       TEC4     DNB  BERNALILLOBECKETT        MIKE           C       SGT      KIA  DONA ANABECLEY         SAMUEL         C       PFC      KIA  SAN MIGUELBEEMAN         JAMES          A       SSG      KIA  SAN MIGUELBELL           CHUNKIE        E       CPL      KIA  BERNALILLOBELTRAN        Jose           d       PVT      KIA  LINCOLNBELTRI         ALFONZO        S       SSG      KIA  HIDALGOBEN            JOE            n/n     PVT      KIA  MCKINLEYBENALLY        ERNEST         n/n     TEC5     KIA  MCKINLEYBENNET         LOUIS          C, JR   2LT      KIA  BERNALILLOBENNETT        ARVEL          L       PVT      DOW  OTEROBENNETT        DAVID          n/n     PFC      DOW  SAN JUANBERBER         ROBERT         A       SGT      KIA  BERNALILLOBERGOUIST      GLENN          R A     TSG      KIA  BERNALILLOBERNAL         LORENZO        n/n     PFC      DOW  MORABESERRA        JULIO          T       PFC      DNB  BERNALILLOBETHEA         WILLIAM        L       CAPT     DNB  GRANTBEYUKE         EUGENE         n/n     SGT      KIA  MCKINLEYBICKFORD       HJARLAN        C, JR   CPL      DNB  BERNALILLOBIGGER         ROBERT         E       PFC      DNB  LINCOLNBIGLOW         ROBERT         L       1LT      KIA  CHAVESBILLINGSLEY    HOWARD         P       CAPT     DNB  QUAYBINKLEY        SAM            P       2LT      KIA  BERNALILLOBIRD           ROBERT         R       1LT      DNB  MCKINLEYBIRNER         ERNEST         R       CPL      DNB  MCKINLEYBISHOP         FRANK          S       PFC      DNB  LEABISHOP         GLEN           W       PVT      KIA  CURRYBIVENS         HOYT           L       PFC      KIA  LINCOLNBLACK          BILLIE         M       PFC      DOW  CURRYBLACK          HAROLD         W       TEC4     KIA  QUAYBLANCETT       LEONARD        O       SSG      KIA  TORRANCEBLAND          OCIE           n/n     TEC5     DOW  CHAVESBLANTON        SCOTT          R       2LT      KIA  BERNALILLOBLEDSOE        ROBERT         A       TEC5     KIA  BERNALILLOBLUE           HAROLD         G       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLOBLYTHE         HOWARD         O       PFC      KIA  SAN MIGUELBOCKMAN        ELMER          E       CAPT     KIA  DE BACABOCKRATH       BEN            H       1SG      KIA  HIDALGOBOELLNER       ARDEN          R       LTC      KIA  CHAVESBOESE          ABRAM          R       PVT      DNB  QUAYBOLTON         SHILLEY        L       PVT      DNB  TORRANCEBONHAM         BENNIE         J       PVT      KIA  CHAVESBONNETT        HOY            C, JR   1LT      KIA  BERNALILLOBOOKOUT        ELBERT         B       SGT      DNB  OTEROBOONE          HENRY          D       PFC      KIA  SOCORROBOONE          NORBY          R       PFC      KIA  GRANTBOOTH          CHARLES        R       CPL      KIA  BERNALILLOBORUNDA        DAVID          G       PFC      DNB  BERNALILLOBOTELLO        PETE           n/n     PVT      DNB  SANTA FEBOTTS          CLARENCE       M, JR   LTC      DOW  BERNALILLOBOURNE         BEN            F, JR   PFC      KIA  CURRYBOWDEN         CHARLIE        D       PVT      KIA  LEABOWLIN         ROBERT         S       PFC      DNB  LINCOLNBOWMAN         HERMAN         n/n     PFC      KIA  MCKINLEYBOWMAN         THOMAS         C       SGT      KIA  CURRYBOWMAN         WESLEY         S       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLOBOWRA          WILLIAM        G       CPL      DNB  SAN JUANBOYD           GRADY          n/n     PFC      DNB  CHAVESBOYD           HARMON         E       CPL      DNB  LEABOYKIN         JOHNNIE        R       SGT      FOD  CHAVESBRACKEN        DANIEL         L       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLOBRADEN         CHARLES        L       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLOBRADLEY        J              L       PVT      KIA  BERNALILLOBRASWELL       ARNOLD         G       PVT      DNB  TORRANCEBRAY           BEN            L       PFC      KIA  ROOSEVELTBRIDGES        CLAUD          V, JR   TEC5     KIA  CURRYBRIDGES        FREDRIC        E       SSG      DNB  LINCOLNBRIGHT         WILLIAM        L       PFC      KIA  LEABRINK          ALFRED         E       MSG      DNB  TAOSBRITIAN        JOSEPH         W, JR   PFC      KIA  BERNALILLOBRITTON        BENNIE         A       SGT      KIA  SANTA FEBROWN          BILL           W       SSG      DNB  SANTA FEBROWN          GEORGE         N       SSG      DNB  DONA ANABROWN          HENRY          N       PVT      DNB  DONA ANABROWN          HOWARD         T       1LT      KIA  CHAVESBROWN          JAMES          W       SGT      KIA  LEABROWN          JAMES          W, JR   1LT      KIA  BERNALILLOBROWN          JAMES          W, JR   2LT      KIA  CHAVESBROWN          JOSEPH         T       PFC      DNB  SAN MIGUELBROWN          OCIE           E       CPL      DNB  LEABROWN          ORMINSTON      D       FLO      KIA  QUAYBROWN          PAUL           n/n     PVT      DNB  MCKINLEYBROWN          WESLIE         H       SSG      FOD  LINCOLNBROWNE         GEORGE         H       2LT      KIA  BERNALILLOBRUNER         ERIC           W       PFC      KIA  QUAYBRYANT         OTIS           C       CAPT     KIA  SANTA FEBRYANT         T              B       SSG      DNB  CURRYBUCK           JOHN           n/n     PFC      KIA  SAN JUANBURCIAGA       ERNESTO        G       TEC4     KIA  CHAVESBURDINE        RAFORD         E       PFC      DNB  CURRYBURFORD        BERNARD        P       PVT      DNB  CURRYBURGESS        HARRY          H       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLOBURGESS        ROBERT         E       2LT      DNB  BERNALILLOBURGIN         JAMES          F       SGT      KIA  LEABURNETTE       CHESTER        A       SSG      FOD  CHAVESBURNS          CANIEL         J       2LT      FOD  BERNALILLOBURRELL        DONALD         W       SGT      FOD  BERNALILLOBURRUSS        EUGENE         n/n     PVT      KIA  HIDALGOBUSH           MORRIS         D       CPL      DNB  CHAVESBUSTAMANTE     ADELIO         n/n     PFC      KIA  SAN MIGUELBUSTILLOS      STANLEY        E       PFC      KIA  OTEROBYARS          JOHN           B       TSG      KIA  CURRYBYERS          ELLIS          S       1LT      KIA  LEABYRD           CLEO           W, JR   2LT      FOD  CHAVESBYRD           THOMAS         B       PFC      KIA  MCKINLEYC DE BACA      JUAN           C       PFC      KIA  MORAC DE BACA      SEVERO         n/n     PFC      KIA  SAN MIGUELCADE           FRANCIS        W       SGT      KIA  DONA ANACADLE          CLIFFORD       E       SSG      FOD  BERNALILLOCAIN           JAMES          R       MSG      KIA  LUNACAIN           KENNETH        D       SSG      DNB  LEACAIN           WARDEN         n/n     SSG      FOD  BERNALILLOCALDERON       ANTONIO        n/n     PFC      KIA  GRANTCALEY          PAUL           E       PVT      KIA  SAN JUANCALHOUN        JAMES          F       PVT      DNB  SIERRACALKINS        LLEWELLYN      I       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLOCALLISTER      JACK           R       CPL      KIA  LUNACALRKE         RICHARD        S       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLOCALY           JERRY          C       SSG      DNB  LEACAMPBELL       BUFORD         R       PVT      KIA  LEACAMPBELL       KENNETH        A       SSG      DNB  BERNALILLOCAMPTON        BOBBIE         B       PFC      DNB  DONA ANACANADY         KENNETH        A       TSG      FOD  BERNALILLOCANDIELLO      SAMUEL         A       PFC      DNB  GRANTCARBAJAL       ANGEL          O       PFC      KIA  GRANTCARDELL        MUREL          E       PFC      KIA  HIDALGOCARDON         DAVID          M       PFC      FOD  DONA ANACAREY          DANIEL         W       PVT      DOW  TORRANCECARLILE        FRANK          U       PFC      KIA  QUAYCARLSON        MARTIN         C       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLOCARMICHAEL     JOHNNY         D       SGT      KIA  DONA ANACARMONA        YSABEL         A, JR   SGT      DNB  CHAVESCAROTHERS      SAM            E       CAPT     KIA  NMCARPENTER      ROBERT         E       PFC      KIA  GRANTCARR           ELWOOD         E       SGT      FOD  LEACARR           ROBERT         LEE     1ST LT   KIA  OTERO SHOT DOWN OVER JAPAN 1945*CARRERAS       DANNY          A       PVT      KIA  DONA ANACARRIERE       JOE            M       PFC      DNB  BERNALILLOCARRILLO       ABIE           A       SGT      DNB  SANTA FECARRILLO       JOE            G       PVT      KIA  CHAVESCARRILLO       JOHNNIE        J       PFC      KIA  DONA ANACASADOS        VALENTINO      E       PFC      DOW  TAOSCASARES        DANIEL         M       PFC      KIA  GRANTCASAUS         JUAN           JR      PVT      DNB  SANDOVALCASIAS         JOSE           M       PVT      DNB  TAOSCASILLAS       JOSEPH         P       SSG      FOD  CURRYCASRON         LUPE           B       CPL      DNB  BERNALILLOCAST           ELZIE          L       CPL      DNB  TORRANCECAST           VIRGIL         A       SGT      KIA  TORRANCECASTILLO       IGNACIO        C       PVT      FOD  SANTA FECASTILLO       JOHN           B       PVT      KIA  BERNALILLOCATANACH       ROBERT         n/n     SGT      DOW  SANTA FECATLETT        DICK           W       CPL      KIA  SANTA FECAUDILL        OSCAR          D       PVT      KIA  CATRONCAWTHON        LYLE           B       SGT      KIA  QUAYCHAFFINO       PEDRO          V       CPL      FOD  DONA ANACHAIRES        SIMON          H       PFC      DOW  LUNACHALK          DEAN           R       CPL      DNB  CURRYCHALK          JUNIOR         A       PVT      DNB  CURRYCHANDLER       MARION         J       AVC      DNB  DONA ANACHAPMAN        WILLIAM        H       TSG      MIS  DONA ANACHARLES        LOUIS          B       PFC      KIA  MCKINLEYCHASE          ALBERT         F       1LT      KIA  LINCOLNCHASE          WILLIAM        G       2LT      DNB  LINCOLNCHAVES         ADOLFO         n/n     PVT      KIA  ROOSEVELTCHAVES         BALTAZAR       B       PVT      DNB  LUNACHAVEZ         ABEL           n/n     PFC      KIA  TORRANCECHAVEZ         ABESLIN        C       PFC      KIA  LINCOLNCHAVEZ         AGAPITO        n/n     PVT      KIA  GUADALUPECHAVEZ         ALEXANDER      T       SSG      FOD  DONA ANACHAVEZ         AMBROSIO       JR      TSG      DNB  BERNALILLOCHAVEZ         BERTO          n/n     PVT      DNB  GUADALUPECHAVEZ         EMILIO         n/n     PVT      KIA  SANDOVALCHAVEZ         ERNEST         A       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLOCHAVEZ         FELIPE         D       TSG      FOD  DONA ANACHAVEZ         FERNANDO       J       PFC      KIA  OTEROCHAVEZ         FRANCISCO      A       TEC4     KIA  DONA ANACHAVEZ         FRED           B       PVT      KIA  SAN MIGUELCHAVEZ         FULGENCIO      n/n     PFC      KIA  MORACHAVEZ         HEBRY          F       PFC      KIA  SAN JUANCHAVEZ         HORACE         n/n     PFC      KIA  BERNALILLOCHAVEZ         JOE            A       SGT      FOD  BERNALILLOCHAVEZ         LEANDRO        JR      PFC      DOW  SANTA FECHAVEZ         LEO            E       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLOCHAVEZ         LOUIS          n/n     PFC      FOD  MCKINLEYCHAVEZ         MANUEL         n/n     PVT      KIA  CATRONCHAVEZ         OZIEL          n/n     PVT      DNB  LINCOLNCHAVEZ         PEDRO          R       PFC      KIA  SOCORROCHAVEZ         RALPH          F       PVT      KIA  BERNALILLOCHAVEZ         RALPH          P       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLOCHAVEZ         RAY            S       PVT      DNB  OTEROCHAVEZ         RAYMOND        n/n     PVT      DNB  MCKINLEYCHAVEZ         RICHARD        n/n     PVT      DOW  BERNALILLOCHAVEZ         SEFERINO       G       PVT      DNB  SAN MIGUELCHAVEZ         SEFERINO       O, SR   PFC      KIA  MORACHAVEZ         SEFERINO       B       PFC      DNB  SOCORROCHAVEZ         TELESFOR       n/n     PFC      KIA  SAN MIGUELCHAVIRA        JOE            B       CPL      DNB  GRANTCHEAMS         ERNEST         H       PVT      DNB  MCKINLEYCHEEK          FLOYD          O       SSG      KIA  CHAVESCHENEY         ORAL           C       SSG      DNB  SANDOVALCHEWIWI        JOSE           A       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLOCHITWOOD       CHARLIE        A       TSG      KIA  DONA ANACHITWOOD       RAYMOND        H       PFC      KIA  DONA ANACHRISMAN       THOMAS         P       SSG      KIA  DONA ANACHURCHWELL     GEORGE         E       SGT      KIA  CHAVESCINNIGINNIE    EDDIE          C       PVT      KIA  MCKINLEYCISNEROS       ERNESTO        n/n     PFC      KIA  TAOSCISNEROS       MANUEL         J       PFC      KIA  TAOSCLAN           JOSEPH         n/n     PFC      KIA  MCKINLEYCLANCEY        CHARLES        C       CPL      DNB  BERNALILLOCLARK          CHARLES        T       PFC      DNB  CATRONCLARK          LOUIS          L       PFC      DNB  GRANTCLARK          MANSEL         R, JR   1LT      MIS  SANDOVALCLARK          THOMAS         P       1LT      KIA  SANTA FECLARK          ULRIC          C       SGT      FOD  CHAVESCLARKE         JAMES          S       MAJ      DNB  BERNALILLOCLAYTON        KERMIT         n/n     PVT      DNB  CHAVESCLAYTON        SHERMAN        E       CPL      KIA  QUAYCLEVENGER      ARTHUR         C       PFC      KIA  LUNACLINESMITH     GENE           F       2LT      KIA  BERNALILLOCLINTON        GEORGE         n/n     TEC5     KIA  MCKINLEYCLOSSON        CHARLES        T       1LT      DNB  SANTA FECOCA           JOE            L       PFC      KIA  TAOSCOCGESHALL     CHARLES        A       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLOCOFFEY         KENNETH        n/n     PFC      KIA  GRANTCOFFINDAFFER   R              B       PFC      KIA  GRANTCOLBURN        QUENTIN        D       PFC      DNB  OTEROCOLE           MARVIN         T       SSG      DNB  LEACOLEMAN        GEORGE         T       LTC      KIA  LEACOLLINS        KENNETH        I       PFC      KIA  SANTA FECOLLINS        MARGARITO      n/n     PVT      DNB  SAN MIGUELCOLVARD        GEORGE         T       LTC      KIA  LUNACONCHO         FERNANDO       n/n     PVT      DNB  TAOSCONLEY         MILLARD        E       TSG      DNB  CURRYCONTREARAS     MIGUEL         G       PVT      KIA  LUNACONTRERAS       FELIPE         n/n     PVT      DNB  DONA ANACONTRERAS       FRANCISCO      n/n     PVT      DNB  DONA ANACONWAY         LESTER         L       PFC      DOW  MCKINLEYCOOK           FRED           D       PVT      KIA  CATRONCOOK           JOSEPH         A       2LT      FOD  SAN JUANCOOK           RALPH          R       TSG      DNB  OTEROCOPELAND       SID            n/n     PVT      DNB  ROOSEVELTCORDOV         ANTONIO        A       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLOCORDOVA        ADOLPHO        JR      PFC      DNB  GUADALUPECORDOVA        ADONAIZ        N       PVT      DNB  TAOSCORDOVA        FILADELFIO     n/n     PVT      DNB  TAOSCORDOVA        JOSE           n/n     PFC      KIA  TAOSCORDOVA        JOSE           F       PVT      DNB  MCKINLEYCORDOVA        JULIAN         Z, JR   PVT      DNB  MCKINLEYCORDOVA        REYNALDO       S       PVT      KIA  OTEROCORIZ          DOMINGO        n/n     PFC      DNB  SANTA FECORN           WADE           H, JR   LT       KIA  CHAVESCORTEZ         PRESENTACION   n/n     PVT      KIA  TAOSCOTTON         CHARLES        W       TSG      FOD  NMCOUGHLIN       JOHN           A       1LT      KIA  SAN JUANCOVERT         DELBERT        O       SGT      DNB  SAN MIGUELCOX            ALBERT         E       SSG      KIA  BERNALILLOCOX            WILIAM         W       PVT      DNB  DONA ANACOZART         JAMES          N       PFC      DOW  LUNACRAFT          DEAN           H       1LT      KIA  BERNALILLOCRAIG          HOWARD         E       SSG      DNB  BERNALILLOCRAIG          ROBERT         A       1LT      KIA  BERNALILLOCREE           GEORGE         W       PFC      DNB  DONA ANACREECH         ELBERT         W       2LT      KIA  LEACRISWELL       HAROLD         R       PFC      KIA  HARDINGCROOMS         HERSHEL        A       PVT      DNB  BERNALILLOCROSCO         ARNOLD         A       SSG      DNB  BERNALILLOCRUZ           CANDIDO        F       PFC      KIA  MORACRUZ           JOSE           C       TEC5     DNB  TAOSCRUZ           NELSON         n/n     PVT      DNB  SANTA FECUMMINGS       WARNER         W       PVT      KIA  SANDOVALCUNNINGTON     LAWRENCE       n/n     PVT      KIA  MCKINLEYCURRIER        WILSON         C, JR   CAPT     KIA  BERNALILLOCURRY          KLEO           I       CPL      DNB  LUNACURTIS         AUATIN         J       2LT      KIA  CURRYCURTIS         BILL           D       PVT      KIA  CHAVESDAMON          ERNEST         A       PVT      KIA  ROOSEVELTDAUGHTERY      PAUL           P       SGT      KIA  SIERRADAVIDSON       EARL           G       AVG      DNB  CURRYDAVIDSON       JAMES          L       2LT      KIA  NMDAVIES         RALPH          E       FLO      DNB  DE BACADAVIS          LORAN          W       SSG      KIA  CURRYDAVIS          R              J       PFC      DOW  CHAVESDAVIS          REX            A       SSG      KIA  CHAVESDAWES          HJOMER         R       CPL      DNB  BERNALILLODAWSON         CHARLES        E, JR   SGT      DNB  GRANTDE AVILA       FRANCISCO      n/n     PVT      KIA  OTERODE BACA        BENEDICTO      C       PVT      DNB  SANDOVALDE BACA        MACKIE         C       PFC      KIA  SAN MIGUELDEAN           JAMES          B       PVT      KIA  QUAYDEAVER         ROBERT         L       PFC      DOW  SANDOVALDECKER         JIM            n/n     PFC      DNB  SAN JUANDEEMER         CARL           E       PFC      DNB  GUADALUPEDEHERRERA      JOE            I       PFC      KIA  HARDINGDELGADO        EDIE           n/n     TSG      KIA  SANTA FEDELGADO        SANTIAGO       P       PVT      KIA  GRANTDELWASKIE      JAY            n/n     PFC      DOW  SAN JUANDENNING        WILLIAM        M       PVT      KIA  CHAVESDENNISON       LEO            A       SSG      FOD  SANTA FEDENSHAW        ERNEST         R       PVT      KIA  CHAVESDERRICK        CHARLES        w       2LT      KIA  LEADIAZ           BENNY          C       PFC      KIA  MCKINLEYDIAZ           JOSEPH         G       PFC      DNB  MCKINLEYDIAZ           PEDRO          A       PFC      FOD  LUNADIECKMAN       JOHN           H       WOJG     KIA  BERNALILLODIMAS          DANIEL         G       PFC      DNB  BERNALILLODINELLI        PETE           J       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLODIVINEY        JOSEPH         D       SSG      DNB  GRANTDOLAN          BERNARD        n/n     TEC5     KIA  OTERODOMINGUEZ      FELIX          M       TEC5     KIA  LUNADORRANCE       ARTHUR         A       PVT      KIA  DE BACADORRANCE       OLIVERIO       n/n     PFC      KIA  MORADOTSON         ALONZO         n/n     PVT      DNB  LEADOUGLASS       DONALD         R       PVT      KIA  BERNALILLODOWNEY         ROBERT         P       SGT      KIA  BERNALILLODRAKE          HENRY          A       CPL      DNB  CURRYDRIGGARS       GEORGE         L       PVT      KIA  BERNALILLODU BOIS        ROBERT         E       PVT      DNB  BERNALILLODUKE           GEORGE         B       PVT      DNB  CURRYDUKE           LEWIS          E       SGT      KIA  GRANTDUNCAN         BAYOR          n/n     PFC      DNB  GRANTDUNCAN         CHARLES        L       PFC      KIA  SAN MIGUELDUNKLE         ROBERT         H       PVT      KIA  BERNALILLODUNN           AMOS           W       PFC      DNB  ROOSEVELTDUNN           JAMES          A       PFC      DOW  DE BACADURAN          ELIGIO         n/n     PFC      KIA  TAOSDURAN          FRANK          A       CPL      DNB  MCKINLEYDURAN          JOSE           C       SGT      KIA  SANDOVALDURAN          MACEDONIO      n/n     PFC      DNB  SANDOVALDURAN          MICHAEL        R       CPL      KIA  BERNALILLODUTCHOVER      ADAM           n/n     PVT      KIA  CHAVESEARP           ROBERT         n/n     SGT      FOD  UNIONEDMONDSON      STRAILEY       B       PVT      KIA  BERNALILLOEDWARDS        LEO            S       SSG      DOW  LEAEDWARDS        RALPH          C       1LT      DNB  MCKINLEYEGGERT         SAM            n/n     PVT      KIA  SAN MIGUELELAM           AUBREY         T       SGT      KIA  CHAVESELLERD         JOHN           A       PVT      KIA  ROOSEVELTELLIS          JACK           L       1LT      KIA  BERNALILLOELY            CLYDE          E, JR   CAPT     DNB  GRANTEMINGER        LEO            M       1LT      FOD  ROOSEVELTENCINIAS       FIDEL          A       PFC      KIA  SIERRAENCINIAS       JOSE           R       PFC      DNB  SAN MIGUELERBACHER       JOHN           M       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLOERWIN          JACK           G       1LT      DNB  CURRYESAUIBEL       EUSTILIO       M       PVT      KIA  SOCORROESCOBAR        PORFIRIO       J       PFC      KIA  DONA ANAESPALIN        DAMACIO        JR      TEC4     DNB  DONA ANAESPALIN        DANIEL         C       PVT      KIA  DONA ANAESPINOSA       DAMIAN         n/n     CPL      DNB  MCKINLEYESPINOSA       DELFIN         G       PFC      KIA  UNIONESPINOZA       BENJAMIN       F       TSG      KIA  MORAESPINOZA       JOHN           L       PVT      DNB  SANTA FEESQUEDA        ANTONIO        C       PFC      KIA  GRANTESQUIBEL       JOE            S       PVT      KIA  TAOSESTRADA        ESMAEL         n/n     PFC      DNB  SANTA FEESTRADA        LOUIS          H       SSG      KIA  MCKINLEYESTRADA        ROBERTO        W       PFC      KIA  LUNAEVANS          KENDALL        W       2LT      DNB  DONA ANAEVANS          WILLIAM        D       PFC      KIA  OTEROEVERETT        JAMES          n/n     SSG      KIA  SANDOVALEWING          RICHARD        D       PFC      DNB  LEAFAIRBANKS      GLENN          R       SSG      FOD  NMFAJARDO        JOSE           D       PVT      DNB  GUADALUPEFARLEY         CHARLES        JT      PFC      KIA  GUADALUPEFAULKNER       TED            S       COL      FOD  QUAYFENTON         LEE            R       TEC5     DOW  ROOSEVELTFERGUSON       PAUL           D       SSG      KIA  MCKINLEYFEVURLY        LESTER         E       PFC      DNB  MORAFIELD          ALBERT         K       CAPT     KIA  LUNAFIGUEROA       FRANCISCO      C       PVT      KIA  HIDALGOFINCH          CALVIN         G       PFC      KIA  SAN JUANFINCKE         HERBERT        C       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLOFINCKE         WILLIAM        A       1LT      DOW  SANTA FEFINLEY         PECOS          U       1LT      DNB  DONA ANAFISHER         MANUEL         J       1LT      KIA  GRANTFLANING        CALVIN         D       CPL      DNB  CURRYFLAVIO         FLAVIO         n/n     PFC      KIA  SAN MIGUELFLEMING        JOHN           W       SGT      DOW  BERNALILLOFLING          JAMES          F       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLOFLOHRS         DUANE          H       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLOFLORES         DAVID          V       SSG      KIA  GRANTFLORES         LONGINO        C       PVT      KIA  LUNAFLORES         PABLO          E, JR   PVT      DOW  GUADALUPEFLOWERS        JOHN           R       SSG      DNB  BERNALILLOFOOR           HERBERT        L       TEC5     KIA  DE BACAFORBES         JUDSON         C       CAPT     DNB  ROOSEVELTFORBUS         LEET           C       TEC4     KIA  LINCOLNFORD           RALPH          E       PVT      KIA  GRANTFORISTER       CHARLES        J       PFC      DNB  DONA ANAFOSTER         JOHN           W, JR   2LT      DNB  OTEROFOSTER         LEE            A       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLOFOSTER         PERCY          W       PFC      DNB  CHAVESFOSTER         WILLIAM        N       CAPT     KIA  LUNAFOUGHT         LEON           Z       PFC      KIA  CURRYFOWLER         DWIGHT         H, JR   CPL      DNB  OTEROFOWLER         HOLMES         C       PVT      KIA  CHAVESFOWLER         HOLMES         W       PVT      DNB  CHAVESFRAGUA         ALEJANDRO      n/n     PFC      DOW  SANDOVALFRAGUA         PABLO          n/n     PFC      DNB  SANDOVALFRAME          KENNETH        C       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLOFRANCISCO      ROBERT         n/n     PVT      KIA  SAN JUANFRANCO         PORFIRIO       n/n     PVT      DNB  BERNALILLOFRANEY         ROMAULD        J       2LT      FOD  LUNAFRANKLIN       BEN            JR      PVT      KIA  CHAVESFRANKLIN       DAVID          H       PVT      DNB  CHAVESFRANKLIN       EDWIN          H       SGT      KIA  SAN JUANFRANKLIN       JAMES          D       SSG      KIA  SAN JUANFRAUSTO        MARGARITO      C       PVT      KIA  LEAFREEMAN        SANFORD        L       PFC      KIA  SAN JUANFRIES          FRANK          E       MAJ      DNB  SAN MIGUELFRYE           WALTER         A       PFC      KIA  CHAVESGAEDE          CUNTER         n/n     PVT      KIA  BERNALILLOGALLAGHER      JOHN           H       PVT      KIA  BERNALILLOGALLEGO        MICHAEL        C       SSG      DNB  SAN MIGUELGALLEGOS       ADOLFO         n/n     PFC      DNB  SANDOVALGALLEGOS       ANTONIO        J       TEC4     DNB  LUNAGALLEGOS       ELOY           L       SGT      KIA  BERNALILLOGALLEGOS       HILARIO        B       PFC      KIA  HIDALGOGALLEGOS       JOSE           B       PVT      KIA  SAN MIGUELGALLEGOS       JOSE           n/n     PVT      KIA  BERNALILLOGALLEGOS       JULIO          n/n     TSG      KIA  SOCORROGALLEGOS       MANUEL         JR      SGT      KIA  LEAGALLEGOS       RAMON          n/n     PFC      KIA  BERNALILLOGAMBLE         JOHN           D       2LT      DNB  SANTA FEGARBER         DEWITT         n/n     2LT      KIA  BERNALILLOGARCIA         ALBERTO        n/n     PFC      KIA  TAOSGARCIA         AMBROSIO       JR      PVT      FOD  BERNALILLOGARCIA         BENNY          C       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLOGARCIA         BILL           P       SSG      KIA  BERNALILLOGARCIA         ELIAS          D       SGT      DOW  DONA ANAGARCIA         FIDEL          n/n     PFC      DNB  SANDOVALGARCIA         GEORGE         n/n     PVT      KIA  GUADALUPEGARCIA         HENRY          n/n     TEC3     KIA  SANTA FEGARCIA         JOE            C       CPL      KIA  CURRYGARCIA         JOSE           M       PVT      KIA  MORAGARCIA         JOSE           V       PVT      KIA  TORRANCEGARCIA         LEONIDES       L       PVT      KIA  TORRANCEGARCIA         MANUEL         n/n     PFC      KIA  MCKINLEYGARCIA         MANUEL         T       PVT      KIA  SIERRAGARCIA         NICK           F       SGT      KIA  MCKINLEYGARCIA         PRISCO         C       PFC      KIA  SANTA FEGARCIA         RAMON          S       PVT      DNB  LUNAGARCIA         RAYMOND        J       CPL      KIA  BERNALILLOGARCIA         REUBEN         E       PVT      KIA  BERNALILLOGARCIA         SANTIAGO       T       PFC      DNB  TORRANCEGARCIA         UVALDO         n/n     PVT      KIA  MCKINLEYGARCIA         VALENTIN       M       PVT      KIA  GUADALUPEGARDE          ARTHUR         C       CPL      DNB  BERNALILLOGARDE          PASCUAL        n/n     PVT      KIA  BERNALILLOGARRICK        ALBERT         E       SSG      KIA  BERNALILLOGATES          LEONARD        D       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLOGINNINGS       VERNON         V       PFC      DNB  ROOSEVELTGLENTZER       PAUL           C       CPL      KIA  BERNALILLOGLORIA         ANDRES         E       PVT      DNB  DONA ANAGODINEZ        FELIPE         n/n     PVT      DNB  BERNALILLOGOMEZ          ARTHUR         G       TEC5     KIA  GRANTGOMEZ          FERNANDO       JR      PFC      KIA  MCKINLEYGOMEZ          JUAN           A       PVT      DOW  TAOSGONZALES       ALEJANDRO      n/n     PVT      KIA  GUADALUPEGONZALES       ALFONSO        n/n     PFC      KIA  SAN MIGUELGONZALES       BENNIE         n/n     PFC      DOW  GUADALUPEGONZALES       CARLOS         G       PFC      KIA  CHAVESGONZALES       EUGENIO        n/n     PVT      KIA  TAOSGONZALES       FRANKIE        D       PVT      DNB  GRANTGONZALES       JERRY          O       CAPT     DNB  SOCORROGONZALES       JOE            I       SSG      KIA  SANTA FEGONZALES       JOHN           J       PFC      KIA  MCKINLEYGONZALES       JOSE           A       PFC      KIA  SOCORROGONZALES       MARIANO        n/n     TEC5     DOW  SOCORROGONZALES       MAX            E       PFC      DOW  QUAYGONZALES       PETRONILLO     n/n     PFC      KIA  SANDOVALGONZALES       RAFAEL         n/n     PVT      KIA  LINCOLNGONZALES       TELESFOR       n/n     PFC      DNB  TAOSGONZALEZ       REYNALDO       F       CAPT     KIA  SOCORROGORMAN         RICHARD        L       2LT      DNB  SANTA FEGOSS           WALTER         K       CAPT     KIA  DONA ANAGRAHAM         JOE            M       PFC      KIA  MORAGRANTHAM       JOHN           E       SGT      DNB  CHAVESGRAY           JUSTIN         G       SSG      DNB  BERNALILLOGRAY           ROBERT         W       1LT      FOD  DONA ANAGREATHOUSE     DOYLE          R       CPL      DNB  CURRYGREENE         ERNEST         R       FLO      DNB  SANTA FEGREENE         THOMAS         A       SSG      FOD  LUNAGREER          VERNON         J       PFC      KIA  CHAVESGRENKO         FRANK          G       SGT      KIA  MCKINLEYGRIBBLE        LAURANCE       L       SSG      DNB  BERNALILLOGRIEGO         FRED           JR      PVT      DOW  BERNALILLOGRIEGO         JULIAN         E       PFC      KIA  CURRYGRIEGO         PHILIP         J       TEC5     KIA  BERNALILLOGRIFFIN        IULUS          A       PVT      KIA  GRANTGRIMMER        FRANK          H       CAPT     DNB  BERNALILLOGUERREO        ANASTACIO      S       PFC      KIA  CHAVESGUERRERO       LORENZO        G       PFC      DNB  HIDALGOGUEST          PAT            F       SGT      KIA  BERNALILLOGUMP           PAT            F       1LT      KIA  BERNALILLOGUNNELS        CHARLES        W, JR   PVT      KIA  QUAYGURULE         ELOY           n/n     PFC      KIA  SANTA FEGURULE         EVARISTO       n/n     PVT      KIA  SANDOVALGURULE         FRANK          n/n     PFC      KIA  UNIONGURULE         JUAN           F       PVT      DNB  UNIONGUSLER         LESLIE         G       SGT      DOW  DE BACAGUTIERREZ      ANSELMO        n/n     PVT      KIA  SANDOVALGUTIERREZ      BERNABE        B       PFC      FOD  BERNALILLOGUTIERREZ      JUAN           F       PFC      DNB  SANTA FEGUTIERREZ      LUIS           n/n     PVT      KIA  CURRYGUTIERREZ      RAYMOND        J       TEC      KIA  MCKINLEYHAAS           LEVI           G       PVT      KIA  CHAVESHAGGERTON      HULCY          B       CPL      KIA  CHAVESHAGGERTON      THOMAS         M       1LT      DNB  CHAVESHAKE           OTTO           JR      PFC      KIA  BERNALILLOHALE           JAMES          M       PVT      KIA  ROOSEVELTHALL           EINAR          H       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLOHALL           JOSEPH         E       SGT      DNB  CURRYHALL           VERNON         D       2LT      KIA  HARDINGHAMBLETON      WALTER         L       PVT      DOW  ROOSEVELTHAMILTON       ALVIN          W       CAPT     KIA  SANTA FEHAMILTON       JOHNNY         n/n     CPL      DNB  MCKINLEYHAMMOND        FRED           JR      SGT      DNB  BERNALILLOHAMMONS        PAUL           I       TEC4     KIA  GRANTHANESS         LOYD           L       SGT      DNB  LEAHANKS          PAT            n/n     PFC      KIA  LEAHARBSON        ROBERT         F, JR   SGT      DNB  NMHARDY          EDWARD         L       PFC      KIA  TORRANCEHARDY          RICHARD        J       CPL      FOD  ROOSEVELTHARGETT        CHARLIE        H       SGT      KIA  LINCOLNHARRIS         BENJAMIN       F       SSG      KIA  ROOSEVELTHARRIS         DONALD         B       2LT      DNB  LUNAHARRIS         REUBEN         n/n     TEC5     KIA  SANTA FEHARRISON       ASHLEY         n/n     PFC      KIA  MCKINLEYHARRISON       JERRY          L       PFC      KIA  MCKINLEYHARSH          MELVIN         C       CPL      KIA  GRANTHARTMAN        ELMER          J       2LT      FOD  OTEROHARTSFILED     JOHNNY         H       1LT      KIA  MCKINLEYHASKELTSIE     NELSON         D       PVT      DOW  MCKINLEYHATCH          CLARENCE       G       SGT      KIA  ROOSEVELTHAVENS         ARTHUR         L       PFC      DOW  HARDINGHAWK           ALBERT         M       PFC      KIA  SOCORROHAWLEY         WILLIAM        L       PVT      DOW  BERNALILLOHAYNES         GEORGE         M       PVT      DNB  SANTA FEHAZLEWOOD      JAMES          N       MAJ      KIA  BERNALILLOHEAD           DOUGLAS        W       1LT      FOD  DONA ANAHEARD          JAMES          B       SGT      DNB  LEAHEARD          JOHN           R       PVC      DNB  BERNALILLOHEIN           EDWARD         H       SGT      KIA  BERNALILLOHENDERSON      LUTHER         A       PVT      FOD  OTEROHENRY          BOYD           N       PFC      KIA  UNIONHENRY          JOSEPH         E       PFC      DNB  CURRYHENSLEY        EDWARD         D       2LT      DNB  DONA ANAHENSLEY        NOBLE          K       1LT      DNB  BERNALILLOHERANDEZ       IGNACIO        n/n     PFC      DOW  MCKINLEYHERMAN         HARVEY         D       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLOHERNADEZ       LORENZO        n/n     PFC      DNB  MCKINLEYHERNANDEZ      ARTHUR         n/n     PVT      KIA  MORAHERNANDEZ      E              N       PVT      DOW  MORAHERNANDEZ      GUADALUPE      n/n     TEC5     KIA  DONA ANAHERNANDEZ      TONY           T       SSG      FOD  DONA ANAHERRERA        CYPRIANO       n/n     PFC      DOW  SANTA FEHERRERA        FRANK          n/n     PFC      KIA  SANTA FEHERRERA        GEORGE         S       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLOHERRERA        ISMAEL         J       PFC      DNB  TAOSHERRERA        JOSE           C       PFC      DNB  BERNALILLOHERRERA        LORENZO        R       PVT      DNB  SIERRAHERRERA        REYES          n/n     PFC      FOD  CHAVESHERRERA        RUBEN          n/n     FLO      DNB  DONA ANAHEYNE          RICHARD        n/n     2LT      FOD  CATRONHIBNER         CLARENCE       C       SSG      KIA  BERNALILLOHICKSON        CHARLES        L       PFC      KIA  CHAVESHILL           BILLIE         B       PVT      KIA  CHAVESHILL           DAVID          A       SSG      DNB  GRANTHILL           OLLIE          J       SSG      DNB  CURRYHILL           OTTO           T       PFC      DOW  CURRYHINES          AUBREY         A       1LT      KIA  LINCOLNHINES          LUTHER         P, JR   1LT      DNB  CURRYHOBBS          ROY            D       PFC      KIA  LEAHODGIN         RALPH          L       PVT      KIA  TORRANCEHOLDER         SAMUEL         A       SSG      KIA  DONA ANAHOLGUIN        JOHN           L       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLOHOLLAND        AUBREY         C       SGT      KIA  CURRYHOLLAND        WILLIAM        C       1LT      DNB  BERNALILLOHOLLEMAN       NOWL           A       SSG      DNB  TORRANCEHOLLIS         HAROLD         M       SSG      KIA  LEAHOLTON         GEORGE         T       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLOHOLTSO         JOHN           n/n     PFC      DOW  MCKINLEYHOOD           BILLY          n/n     SSG      DOW  MCKINLEYHOOTEN         WILLIAM        n/n     SGT      DNB  CHAVESHOPKINS        JAMES          A       PFC      DOW  TAOSHORCASITAS     FRED           n/n     SSG      FOD  GRANTHOSETSAVIT     ELI            n/n     PVT      KIA  OTEROHOSKEY         CECIL          n/n     PFC      KIA  SANTA FEHOSKINS        EARL           C       PFC      DNB  LUNAHOUGHTON       ROBERT         D       PVT      DNB  LEAHOUSTON        GEORGE         H       CPL      DNB  LEAHOUSTON        LEONARD        n/n     SGT      KIA  DONA ANAHOWARD         BENNIE         F       TSG      KIA  LEAHOWDEN         F              P, JR   CAPT     DNB  CHAVESHOWE           WALLACE        A       MSG      DNB  LUNAHOWELL         BURL           C       SGT      KIA  LEAHOWELL         CLAYTON        F       PFC      DNB  UNIONHOWELL         WILLIAM        L       2LT      KIA  CHAVESHUBBELL        JAMES          L, JR   1LT      DNB  CATRONHUDDLESTON     LEROY          n/n     CPL      KIA  CHAVESHUERTA         RAUL           n/n     CPL      KIA  BERNALILLOHUFFMAN        ALBION         T       SSG      FOD  DONA ANAHUGHES         ANDREW         J       CAPT     FOD  TORRANCEHULBERT        MELVIN         F       SGT      DNB  GRANTHUMPHREY       BERNICE        F       1LT      KIA  NMHUNICK         ROY            n/n     TEC5     KIA  BERNALILLOHUNT           RICHARD        B       PFC      KIA  GRANTHUNT           THOMAS         E       SSG      DNB  SANTA FEHUNT           WILLIAM        W       1LT      KIA  GRANTHUNTER         BILLY          D       1LT      FOD  GRANTHUNTER         ELLIS          M       SGT      DNB  GRANTHURT           DUCAN          A       2LT      KIA  DONA ANAHUTTON         ROY            J       SGT      DNB  SAN JUANHYNES          GEORGE         J       PFC      DNB  GRANTISON           CECIL          n/n     PVT      KIA  CHAVESJACK           HENRY          n/n     PVT      KIA  SAN JUANJACKSON        DANIEL         n/n     PVT      DNB  BERNALILLOJACKSON        DILLARD        R       SSG      MIA  CHAVESJACKSON        JAMES          D       PVT      KIA  CURRYJACKSON        ROBERT         D       2LT      KIA  BERNALILLOJACOBS         LOREN          R       CPL      DNB  UNIONJACOBSON       MENDEL         W       2LT      KIA  CHAVESJAMES          VERNIE         L       PFC      KIA  QUAYJAMON          RICHARD        n/n     PFC      KIA  MCKINLEYJAQUES         FAUSTINO       n/n     PVT      DNB  CURRYJARAMILLO      LEOPOLDO       n/n     PFC      KIA  SOCORROJARAMILLO      PABLO          n/n     PVT      KIA  BERNALILLOJARAMILLO      T              n/n     PVT      DNB  SANTA FEJARAMILLO      THOMAS         H       PVT      KIA  LUNAJARMILLO       TERECINO       n/n     PVT      KIA  SAN MIGUELJAURIQUI       JOSE           G       PVT      DNB  GRANTJEANTETE       FELIBERTO      P       PFC      DOW  TAOSJEFFUS         HUBERT         P       CAPT     FOD  MCKINLEYJETER          ISHMAEL        H       SSG      KIA  LUNAJEZEK          JOE            E       PFC      KIA  LUNAJIMENEZ        ALBERT         N       PVT      KIA  CHAVESJIMINEZ        EPIFANIO       G       PFC      KIA  SANTA FEJIRON          ARCHIE         C       PFC      KIA  UNIONJOHNSON        ALLEN          T       PVT      KIA  BERNALILLOJOHNSON        CLARENCE       C       PFC      DNB  GRANTJOHNSON        DONALD         M       1LT      KIA  BERNALILLOJOHNSON        HOMER          C       PVT      KIA  ROOSEVELTJOHNSON        ROY            L       2LT      DNB  CURRYJOHNSON        VERL           B       SSG      KIA  NMJOHNSON        VINCE          P       PFC      KIA  SANTA FEJOHNSTON       ROY            M       PVT      KIA  QUAYJOINER         GLENN          A       SGT      KIA  BERNALILLOJOJOLA         HENRY          n/n     PVT      DNB  BERNALILLOJOJOLA         SAM            n/n     2LT      KIA  BERNALILLOJONAS          RAYMOND        L       PFC      DNB  BERNALILLOJONES          CURTIS         C       PFC      DNB  GRANTJONES          ELLIOT         E       CAPT     DNB  LINCOLNJONES          FRED           n/n     PVT      KIA  OTEROJONES          GEORGE         M       TSG      KIA  HIDALGOJONES          HUGH           A       PVT      KIA  CHAVESJONES          JAMES          J       SGT      KIA  LEAJORDAN         FRED           H       CAPT     DNB  CURRYJUAREZ         MATIAS         M       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLOKANALLY        BILLY          B       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLOKANTENA        HARLEY         n/n     PVT      KIA  MCKINLEYKELLER         JOHN           A       SSG      DOW  LUNAKELLY          HARRY          n/n     CPL      KIA  CATRONKELLY          MARSHALL       E       CPL      DNB  CURRYKELSEY         GUSTAV         n/n     SGT      KIA  BERNALILLOKEMM           MANUEL         E, JR   PFC      DNB  SAN MIGUELKEMP           EDDIE          T       CAPT     KIA  BERNALILLOKEMPER         EMORY          n/n     CAPT     KIA  CHAVESKENNER         EVERETT        L       2LT      KIA  SANTA FEKENNEY         RAYMOND        L       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLOKEY            HOWELL         D       CPL      DNB  GRANTKILWY          MLTON          n/n     SGT      DNB  GRANTKING           WARNAR         A       PFC      KIA  GRANTKING           WILLIAM        J       PVT      KIA  SANTA FEKINNISON       HENRY          L, JR   COL      DNB  OTEROKNIGHT         WILLIAM        L       CPL      DNB  BERNALILLOKNIKAK         JOHN           S       SGT      KIA  MCKINLEYKOBLER         CORNELIUS      W       CAPT     MIA  NMKOHL           CHARLES        F, JR   2LT      DNB  SAN MIGUELKOLB           MARVIN         n/n     PVT      KIA  SANTA FEKORBER         ROBERT         W       TSG      DNB  BERNALILLOKORRIS         MARCE          L       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLOKROS           DONALD         R       PVT      DNB  LUNAKRULL          HARVEY         L       CPL      DNB  BERNALILLOKUHNS          WILLIAM        H       PFC      DNB  UNIONKYSOR          BENJAMIN       B       1LT      KIA  SANTA FELA ROQUE       JOSEPH         n/n     SSG      DNB  GRANTLADD           FRANKLIN       E       PFC      KIA  HARDINGLAMBERTT       THOMAS         M       2LT      DNB  BERNALILLOLANDON         EDWIN          S       1LT      DNB  BERNALILLOLANE           HAROLD         E       2LT      KIA  OTEROLANE           KENNETH        L       PVT      DNB  UNIONLARA           ANTONIO        P       PVT      KIA  DONA ANALARGO          FRANK          n/n     PFC      KIA  MCKINLEYLARRANAGA      AMBROCIO       N       PFC      KIA  TORRANCELAWSON         DAVE           B       PFC      KIA  LEALAYCOCK        ISAAC          F       TEC4     DNB  MCKINLEYLE PELL        DONALD         R       1LT      DOW  CHAVESLEACH          GERALD         E       CAPT     DNB  DONA ANALEAL           JOE            L       SSG      KIA  MORALEAN           TEOFILO        A       N/N      MIS  GRANTLEE            BRUCE          T       PVT      DNB  LEALEE            GORDON         A       2LT      KIA  ROOSEVELTLEE            JACK           n/n     1LT      KIA  OTEROLEE            JOE            n/n     PVT      DNB  SAN JUANLEE            JOHN           W, JR   PFC      KIA  LINCOLNLEE            ROY            n/n     CPL      KIA  CURRYLEE            WALTER         L       SSG      DNB  CURRYLEEKYA         PETER          n/n     PVT      KIA  MCKINLEYLEIGHTON       KENNETH        E       PFC      KIA  UNIONLENDON         WILLIAM        E       PFC      MIS  CURRYLEONARD        PAUL           J       MSG      KIA  CHAVESLERMA          JUAN           S       PVT      DNB  TORRANCELESLIE         BEN            F       PVT      KIA  LINCOLNLETTON         C              H,JR    2LT      DNB  BERNALILLOLEWEK          LEO            L       CPL      DNB  BERNALILLOLEWIS          ELMER          n/n     PFC      KIA  SAN JUANLEWIS          HERMAN         W       1LT      KIA  CURRYLEWIS          MAX            W       PVT      KIA  CURRYLEWIS          RAPLH          F       1LT      FOD  SAN MIGUELLEYEBA         RAMON          B       PVT      KIA  LUNALIKES          JOHNNIE        C       PFC      KIA  SAN JUANLINVILLE       PAUL           P       SGT      KIA  SAN MIGUELLIVELY         REUBEN         A       PVT      KIA  LUNALLAMAS         JESUS          S       SGT      KIA  GRANTLOEBS          RAYMOND        E       PVT      DNB  BERNALILLOLOGGINS        LARRY          A       CPL      KIA  LEALONCORIO       JOHN           S       PVT      KIA  BERNALILLOLONG           EDGAR          V       PFC      DNB  GRANTLONG           JULIAN         O       CAPT     KIA  BERNALILLOLONG           THOMAS         V       PFC      DNB  ROOSEVELTLOPEZ          CHARLIE        n/n     PFC      DNB  SANTA FELOPEZ          DAVID          n/n     PVT      DNB  DE BACALOPEZ          EDMOND         n/n     FLO      DNB  DONA ANALOPEZ          JAMES          G, JR   PFC      DNB  SANTA FELOPEZ          JOSE           A       PVT      KIA  SANTA FELOPEZ          JUAN           B       PVT      DNB  SAN MIGUELLOPEZ          JUAN           C       PFC      DOW  CATRONLOPEZ          JUAN           L       PVT      KIA  BERNALILLOLOPEZ          LORENZO        n/n     PVT      KIA  SOCORROLOPEZ          PETE           E       PVT      KIA  SANTA FELOPEZ          SAM            n/n     SSG      KIA  TAOSLOVATO         FAUSTINO       n/n     PVT      KIA  BERNALILLOLOVATO         JUAN           J       PFC      DNB  SANTA FELOVE           JACK           B       SSG      KIA  CURRYLOVE           WILLIAM        E       CPL      DNB  LUNALUCERO         AMADO          n/n     CPL      KIA  TORRANCELUCERO         ANTONIO        n/n     PFC      KIA  SAN MIGUELLUCERO         EMILIANO       G       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLOLUCERO         ERNESTO        A       PVT      DNB  GUADALUPELUCERO         GUSTAVE        R       PVT      DNB  TAOSLUCERO         JERRY          n/n     PVT      DNB  TAOSLUCERO         LIBERATO       n/n     PVT      DNB  SANDOVALLUCERO         LORENZO        C       PFC      DOW  SOCORROLUCERO         LUPE           n/n     PFC      KIA  TAOSLUCERO         PETE           n/n     PFC      KIA  SAN MIGUELLUCERO         RAMON          N       TEC5     KIA  SANTA FELUCERO         ROGELIO        T       PFC      DNB  SAN MIGUELLUDWIG         WILLIAM        R       CAPT     KIA  SANTA FELUERAS         ERNEST         G       CPL      KIA  BERNALILLOLUGIBIHL       MYRON          R       CPL      DNB  SANTA FELUIKART        JOHN           C       LTC      KIA  CURRYLUJAN          ABELINO        A       PVT      KIA  SANTA FELUJAN          ALBERTO        n/n     PFC      KIA  SANTA FELUJAN          FELIX          O       PFC      KIA  MORALUJAN          JIMMIE         n/n     SSG      DNB  TAOSLUJAN          JOE            I       PVT      DNB  TAOSLUJAN          JOE            T, JR   PVT      KIA  BERNALILLOLUNA           ANDALECIO      C       PVT      DOW  TORRANCELUNA           CANDIDO        n/n     PVT      KIA  TORRANCELUNA           JOSE           J       SGT      KIA  BERNALILLOLUNASEE        EDGAR          n/n     PVT      DNB  MCKINLEYLUSK           DON            W, JR   2LT      KIA  GRANTLUSK           VIRGIL         W       CAPT     DNB  GUADALUPELYNN           ROSS           H       TEC5     KIA  SAN MIGUELMADDUX         AUBREY         L       SGT      DNB  CHAVESMADRID         MIGUEL         C       PVT      KIA  DONA ANAMADRID         THEODORE       n/n     PFC      KIA  SAN JUANMADRIL         JOAQUIN        n/n     PFC      KIA  TORRANCEMAES           ARTHUR         n/n     PFC      KIA  TORRANCEMAES           ROBERET        W       PVT      DNB  BERNALILLOMAES           ROBERT         J       PVT      DNB  SAN MIGUELMAESTAS        FRANK          n/n     SSG      KIA  SANDOVALMAHLER         WAYNE          L       TEC5     DNB  GRANTMAKINS         ALFRED         E       CAPT     KIA  ROOSEVELTMALDONADO      LORENZO        M       PFC      KIA  GRANTMALDONADO      MIRAMON        n/n     PVT      KIA  TORRANCEMALDONADO      POLO           V       PVT      KIA  BERNALILLOMANCILLAS      JOE            L       PVT      DNB  NMMANN           ARTHUR         O       TEC5     DNB  BERNALILLOMANQUERODS     JOE            n/n     PVT      KIA  MCKINLEYMANUELITO      JOE            C       PVT      DNB  SAN JUANMANUELITO      LEO            A       PVT      DNB  MCKINLEYMANZANARES     ELIAS          n/n     PVT      KIA  BERNALILLOMARCHBANKS     R              B       PVT      KIA  CHAVESMARES          CHARLES        M       SGT      DNB  TAOSMARES          JAMES          G       PVT      DNB  SANTA FEMARINO         RICHARD        C       PVT      KIA  BERNALILLOMARK           HARVEY         L       PVT      KIA  SAN JUANMARLER         LEO            A       SGT      KIA  SANDOVALMARQUES        ELISEO         n/n     PVT      DNB  NMMARQUEZ        ARTHUR         n/n     PVT      DNB  BERNALILLOMARQUEZ        BONFACIO       A       SSG      DOW  GUADALUPEMARQUEZ        MANUEL         O       PFC      KIA  GRANTMARQUEZ        PEDRO          JR      TEC5     DNB  GUADALUPEMARQUEZ        PORFIRIO       J       TSG      KIA  BERNALILLOMARQUEZ        RAMIRO         M       PVT      KIA  GRANTMARQUEZ        ROBERT         R       PFC      DOW  BERNALILLOMARRIJO        ALBERT         T       PFC      KIA  SIERRAMARSHALL       DAN            D       PVT      KIA  DONA ANAMARTIN         HARRY          n/n     PVT      KIA  MCKINLEYMARTIN         JOHN           C       PVT      KIA  SAN JUANMARTIN         WILLIAM        R       SSG      KIA  LUNAMARTINEZ       ABRAN          B       PFC      KIA  MORAMARTINEZ       ADELAIDO       n/n     PFC      KIA  SAN MIGUELMARTINEZ       ADOLFO         n/n     PVT      DOW  TORRANCEMARTINEZ       CARLOS         V       PFC      KIA  HARDINGMARTINEZ       EMILIO         M       PVT      DOW  BERNALILLOMARTINEZ       ERNEST         E       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLOMARTINEZ       ESTEBAN        J       PVT      DNB  SANTA FEMARTINEZ       FELICIANO      n/n     PVT      KIA  BERNALILLOMARTINEZ       FILBERT        n/n     PVT      KIA  LINCOLNMARTINEZ       FRANCISCO      M       PVT      KIA  SANTA FEMARTINEZ       FRANK          P       PVT      DNB  BERNALILLOMARTINEZ       HENRY          n/n     PVT      DOW  MCKINLEYMARTINEZ       JOEL           A       1LT      DNB  BERNALILLOMARTINEZ       JOSE           E       PVT      KIA  TAOSMARTINEZ       JUAN           C       PFC      KIA  UNIONMARTINEZ       LEOPOLDO       U       PFC      FOD  TAOSMARTINEZ       LOUIS          F       SGT      DNB  HARDINGMARTINEZ       LUCIANO        S       PVT      DNB  TAOSMARTINEZ       LUIS           G       PVT      DNB  BERNALILLOMARTINEZ       MANUEL         n/n     PFC      DNB  SANTA FEMARTINEZ       MAX            n/n     SSG      KIA  UNIONMARTINEZ       NELECIO        n/n     PVT      DNB  TAOSMARTINEZ       PETE           M       PVT      KIA  MORAMARTINEZ       SALOMON        n/n     PFC      KIA  SANDOVALMARTINEZ       SANTIAGO       M       PVT      DOW  BERNALILLOMARTINEZ       SIGFREDO       n/n     PVT      KIA  SANTA FEMARTINEZ       THEORDORE      G       CPL      DNB  SANTA FEMARTINEZ       TRANQUILINO    n/n     PVT      KIA  BERNALILLOMARTINEZ       WILLIAM        B       PVT      KIA  SANTA FEMARTZ          DONALD         B       CAPT     FOD  BERNALILLOMASCARENAS     JOSE           E T     PVT      KIA  TAOSMASCARNEAS     JOSE           L       PVT      KIA  TAOSMATA           ANTONIO        U       PVT      DNB  CHAVESMATLOCK        DENVER         B       PVT      DNB  LEAMAULDIN        GLENN          F       PVT      DOW  DE BACAMAVEETY        HILLYER        G       PVT      KIA  DONA ANAMAYES          JAMES          A       CPL      KIA  GUADALUPEMAYFIELD       ARBIE          J       PFC      KIA  TORRANCEMC ADAMS       WILLIAM        B       1LT      FOD  UNIONMC ALPHINE     F L            R       SGT      DNB  LEAMC BRIDE       RAYMOND        J       CPL      DNB  LEAMC BRIDE       ZELAH          G, JR   TSG      FOD  BERNALILLOMC CARSON      BEN            D       SSG      KIA  ROOSEVELTMC CARTY       C              N, JR   TSG      FOD  BERNALILLOMC COLLUM      ROSS           A       2LT      KIA  BERNALILLOMC COOL        PARKER         n/n     TEC4     DNB  GRANTMC CORMICK     OLSEN          L       SSG      FOD  CURRYMC CREARY      PAUL           E       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLOMC CULLOUGH    GEORGE         E       TEC5     KIA  ROOSEVELTMC DONALD      IRVING         L       PVT      DNB  BERNALILLOMC DORMAN      JAMES          D       PFC      DOW  LEAMC GEE         WILLIAM        D       PFC      DNB  ROOSEVELTMC HODGKINS    HAROLD         W       PVT      DNB  BERNALILLOMC KIM         RAYMOND        A       CPL      DNB  BERNALILLOMC KINLEY      CHEE           n/n     PVT      DNB  MCKINLEYMC KINZIE      WILLIAM        J       1LT      DNB  BERNALILLOMC KNIGHT      WADE           B       TEC5     DNB  CHAVESMC LAUGHLIN    PAUL           n/n     2LT      KIA  DONA ANAMC LAUGHLIN    WILLIS         B       SGT      KIA  BERNALILLOMC MATH        WILLIAM        E       SSG      FOD  TORRANCEMC REYNOLDS    THOMAS         L       PVT      KIA  CHAVESMC SMITH       JOHN           T       PVT      DNB  SOCORROMEANS          FRANK          D       TEC5     DNB  BERNALILLOMECHEM         JESSE          n/n     LTC      KIA  DONA ANAMEDINA         EUTIMIO        C       PVT      DNB  MORAMEDINA         LOUIS          L       SGT      KIA  SANTA FEMEDINA         PROPOIO        n/n     PVT      DNB  TAOSMEDRAN         JOE            R       PVT      KIA  GRANTMEEKER         RALPH          L       SGT      DOW  LEAMELENDEZ       ALFONSO        n/n     CAPT     KIA  MORAMELENDEZ       EULOJIE        M       1LT      DNB  CHAVESMELENDEZ       LIONEL         n/n     2LT      DNB  CHAVESMELENDREZ      JULIAN         D       TEC5     KIA  DONA ANAMENDEZ         RODOLFO        n/n     CPL      DNB  BERNALILLOMERAYO         PETE           T       TEC5     DNB  MCKINLEYMEYER          ALBERT         R       SGT      KIA  CHAVESMEYER          WILLIAM        H       SSG      DNB  BERNALILLOMICHJELI       ART            A       SGT      KIA  BERNALILLOMIERA          MOISES         n/n     PFC      KIA  TAOSMILLENBAUGH    PAUL           D       SSG      DNB  BERNALILLOMILLER         CARROLL        H       SGT      KIA  CHAVESMILLER         CHARLES        W       MAJ      KIA  BERNALILLOMILLER         CJ             JR      PVT      KIA  MCKINLEYMILLER         DOUGLAS        W       PFC      DNB  CURRYMILLER         FREDERICK      G       SSG      DNB  BERNALILLOMILLER         JAMES          S       MSG      DNB  HIDALGOMILLER         JOSE           S       PVT      KIA  CHAVESMILLER         MELVIN         M       2LT      FOD  BERNALILLOMILLER         PAUL           D       PFC      KIA  ROOSEVELTMILLER         ROY            E       PFC      DNB  BERNALILLOMILLIGAN       CHESLEY        n/n     CPL      DNB  BERNALILLOMILLIKEN       GEORGE         J       TEC5     DNB  UNIONMINS           DAVID          C       TEC5     KIA  DONA ANAMIRABAL        FLAVIO         A       SSG      KIA  MCKINLEYMIRABAL        NED            V       TSG      KIA  DONA ANAMIRABAL        ONNCIMO        M       PFC      DNB  BERNALILLOMIRABAL        VINCENTI       J       PFC      KIA  SANTA FEMITCHELL       HOMER          J       PVT      KIA  ROOSEVELTMITCHELL       JOE            C       PFC      DOW  SAN JUANMITCHELL       JOHN           E       PVT      DNB  BERNALILLOMITCHELL       LELAND         E       PFC      KIA  CHAVESMITCHELL       SAM            S       SSG      KIA  MCKINLEYMITCHELL       THOMAS         J       CPL      DNB  BERNALILLOMITCHELL       ROBERT         E       SGT      DOW  SANDOVALMOLANO         ARTHUR         E       PVT      DOW  GRANTMONBY          BASIL          L       CPL      DNB  MCKINLEYMONDRAGON      JOSE           A       PFC      KIA  TAOSMONK           GLENDELL       L       CPL      KIA  CURRYMONTANO        FULCENCIO      n/n     TEC5     KIA  HARDINGMONTANO        LOUIS          n/n     PFC      KIA  GUADALUPEMONTANO        SEVERO         J       PFC      DOW  SOCORROMONTES         ANTONIO        T       PVT      DOI  DONA ANAMONTES         ELOY           A       PFC      KIA  LINCOLNMONTES         FRED           M       PVT      DNB  DONA ANAMONTES         JOSE           S       PVT      KIA  LINCOLNMONTES         RICHARDO       B       PFC      DNB  GRANTMONTIEL        GABINO         n/n     PVT      KIA  BERNALILLOMONTOYA        ADOLFO         A       PFC      KIA  MORAMONTOYA        ANTONIO        A       1LT      KIA  SANTA FEMONTOYA        ANTONIO        n/n     PVT      KIA  SANTA FEMONTOYA        DOMINGO        n/n     SGT      KIA  OTEROMONTOYA        EPIFANIC       M       PFC      KIA  SAN MIGUELMONTOYA        ERNESTO        F       PVT      KIA  TAOSMONTOYA        FELIX          M       PVT      DNB  DONA ANAMONTOYA        FERMIN         A       PVT      KIA  SANTA FEMONTOYA        JAKE           T       SSG      KIA  LINCOLNMONTOYA        LEANDRO        n/n     PFC      KIA  SANDOVALMONTOYA        MANUEL         L       SSG      DNB  BERNALILLOMONTOYA        PORFIDO        R       PVT      KIA  SANTA FEMONTOYO        RICARDO        B       PFC      KIA  SANDOVALMONYOYA        ISIDRO         B       PVT      DNB  OTEROMOON           HAROLD         H, JR   PVT      KIA  BERNALILLOMOONEY         THOMAS         L       TEC5     KIA  BERNALILLOMOORE          PAUL           S       1LT      DNB  SANTA FEMORA           FEDERICO       n/n     PVT      KIA  BERNALILLOMORA           TRINE          n/n     PFC      KIA  MCKINLEYMORALES        DONACIANO      A       PVT      KIA  DONA ANAMORGAN         HOWARD         n/n     PFC      KIA  MCKINLEYMORGAN         JACOB          C, JR   PVT      DNB  MCKINLEYMORRIS         CLARENCE       W       SGT      KIA  CURRYMORRIS         MICHAEL        A       CPL      DNB  BERNALILLOMORROW         ROBERT         G       SSG      FOD  GRANTMOSELEY        JUAN           F       PVT      DNB  TORRANCEMOSHER         KIRK           G       SSG      KIA  BERNALILLOMOSS           JOHN           D       CPL      DNB  CURRYMOSSMAN        BURTON         C, JR   MAJ      DNB  CHAVESMOULTON        JAMES          C       SSG      KIA  SANTA FEMOYA           VALENTIN       n/n     PVT      KIA  SOCORROMUINOZ         SABINO         A       PFC      KIA  DONA ANAMUNIZ          REFUGIO        A       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLOMUNOZ          FIDEL          R       PFC      DOW  SAN JUANMUNOZ          SANTIAGO       R       PVT      KIA  MCKINLEYMURPHY         WILLIAM        F       SGT      KIA  BERNALILLOMURRAY         WILLIAM        L       CPL      DOW  GRANTMYERS          HAROLD         B       2LT      KIA  CURRYMYERS          JOHN           A       SSG      KIA  SANTA FEMYERS          LUZ            G       PVT      DOW  BERNALILLONAHKAI         ALFONSO        G       PFC      DOW  SAN JUANNANCE          HUGH           B, JR   PVT      KIA  HIDALGONECLY          ALLEN          n/n     CPL      DNB  BERNALILLONEELEY         MORGAN         H       1SG      DNB  LEANELSON         JOHN           C       PVT      DNB  TAOSNELSON         RICHARD        n/n     PFC      FOD  LEANELSON         W              A       CPL      KIA  CURRYNEWBERRY       WILLIAM        R       PFC      KIA  ROOSEVELTNEWSOM         SAM            H       1LT      KIA  DONA ANANEWTON         KENNETH        W       PFC      KIA  ROOSEVELTNEZ            FRANK          H       PVT      KIA  MCKINLEYNEZ            MALCOLM        n/n     PFC      DNB  MCKINLEYNICKERSON      JOSE           B       PFC      DNB  SAN JUANNICKLAS        J              L       CAPT     KIA  UNIONNIETO          JOE            G       CPL      KIA  MCKINLEYNISHWONGER     HAROLD         L       1LT      KIA  SAN MIGUELNOFFKE         WILLIAM        G       PVT      KIA  BERNALILLONORRIS         JOHN           K       PVT      DNB  BERNALILLONORRIS         WILLIAM        M       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLONORTHCUTT      FLOYD          C       PVT      DNB  CURRYNORTON         JOHN           W       SSG      DNB  BERNALILLONUANES         EDGAR          N       PVT      KIA  SIERRANUANEZ         GEORGE         G       PFC      DNB  MCKINLEYNUNEZ          INOCENCIO      n/n     PVT      KIA  BERNALILLOOCHOA          PATRICIO       D       PVT      DNB  OTEROODELL          JAMES          G       PVT      DNB  LEAOLDHAM         ROBERT         J       SSG      DNB  QUAYOLGUIN         MOYSES         n/n     PFC      DNB  SANTA FEOLIPHANT       JAMES          L       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLOOLIVER         ENOCH          C       PFC      DNB  CURRYOLIVIAS        CANDIDO        L       PVT      KIA  TAOSOLMSTEAD       BARNES         n/n     SGT      DNB  SIERRAORMSBEE        JAMES          J       1LT      KIA  GRANTOROSCO         ARNOLD         A       CPL      KIA  BERNALILLOOROURKE        VINCENTE       C       SSG      DNB  BERNALILLOORTEGA         ALFREDO        n/n     PVT      KIA  MORAORTEGA         CALLENTANO     F       PFC      DNB  GRANTORTEGA         ELIGIO         n/n     PVT      DNB  BERNALILLOORTIZ          BILLIE         n/n     PVT      DNB  UNIONORTIZ          DAVID          S       PFC      KIA  MORAORTIZ          DESIDERIO      G, JR   PFC      DOW  GRANTORTIZ          ERNESTO        S       SGT      KIA  SAN MIGUELORTIZ          FRANK          n/n     PVT      DNB  GUADALUPEORTIZ          JOSE           P       PFC      KIA  TAOSORTIZ          RAFAEL         n/n     PFC      DNB  SANTA FEOSBORNE        HOMER          C       PVT      DNB  SANDOVALOSBORNE        J              R       MSG      DNB  CURRYOSBORNE        STEPHEN        W       SGT      DOW  DE BACAOSOWSKI        JOHN           E       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLOOSUNA          SANTIAGO       M       PVT      DNB  DONA ANAOTERO          JOSE           I       SGT      DOW  SAN MIGUELOTERO          TRINIDAD       F       PVT      KIA  TORRANCEOVERSTREET     JOHN           E       2LT      DNB  LEAPACHECO        BENJAMIN       n/n     PFC      DNB  BERNALILLOPACHECO        JOHN           B       CPL      DNB  MCKINLEYPACHECO        JOSE           A       SGT      KIA  MORAPACHECO        JOSE           F       PFC      DOW  MORAPACHECO        MANUEL         C       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLOPACHECO        PEDRO          n/n     PVT      DNB  SANDOVALPACHECO        PETE           n/n     SGT      DOW  SAN MIGUELPACHECO        JACOBO         E       SGT      KIA  MORAPADILLA        ANTONIO        n/n     PFC      KIA  SAN MIGUELPADILLA        BENIGNO        E       PFC      KIA  TAOSPADILLA        CLIMACO        H       PVT      FOD  SIERRAPADILLA        ISABEL         n/n     PFC      KIA  GUADALUPEPADILLA        JAKLE          J       PFC      DNB  TAOSPADILLA        JOSE           F       PVT      DNB  CATRONPADILLA        LEE            n/n     PFC      KIA  BERNALILLOPADILLA        MARGARITO      n/n     PVT      KIA  SAN MIGUELPADILLA        MIGUEL         B       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLOPADILLA        RICHARD        M       PVT      KIA  BERNALILLOPADILLA        SERAFIN        n/n     PFC      KIA  BERNALILLOPAGE           CANDIDO        L       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLOPAIZ           BENITO         A       PVT      DNB  MORAPALMER         HARRY          C       PFC      DNB  SAN JUANPALMER         THOMAS         M       TSG      DNB  BERNALILLOPALUMBO        PAUL           n/n     CPL      DNB  BERNALILLOPARADA         NICK           V       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLOPARCHER        LAWRENCE       W       1LT      KIA  CHAVESPARKER         EDGAR          B       PFC      DNB  OTEROPARKER         TED            E       CAPT     KIA  BERNALILLOPARKER         WILLIAM        R       PVT      KIA  GUADALUPEPARKS          JOSEPH         F       SGT      KIA  SIERRAPARKS          WYMAN          L       CPL      DNB  GRANTPARRA          ANTONIO        n/n     SSG      KIA  GRANTPARRA          SIMON          R       CPL      DNB  MCKINLEYPARRISH        JACK           A       PVT      KIA  DONA ANAPASELANTIE     LYMAN          n/n     PFC      KIA  MCKINLEYPATTERSON      RUFUS          A       PVT      DNB  LUNAPATTON         JOHN           P       CPL      KIA  BERNALILLOPAULSON        LLOYD          G       PVT      DNB  SAN JUANPENA           DIONICIO       R       PFC      KIA  DONA ANAPENA           JUAN           B       PVT      KIA  BERNALILLOPENA           RAMON          M       PVT      DNB  LINCOLNPEPPER         KEMP           C       PFC      DNB  LINCOLNPERA           EDUARDO        B       PFC      KIA  DONA ANAPEREA          TOBY           n/n     PVT      KIA  BERNALILLOPEREA          TOM            n/n     PVT      DNB  BERNALILLOPEREZ          ALFONSO        n/n     PVT      DNB  SANDOVALPEREZ          RUDOLFO        n/n     PVT      KIA  CHAVESPERU           MAXIMO         B       PVT      KIA  GRANTPETE           FRANK          Y       PVT      DNB  SAN JUANPETERS         FRANK          A       SGT      FOD  BERNALILLOPETERSON       JACK           E       1LT      KIA  BERNALILLOPETTINE        ELMER          M       2LT      KIA  SAN MIGUELPHELPS         WILLIAM        A       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLOPHILLIPS       CONNIE         D       SGT      DNB  SANTA FEPHILLIPS       HAROLD         V       CPL      DNB  LEAPHILLIPSON     BURTON         M       2LT      DNB  BERNALILLOPICKENS        JAMES          V       PFC      DNB  BERNALILLOPICKERING      CARL           A       SGT      KIA  CHAVESPICKERING      GLEN           F       PFC      KIA  CHAVESPIERCE         FRANKLIN       L       2LT      DNB  BERNALILLOPINSON         LARRY          E       2LT      DNB  CHAVESPITMAN         LEO            n/n     PFC      DNB  UNIONPITSOR         RICHARD        G       PFC      DNB  GRANTPITTS          HAROLD         O       PVT      DNB  DONA ANAPLATERO        BEN            n/n     PFC      DNB  BERNALILLOPLESE          JOE            J       SSG      KIA  MCKINLEYPLESE          JOSEPH         J       2LT      FOD  MCKINLEYPLOMTEAUX      FRANCIS        A       CPL      KIA  BERNALILLOPOE            ALTON          D       CPL      DOW  HIDALGOPONCE          BALTAZAR       L       PFC      KIA  DONA ANAPORTER         HOWARD         L       PVT      KIA  LINCOLNPORTER         JOHN           L, JR   TEC4     DNB  OTEROPOUNDS         ARTHUR         L       PFC      DNB  ROOSEVELTPOUNDS         CHESTER        O       TEC5     DNB  BERNALILLOPOWELL         FRANCIS        B       PVT      KIA  SANTA FEPOWERS         JOHN           H, JR   TSG      DNB  BERNALILLOPOWERS         LARRY          D       PVT      KIA  GRANTPRESPENTE      VICENTE        C       PFC      DNB  SAN JUANPRETTNER       RICHARD        C       SSG      DNB  SANTA FEPRICE          GEORGE         n/n     PFC      KIA  CHAVESPRIEST         LOWELL         n/n     PVT      KIA  LEAPRINCE         SAM            A       SGT      DNB  CURRYPRITCHARD      HUBERT         H       CPL      DNB  CHAVESPROBST         ROBERT         L       PVT      DNB  SAN JUANPROFFITT       EDRED          E       PVT      KIA  LEAPROO           SALVADOR       G       PFC      KIA  GRANTPROSSER        BARNEY         E       CPL      DOW  LUNAPROVENCIO      ENRIQUE        n/n     1LT      FOD  DONA ANAPRUETT         DONALD         L       PFC      KIA  CURRYPUCKET         CLIFFORD       D       PVT      DNB  SOCORROQUESENBERRY    JAMES          S       1LT      FOD  DONA ANAQUINTANA       BEN            n/n     PFC      KIA  SANDOVALQUINTANA       HERMAN         S       PVT      KIA  HARDINGQUINTANA       JULIAN         n/n     PFC      KIA  TAOSQUINTANA       MARTIN         JR      PVT      DNB  SAN MIGUELQUINTANA       PARTICIO       J       PVT      DNB  MORAQUINTANA       TONY           C       PFC      DOW  SANTA FEQUNINTANA      PAT            A       CPL      DNB  SANTA FERADOSEVICH     JOSEPH         R       2LT      DNB  MCKINLEYRADOSLOVICH    C              A       2LT      KIA  UNIONRAEL           ALBERTO        L       PFC      KIA  TAOSRAEL           CECILIO        J       PVT      DOW  GUADALUPERAMIERY        H              n/n     PFC      KIA  LEARAMIREZ        AUGUSTINE      B       PVT      KIA  DONA ANARAMIREZ        LAURO          A       PFC      DNB  SOCORRORAMIREZ        SALVADOR       H       PFC      DNB  MCKINLEYRANGEL         GILBERT        P       PFC      DOW  GRANTRANKIN         DAZE           D       PVT      DOW  UNIONRAY            ALBERT         E       TEC5     KIA  BERNALILLOREDFORD        JAMES          F       CAPT     KIA  DONA ANAREDWINE        HOWARD         L       PVT      DNB  DONA ANAREECE          CLAUDE         N       1LT      FOD  CATRONREGALADO       TONY           n/n     PFC      DNB  LINCOLNREICHELT       OREN           R       CAPT     KIA  DONA ANAREID           KENNETH        M       AVC      DNB  BERNALILLOREID           MELVIN         L       PVT      DNB  LEAREMONDINI      ROBERT         J       1LT      KIA  LUNAREYES          JAMES          B       PFC      KIA  MCKINLEYREYES          TOMMY          B       PVT      DNB  MCKINLEYREYNOLDS       HARMON         A       PFC      DNB  QUAYREYNOLDS       JOHN           E       SGT      KIA  CURRYRHODES         WOODROW        W       PVT      KIA  CHAVESRICDON         ELWIN          M       SCT      KIA  UNIONRICHARDS       GIRLIE         F       PFC      KIA  ROOSEVELTRICHARDS       WILLIAM        A       MSG      DNB  BERNALILLORICHARDSON     EARL           M       2LT      FOD  ROOSEVELTRICHARDSON     EDWARD         M       TSG      KIA  LINCOLNRICHARDSON     HAROLD         G       SGT      DNB  LEARICHARTE       FRANCISCO      M       PVT      KIA  GRANTRICHMOND       HUGH           G       PVT      KIA  CHAVESRICHTER        MALCOLM        H       2LT      DNB  BERNALILLORIGGS          KENNETH        O       SGT      DOW  QUAYRILEY          RICHARD        M       MAJ      DNB  BERNALILLORIOS           FERMIN         S       PVT      DNB  DONA ANARIOVERA        ESQUIPULA      n/n     PFC      KIA  TAOSRIVAS          VICENTE        T       PVT      KIA  SOCORRORIVERA         PETRONILO      M       SSG      KIA  GRANTRIVERA         PORFIRIO       n/n     PFC      KIA  TAOSRIVOZ          EDWARD         O       SSG      FOD  SIERRAROBBINS        ARTHUR         W       TEC4     FOD  CURRYROBBS          THOMAS         J       TEC5     DNB  QUAYROBERTS        DEE            W, JR   PVT      DNB  MCKINLEYROBERTS        JAMES          S       PFC      DNB  GRANTROBERTS        LESTER         L       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLOROBINETTE      BYRON          L       PFC      DOW  BERNALILLOROBINSON       GEORGE         D       CPL      DOW  QUAYROBINSON       PATRICK        H       PFC      KIA  SANTA FEROBINSON       WALTER         E       TSG      KIA  LINCOLNRODARTE        JEROME         G       PVT      DNB  MCKINLEYRODGERS        MORTON         S       TEC5     KIA  TORRANCERODGERS        ROBERT         L       SSG      DNB  CURRYRODGERS        WAYNE          C       SGT      DNB  CURRYRODRIGUES      RUDOLFE        n/n     PFC      DOW  TAOSRODRIGUEZ      ALBERT         n/n     PVT      DNB  BERNALILLORODRIGUEZ      MANUEL         A       PVT      DOI  LUNARODRIQUEZ      BENNIE         C       CPL      KIA  GRANTRODRIQUEZ      G              V       PFC      KIA  GRANTRODRIQUEZ      JUAN           S       PFC      KIA  GRANTRODRIQUEZ      MARIANO        L       PFC      KIA  GRANTROGERS         ARTHUR         R       PVT      KIA  SAN MIGUELROGERS         HARRY          A       TEC4     DNB  CURRYROGERS         MARTEN         G       CPL      KIA  BERNALILLOROHRABAUGH     THOMAS         C       TSG      DNB  BERNALILLOROMEEO         JOHN           C       PVT      DNB  BERNALILLOROMERO         ATOCHE         n/n     PFC      KIA  SANTA FEROMERO         BENITO         A       PVT      DNB  SAN MIGUELROMERO         ESEQUIEL       n/n     PFC      KIA  SAN MIGUELROMERO         FIDEL          F       PFC      KIA  MORAROMERO         FRANCISCO      n/n     PVT      KIA  SANTA FEROMERO         FRUTOSO        n/n     PVT      DNB  BERNALILLOROMERO         HENRY          C       PVT      DOW  BERNALILLOROMERO         JUAN           F       PVT      DNB  TAOSROMERO         JUAN           n/n     PVT      KIA  TAOSROMERO         JULIAN         n/n     PFC      KIA  SANTA FEROMERO         MANUEL         A       PVT      DNB  MORAROMERO         RICHARDO       G       PFC      DNB  DONA ANAROMERO         SALVADORE      n/n     SSG      FOD  SANTA FEROMERO         SANTIAGO       n/n     PVT      DNB  SANTA FEROMERO         TIMOTOE        n/n     PVT      KIA  TAOSROPER          OLLIN          A       PFC      DNB  LEARORDIGUEZ      FERNANDO       L       PVT      KIA  DONA ANARORDIGUEZ      LEONARDO       C       PFC      KIA  DONA ANARORDIGUEZ      TONY           n/n     PVT      DNB  DONA ANARORIE          WILLIAM        E       CPL      DNB  ROOSEVELTROSAS          JONAS          D       PVT      DNB  LUNAROSE           NOEL           B       SCG      KIA  UNIONROSETTA        RAYMOND        n/n     PFC      KIA  SANDOVALROUSE          TITUS          W       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLOROYBAL         PABLO          n/n     PVT      KIA  SAN MIGUELRUBIO          DAVID          J       CPL      DNB  SAN MIGUELRUCKMAN        JEFF           D       PFC      DOW  CURRYRUCKMAN        OSCAR          A       SGT      DNB  CURRYRUE            WILLIAM        B       PFC      DOW  CHAVESRUEBUSH        ELBERT         L       SSG      DNB  LUNARUIZ           DAVID          G       PVT      KIA  BERNALILLORUIZ           ELOY           n/n     CPL      KIA  SANTA FERUPLE          JAMES          P       TEC5     KIA  SAN JUANRUSSELL        JOSEPH         A       PVT      DNB  HARDINGRUSSELL        MARK           T       2LT      DNB  SANTA FESAAVEDRA       JERRY          C       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLOSADLER         JAMES          E       CAPT     KIA  SANTA FESAFFORD        CHARLES        V       2LT      KIA  NMSAIZ           REYNALDO       n/n     PVT      DNB  SANDOVALSAIZ           VALENTINE      n/n     PVT      DNB  SANTA FESALAIZ         ALBERTO        R       PFC      KIA  GRANTSALAIZ         REYNALDO       L       CPL      DNB  GRANTSALAS          JOE            A       PVT      DNB  UNIONSALAZ          LUCIANO        G       PVT      KIA  SANDOVALSALAZAR        SAM            D       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLOSALAZAR        SANTIAGO       C       PFC      KIA  TORRANCESALCIDO        HENRY          n/n     PVT      DNB  SIERRASALINAS        CRUZ           n/n     PVT      DNB  DONA ANASAM            OSBORNE        n/n     PFC      KIA  MCKINLEYSAMLLEY        GEORGE         T       PVT      KIA  CURRYSANCHEZ        ALFONSO        H       CPL      DNB  BERNALILLOSANCHEZ        ALFONSO        M       PVT      DNB  MORASANCHEZ        CRISTOBAL      D       PVT      DNB  BERNALILLOSANCHEZ        DELFINO        L       PVT      KIA  DONA ANASANCHEZ        DELFINO        n/n     PFC      KIA  TAOSSANCHEZ        ELISEO         E       PFC      KIA  TAOS         NMISANCHEZ        EUTIMIO        n/n     PFC      KIA  MCKINLEYSANCHEZ        JOSE           G       PFC      KIA  SOCORROSANCHEZ        JUAN           J       PVT      DNB  TORRANCESANCHEZ        LAWRENCE       M       CPL      KIA  OTEROSANCHEZ        LUCIANO        n/n     PVT      KIA  BERNALILLOSANCHEZ        NAPOLEON       T       PVT      DNB  BERNALILLOSANCHEZ        NESTOR         n/n     TEC5     DNB  BERNALILLOSANCHEZ        VALENTINE      n/n     PVT      DNB  BERNALILLOSANCHEZ        VENCESLAO      C       PFC      DNB  BERNALILLOSANDELL        JESSIE         D       SGT      DNB  DONA ANASANDERS        DOUGLES        n/n     PVT      KIA  CHAVESSANDOVAL       AMBROCIO       J       PVT      KIA  TAOSSANDOVAL       ANDRES         J       PVT      KIA  DONA ANASANDOVAL       ANDREW         n/n     PFC      DOW  QUAYSANDOVAL       ARTHUR         CPL     DNB      DNB  TAOSSANDOVAL       BERTRAM        O       PFC      KIA  TAOSSANDOVAL       CARMEL         n/n     SSG      KIA  SANTA FESANDOVAL       ELBERTO        n/n     PVT      KIA  MORASANDOVAL       FRANK          H,JR    TEC4     KIA  SAN MIGUELSANDOVAL       FRED           S       PFC      DNB  MCKINLEYSANDOVAL       GILBERT        W       SSG      KIA  MORASANDOVAL       TONEY          T       PVT      KIA  HARDINGSANTILLANES    ELIAS          A       PVT      FOD  BERNALILLOSANTILLANEZ    L              J       PVT      DNB  SANDOVALSANTISTEVAN    JOE            A       PVT      KIA  TAOSSANTISTEVAN    THOMAS         n/n     SGT      KIA  TAOSSARTE          TOM            J       PVT      KIA  SOCORROSAVAGE         LEE            L       PFC      KIA  GRANTSAVEDRA        FIDEL          L       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLOSCARBROUGH     JOHN           D       TSG      FOD  DONA ANASCHEIBE        CHARLIE        O       PFC      KIA  SANDOVALSCHMID         ROY            W       PVT      KIA  CHAVES       NMISCHNEIDER      F              M       2LT      KIA  BERNALILLOSCHOVANEC      JOE            n/n     PFC      DNB  CURRYSCHROEDER      KARL           W       CAPT     DNB  CURRYSCHUBET        CHARLES        A       TSG      KIA  BERNALILLOSCHUETZ        EMIL           D       PVT      DNB  BERNALILLOSCHUETZ        WILLIAM        C       CAPT     KIA  BERNALILLOSCHULZ         ELMO           R       SGT      KIA  CHAVESSCHURTZ        PAUL           W       MAJ      KIA  LUNASCHWARTZ       JIM            E       CPL      KIA  LUNASEARS          IVAN           L       PFC      KIA  CURRYSEDILLO        ANTONIO        B       PVT      KIA  SIERRASEDILLO        HENRY          n/n     PVT      DNB  SIERRASEDILLO        HERMAN         R       CPL      DNB  SIERRASEDILLO        RAMON          N       PFC      KIA  SAN MIGUELSEI            DUILIO         J       SSG      DNB  BERNALILLOSELLERS        THOMAS         W       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLOSELVA          CAESAR         J       CPL      DNB  BERNALILLOSENA           ANTONIO        n/n     PFC      KIA  SAN MIGUELSENA           JOSE           A       PVT      KIA  GUADALUPESERNA          RICHARD        C       PVT      KIA  GRANTSERNA          TIM            n/n     TEC5     DNB  SANTA FESHAMBLIN       OTHO           L       CAPT     KIA  BERNALILLOSHARP          ALVIN          W       PVT      KIA  HIDALGOSHAUL          ROY            A       PVT      KIA  GRANTSHELTON        BILLY          J       PFC      KIA  CHAVESSHELTON        JACK           R       PFC      KIA  CHAVESSHEPPARD       CAESAR         n/n     PFC      KIA  BERNALILLOSHERMAN        FRED           C       SSG      DNB  BERNALILLOSHERMAN        FREDERICK      S       CAPT     DNB  LINCOLNSHERMAN        HERBERT        n/n     PFC      DNB  MCKINLEYSHEWBERT       KENNETH        E       PFC      KIA  HIDALGOSHIELDS        JOHN           S       CPL      DNB  CURRYSHIMP          NEIL           B       CAPT     KIA  MCKINLEYSHIPP          WILLIAM        M       2LT      DNB  LEASHIREY         WAYNE          T       1LT      KIA  ROOSEVELTSIDNEY         DAVID          n/n     PVT      FOD  SAN JUANSIFUENTES      GREGORIO       C       PVT      KIA  GRANTSILBO          LEE            A       CAPT     DNB  SAN JUANSILVA          ABEL           n/n     PVT      KIA  SAN MIGUELSILVA          ANTONIO        P       PVT      DNB  SANTA FESILVA          BENJAMIN       C, JR   PVT      KIA  DONA ANASILVA          ROBERTO        E       PFC      KIA  SOCORROSIMONI         CHARLES        n/n     PFC      KIA  SANTA FESIMONI         FRED           S       SGT      DNB  SANTA FESIMONI         TONY           P       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLOSIMONS         JOHN           A       1LT      DNB  BERNALILLOSIMPSON        EARL           R       TEC5     DNB  SANTA FESIMPSON        HAROLD         P       PFC      DOW  LEA          NMISIMS           CHARLES        H, JR   SGT      DNB  CHAVESSINGER         JOSEPH         n/n     PVT      DNB  OTEROSISNEROS       EDUARDO        n/n     SGT      KIA  QUAYSISNEROS       FELIPE         G       PVT      DNB  GUADALUPESKAREAS        JIM            n/n     PVT      DNB  SOCORROSKILES         LEONARD        W       1LT      DNB  LUNASKIPWORTH      ROY            W       SGT      FOD  DE BACASLADE          JAMES          R       PVT      KIA  LUNASMITH          ALBERT         D       PFC      KIA  SOCORROSMITH          BENJAMIN       F       CPL      KIA  CHAVESSMITH          BURNEY         H       CAPT     DNB  CURRYSMITH          CHARLES        K       WOJG     KIA  BERNALILLOSMITH          CLAUDE         O       PVT      DNB  OTEROSMITH          ELLWARD        G       PVT      KIA  HIDALGOSMITH          EVERETT        D       1LT      KIA  ROOSEVELTSMITH          FAUAD          J       TSG      KIA  UNIONSMITH          J              M       1SG      DNB  CURRYSMITH          JAMES          R       PFC      KIA  CHAVESSMITH          KENNETH        D       1LT      FOD  BERNALILLOSMITH          MANNIE         E       CPL      DNB  DE BACASMITH          TILLMAN        P       PFC      KIA  ROOSEVELTSNYDER         EUGENE         F       SGT      DNB  GRANTSOLANO         REYUMUNDO      M E     PFC      KIA  SAN MIGUELSOLIZ          JOSE           B       PFC      KIA  GRANTSOTO           CARLOS         n/n     PVT      KIA  SOCORROSOTO           LUIS           V       PVT      KIA  BERNALILLOSOUTHERN       GEORGE         F       2LT      KIA  BERNALILLOSPAIN          RHEA           L       2LT      DNB  LUNASPALDING       ROBERT         L       PFC      KIA  SANTA FESPELTS         MARTIN         E       2LT      KIA  DONA ANASPENCE         STEPHENS       C       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLOSPENSLEY       HOMER          V       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLOSPIKER         VIRIGIL        J       PFC      DNB  BERNALILLOSPILKER        SAUL           G       FLO      DNB  CURRYSPITZ          JOE            A       SSG      KIA  DE BACAST JOHN        OLEN           E       TSG      KIA  SIERRASTAUDER        JAMES          B       CAPT     KIA  SOCORROSTEAGALL       IRWIN          U       PFC      DNB  LEASTEHENSON      JOHN           W       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLOSTEPHENS       ARRIE          A       PVT      FOD  CHAVESSTEPHENS       EDGAR          J       PVT      FOD  CHAVESSTEWART        RAOUL          S       PFC      DNB  LEASTILLION       JOHN W         n/n     CPT      KIA  SAN JUANSTINES         JOE            C       PFC      KIA  MORASTIRMAN        EARL           R       SGT      DNB  ROOSEVELTSTOBER         CARL           A       SGT      FOD  MCKINLEYSTOGDEN        ROBERTO        M       PVT      KIA  OTEROSTOLWORTHY     JESS           K       SSG      KIA  SAN JUANSTONE          CLARENCE       C       1LT      KIA  BERNALILLOSTONE          RUSSELL        J       PVT      KIA  CURRYSTOUT          JOHN           R       PFC      KIA  GRANTSTRICKLAND     AUSTIN         G       2LT      DNB  CHAVESSTRONG         RICHARD        M       MAJ      KIA  BERNALILLOSTROUD         WILBOURN       E       CPL      KIA  SAN MIGUELSULLIVAN       PHILLIP        E       2LT      KIA  SIERRASULLIVAN       WALTER         J       CPL      DNB  BERNALILLOSUMMERS        ROY            H, JR   PFC      KIA  BERNALILLOSUMMERSGILL    STEVEN         J       CPL      KIA  CHAVESSUTTLES        ERNEST         O       PFC      KIA  OTEROSWAIN          RICHARD        B       PVT      KIA  GRANTSWAN           SAM            n/n     PFC      KIA  LINCOLNTAACKITT       ALBERT         T       PFC      DNB  BERNALILLOTAFOYA         ANTONIO        S       CPL      KIA  BERNALILLOTAFOYA         GILBERTO       C       CPL      DNB  SIERRATAFOYA         ROBERT         L       PFC      DNB  SANTA FETALLEY         WILLIAM        D       PFC      KIA  CURRYTAMARIZ        VICTOR         M S     PFC      KIA  GRANTTAMMONY        EDWARD         F       1SG      DNB  MCKINLEYTAPIA          JOSE           F       PFC      KIA  SAN MIGUELTAPIA          MARGARITO      n/n     PFC      KIA  SANTA FETAUCHE         WALTER         n/n     2LT      DNB  BERNALILLOTAYLOR         CHRLES         E       PFC      DNB  GRANTTAYLOR         FRANK          D       1LT      DOW  DONA ANATAYLOR         JAMES          V, JR   CAPT     DNB  BERNALILLOTAYLOR         LUIS           n/n     PVT      DNB  UNIONTAYLOR         WILLIAM        M       PFC      DNB  GRANTTELLEZ         CANUTO         n/n     PVT      KIA  GRANTTENORIO        DON            G       CPL      DNB  BERNALILLOTENORIO        JOSE           C       PFC      KIA  SANDOVALTHOMAS         BILLY          J       PFC      DNB  TORRANCETHOMAS         CAHRLES        B       PFC      KIA  CURRYTHOMAS         FRANK          C       SSG      MIS  GRANTTHOMAS         WAYNE          R       PFC      DNB  MCKINLEYTHOMAS         WILLIAM        S       SGT      DNB  QUAYTHOMPSON       GLENN          T       SGT      KIA  QUAYTHOMPSON       LEONARD        R       PFC      DNB  LUNATHOMPSON       MAX            R       SCT      KIA  NMTHOMPSON       ROBERT         C       2LT      DNB  SANTA FETHWAITS        JAMES          R       CAPT     KIA  GRANTTIBBETS        RAY            A       PVT      DNB  BERNALILLOTIDWELL        DURRELL        A       PFC      DNB  ROOSEVELTTICER          NEAL           C       CPL      KIA  ROOSEVELTTOBY           CHARLES        A       TSG      KIA  LEATODD           LOUIS          A       CPL      DNB  SANTA FETOFOYA         LEO            H       PFC      DNB  TAOSTOFOYA         MARCELO        n/n     PFC      DNB  TAOSTOLEDO         NICHOLAS       n/n     PFC      DNB  SANDOVALTOLIN          THOMAS         C       2LT      KIA  GRANTTOM            JIM            n/n     PVT      KIA  MCKINLEYTOM            NELSON         n/n     PFC      DNB  MCKINLEYTORRES         DAVID          G       PVT      DNB  SOCORROTORRES         EPIFANIO       T       CPL      DOW  SIERRATORRES         GEORGE         S       PVT      DNB  LINCOLNTORRES         MARGO          P       PVT      DOW  BERNALILLOTORRES         ROSENDO        C       PVT      KIA  CURRYTORREZ         ALCARIO        P       PFC      DNB  OTEROTOW            JESSE          D       TEC5     DNB  ROOSEVELTTOWNER         JOSEPH         E       PFC      KIA  SIERRATRANCOSA       ROSANDO        n/n     PVT      KIA  SANDOVALTRAPP          EDWARD         O       PFC      DOW  CURRYTREJO          FELIPE         N       SSG      KIA  SANTA FETROGSTAD       WILLIAM        E       1LT      DNB  SAN MIGUELTRONCOSO       JOHNNY         R       PFC      KIA  MCKINLEYTRUJEQUE       RAMON          n/n     PFC      DOW  SOCORROTRUJILLO       ALBERT         n/n     TEC5     DNB  SANTA FETRUJILLO       CHARLES        A       PVT      KIA  TAOSTRUJILLO       DIONICO        n/n     PVT      KIA  MORATRUJILLO       EDWIN          E       PVT      DNB  BERNALILLOTRUJILLO       IGNACIO        n/n     PFC      KIA  BERNALILLOTRUJILLO       JESUS          n/n     TEC5     KIA  MORATRUJILLO       JOSE           A       CPL      FOD  SANTA FETRUJILLO       JOSE           L       PFC      DNB  TAOSTRUJILLO       LIBERATO       n/n     PVT      KIA  MORATRUJILLO       MANUEL         n/n     PFC      DNB  SANTA FETRUJILLO       MARTIN         n/n     CPL      DOW  TAOSTRUJILLO       RALPH          J       PFC      DNB  SANTA FETRUJILLO       REDOLFO        P       SGT      KIA  SANTA FETRUJILLO       REYNALDO       n/n     PFC      KIA  BERNALILLOTRUJILLO       RIGERIO        n/n     PFC      KIA  SANTA FETRUJILLO       TOM            T       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLOTRUJILLO       TONY           n/n     PFC      KIA  UNIONTRUJILLO       TRANCITO       n/n     PVT      KIA  SAN MIGUELTRYON          DICK           n/n     SGT      KIA  UNIONTSO            WILSON         n/n     PFC      KIA  MCKINLEYTSOSIE         FRANCIS        n/n     PFC      KIA  SAN JUANTUCKER         RAYMOND        T       CPL      KIA  SANTA FETURNER         JOHN           W, JR   MAJ      KIA  GRANTTURNER         LESTER         W       SSG      DNB  ROOSEVELTTURNEY         LUPE           A       PVT      KIA  DONA ANATURRIETA       CARLOS         T       PVT      DNB  LUNATURRIETA       VICENTE        n/n     PVT      DNB  BERNALILLOTUTOR          LEMAN          E       TSG      KIA  DONA ANAULIBARRE       MANUEL         n/n     PFC      KIA  GUADALUPEULIBARRI       RAYMOND        R       PFC      KIA  CATRONUNDERWOOD      COLUMBUS       F       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLOUPDIKE         RICHARD        H, JR   PFC      DNB  BERNALILLOURIOSTE        JOE            n/n     PVT      FOD  SANTA FEVALDEZ         JOE            H       TEC5     KIA  SAN MIGUELVALDEZ         JOSE           B       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLOVALDEZ         JOSE           R       PFC      KIA  TAOSVALDEZ         LOUIS          G       PFC      KIA  SANTA FEVALDEZ         ROBERT         A       SGT      FOD  SAN MIGUELVALENCIA       AMABLE         D       SGT      DNB  OTEROVALIEN         JOSEPH         A       TSG      MIS  CURRYVALLO          PETER          D       PVT      KIA  BERNALILLOVAN            CHARLES        E       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLOVAN CLEVE      LAWRENCE       C       2LT      FOD  BERNALILLOVARELA         EUGENE         ST A    PFC      KIA  SAN MIGUELVAUGHN         VELDON         W       PFC      KIA  ROOSEVELTVEAL           RICHARD        A       CPL      DNB  BERNALILLOVELARDE        ERNEST         n/n     PVT      DNB  HARDINGVELASQUEZ      FRAUDICIAN     n/n     PFC      KIA  TAOSVIGIL          ALFREDO        F       PVT      KIA  UNIONVIGIL          JOHN           I       SGT      DOW  SOCORROVIGIL          JOSE           B       PFC      KIA  MORAVIGIL          JULIAN         n/n     PFC      KIA  MORAVIGIL          MODESTO        J       PVT      KIA  MORAVIGIL          RAMON          G       PVT      KIA  DONA ANAVIGIL          RICHARD        n/n     PVT      KIA  SANTA FEVIGIL          TITO           M       PVT      DNB  SAN MIGUELVIGIL          TONY           A       PVT      KIA  BERNALILLOVIGIL          WILLIE         T       PVT      KIA  SANTA FEVIJIL          SAM            J       PVT      DOW  TORRANCEVILLANEUVA     CHARLES        n/n     PVT      KIA  SANTA FEVILLESCAS      ARTURO         n/n     PFC      KIA  BERNALILLOVIVIAN         SAM            n/n     PVT      KIA  BERNALILLOVULLIET        HAROLD         N       PFC      KIA  GRANTWAGNER         EMIL           K       CPL      DNB  SAN JUANWAGNER         OREN           G       SGY      DNB  SAN JUANWALKER         ALLAN          B       1LT      KIA  LUNAWALKER         ALLAN          B       MSG      MIS  LUNAWALKER         FREDDIE        L       PVT      KIA  DONA ANAWALKER         KENNETH        G       PFC      DOW  SANDOVALWALLACE        FREDERICK      J       CPL      DNB  MCKINLEYWALLACH        CHARLES        M       CPL      KIA  BERNALILLOWALSH          PAUL           A       PFC      DNB  LEAWARD           HENRY          F       PFC      KIA  GUADALUPEWARD           JOHN           C       PVT      DNB  LUNAWARNER         GLENN          O       SSG      KIA  LUNAWATSON         ALVIN          n/n     1SG      DNB  BERNALILLOWATSON         DON            n/n     SGT      DNB  GRANTWATSON         EARL           C       SSG      KIA  LEAWATSON         WILLIAM        H       2LT      KIA  BERNALILLOWAUNEKA        MILTON         n/n     SSG      FOD  MCKINLEYWAYNE          FRANK          L       CAPT     DNB  BERNALILLOWEAHKEE        JIMMIE         n/n     PVT      KIA  MCKINLEYWELCH          HENRY          A       PVT      DNB  CHAVESWELL           GEORGE         B       PFC      DNB  SANTA FEWERNER         EDMUND         D       CPL      FOD  BERNALILLOWEST           VANE           S       MSG      DNB  DE BACAWESTBROOK      JOE            n/n     PFC      KIA  LEAWHEELOCK       GEORGE         E, JR   PVT      DNB  BERNALILLOWHITCOMB       JAMES          n/n     PVT      DNB  ROOSEVELTWHITE          EDWARD         n/n     PVT      KIA  SAN JUANWHITE          GEORGE         T       PVT      DNB  BERNALILLOWHITE          HAROLD         n/n     CPL      DOW  SAN JUANWHITE          HARRY          O       PVT      KIA  SAN JUANWHITE          WILLIE         J       PVT      DNB  QUAYWHITLEY        CALVIN         E       PVT      DNB  CURRYWHITLOW        JACK           L       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLOWHITTAKER      CARL           C       CPL      KIA  BERNALILLOWICKS          CLARK          J       CAPT     DOW  CURRYWIGGINS        C              A       SGT      FOD  CURRYWILCOXSON      JOHN           J       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLOWILEY          GLEN           J       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLOWILKERSON      NEAL           T, JR   PVT      DOW  CATRONWILLIAMS       ALBERT         L       SGT      DNB  GRANTWILLIAMS       HARRY          O       SGT      DNB  CURRYWILLIAMS       JAMES          R       SSG      DNB  ROOSEVELTWILLIAMS       JOE            M       PVT      KIA  LUNAWILLIAMS       MERVIN         J       CPL      KIA  LINCOLNWILLIAMS       NORMAN         E       PVT      MIS  BERNALILLOWILLIAMS       OLEN           G       SSG      FOD  LEAWILLIAMS       ROBERT         J       PVT      DNB  DONA ANAWILLIS         EARL           T       PVT      KIA  DONA ANAWILLOUGHBY     JACOB          N       CPL      DNB  CURRYWILSON         F              E, JR   2LT      KIA  BERNALILLOWILSON         ORVILLE        S       1LT      DNB  BERNALILLOWILSON         ROBERT         A       PFC      DNB  BERNALILLOWITTEN         OLIVER         B       LTC      KIA  LUNAWOMAK          KIRK, JR       n/n     PFC      KIA  CHAVESWOOD           CLINTON        E       SGT      KIA  BERNALILLOWOOD           ELBEERT        E       AVC      DNB  DE BACAWOOD           JAMES          G       PFC      DNB  CURRYWOOD           ORVEL          R H     CPL      KIA  LEAWOODS          JESSE          K       2LT      KIA  DONA ANAWOOLWORTH      JESSE          n/n     PFC      DNB  MCKINLEYWORTHEN        ELMER          L       SGT      DNB  GRANTWRIGHT         DURWARD        H       SGT      DNB  ROOSEVELTWRIGHT         ROBERT         J       PVT      DNB  BERNALILLOWUTEWA         VICENT         n/n     PVT      KIA  MCKINLEYWYNN           LLOYD          P       CPL      DNB  LEAWYNN           ORIAN          T       2LT      FOD  SAN JUANWYPER          MENZIES        n/n     1SG      KIA  MCKINLEYWYSONG         JEFF           A       CPL      DNB  GRANTYAZZIE         PHILIP J       n/n     PVT      DNB  MCKINLEYYAZZIE         SILAS          n/n     PFC      KIA  MCKINLEYYODER          JOHN           H       MAJ      DNB  MCKINLEYYORK           ROY            M       TSG      KIA  GRANTYOUNG          FRANK          n/n     SSG      FOD  SIERRAYOUNG          JAMES          R       PFC      DNB  BERNALILLOYOUNG          ROBERT         S       CAPT     KIA  CHAVESYOUNG          ROBERT M       n/n     PFC      KIA  SAN MIGUELZAMBRANO       IGNACIO        n/n     PFC      KIA  OTEROZAVILLA        TEDD           E       2LT      KIA  SOCORROZELNICK        ALBET          T       PFC      DNB  LUNAZIMMER         GEORGE         E       CPL      DNB  BERNALILLOZUMWALT        FRED           W       PFC      KIA  LUNAZUMWALT        GLADNEY        G       TSG      DNB  LINCOLN

 Carr, Robert was Submitted by Nancy Carr 5/26/2007.
ENMU Golden Library Reference Desk:
Spelling errors:
Andres, John H. – Roosevelt County should be John Howard Andes
Ticer, Neal Curtis (not Tiger)
Roosevelt County residents not included in above list.
Baker, Harold Ray
Barr, Fred Neal
Black, John Earl
Blakeley, Willis Garmany
Bostick, Lloyd
Carmichael, Hershell
Carnes, Elzie R.
Carrico, James Justus
Caudle, Norman Elton, Jr.
Cox, Murel Lee
Evans, Lee Edwin
Fickling, Bobby Wilton
Fleming, James Herschel
Foster, Marvin O.
Giles, Ermal Victor
Gore, Oliver A, Jr.
Gregory, Lloyd W.
Gryder, Dwight L.
Hayhurst, Dewey Andrew
Herring, Frank B.
Higgins, Lueford L.
Holland, James Garlon
Hood, Arthur L. Jr.
Isbell, Clinton A. Jr.
Jones, Melvin E.
Kendrick, Thomas Lee, Jr.
Lasater, Otis Willis
Lasater, Sam M.
Passmore, D. W.
Richey, Vernon Joe
Shannon, Clay Derrick – Resident at time of enlistment
Simmons, Alva A.
Standford, John Bennett
Whitcomb, James
Wright, Warren Miller
Source: ENMU Golden Library Reference Desk